The Baba Fırın Cafe & Bakery Experience – Refreshingly Different For Fethiye

And close your eyes...and take a biiiig, deep breath, taking in that lovely breath of the proverbial fresh air that makes you feel life is good. Because we all need a breath of fresh air from time to time...and a little corner of Fethiye just got one - well, we think so, anyway. Here's a big welcome … [Read more...]

Fethiye Restaurants: Mehtap Lokantası – An Old (Not Very) Regular

Yes. Mehtap Lokantası. It's been around for some years, just sitting on the corner of the main junction in Çalış. We've never seen it packed, despite its large area and number of covers, but customers do come and go...and we come and go, too, very occasionally. There's no reason why we don't … [Read more...]

The Fethiye Project – Ad Infinitum…

Over the years, we've been following the progress of Fethiye harbour and the development of the area around it. The last big update was last February where we did a quick summary of the changes from Uğur Mumcu Park (where the Fethiye fountains are) right down to Phase 3 just before Çalış. This is … [Read more...]

Fethiye Ördek Adası – Taking Pleasure From The Simple Things In Life

I'll hold my hands up; I've developed a little obsession with our local duck population in Fethiye. Even Barry lets out a little, "Aww," when we walk past them, so hopefully, these little animals are bringing as much joy to the other passersby as they are to us. (Ahh, the simple things in life, … [Read more...]

Autumn Scenes Along Çalış Beach – Sad Or Serene?

It was a photo we put on our Facebook page that prompted this post. If you read this blog a lot, you'll know that autumn and spring are our favourite times of year to be in Fethiye. The weather is perfect for getting out and about, making activities like our Fethiye Must Sees & Dos much more … [Read more...]

Fethiye, Flamingos & Football – A Weekend With Agent L (Part 1)

Twitter is a wonderful invention. No more than 140 characters per Tweet and yet you can get to know a stranger quite well and have a good sense that you will get on when you do eventually meet in person. This was certainly the case with the lovely lady behind the Istanbul blog, Agent L Abroad. When … [Read more...]

Sailing And Eating (Lots) Around Fethiye’s Blue Bays

When friends are in Turkey to visit, one of the staple Fethiye days out is the boat trip. Whether it's the Sunday boat trip to Göcek, a tour around the 12 Islands or a private Blue Bays boat trip, they're all a perfect (and economical) way to spend a few hours on the Mediterranean. Many regulars … [Read more...]

Çalış Beach Restaurant – Indian and More

We were beginning to get a bit paranoid. Paranoid that whenever we wrote about somewhere good to eat (wherever we are in Turkey, but particularly in Fethiye) we were putting the kiss of death onto the place. One or two of the restaurants or cafes we have written about in the past have, unfortunately … [Read more...]

Happily Introducing Ourselves To Pro Beach Volleyball In Çalış

Have you ever been to a beach volleyball match? We hadn't until yesterday and, well, it's really good. For the last three days, Çalış has been hosting a Turkish Volleyball Federation Pro Beach Tour tournament and yesterday, for the finals, we decided to go along. Pro Beach Volleyball In … [Read more...]

Ambling to Çiftlik Via The Scenic Route

Similar to last year, it's been a mild winter but it's been a wet winter. Last week, there was a lull in the rainfall so we decided to get out of the house and go for a leg stretch. As you know, we love a good food market and, as it was Thursday, we decided to get the comfortable walking shoes out … [Read more...]