The Fethiye To Çalış Water Taxi – There & Back Again

We make every effort not to take too much for granted living in Fethiye - but sometimes, much as we try not to, we overlook things of beauty that are right under our noses. Daily life throughout the seasons means we just become accustomed to jumping on the dolmuş or the belediye buses to get us … [Read more...]

2011 Çalış Carnival – Final Day in Pictures

Yesterday was the final day of Çalış Carnival 2011 so we spent most of the day with friends along Çalış Beach. We had no idea what was supposed to be happening in the daytime. All we knew was that Turkish band Dolapdere Big Gang were playing the carnival out later on in the evening and we were … [Read more...]

Winter Sunset: Çalış Beach

This is Çalış Beach, near Fethiye in Southwest Turkey and there is one fabulous reason to visit: it has a huge claim to fame. Çalış Beach plays host some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see anywhere in the world. Çalış gets a bit of bad press from some of the more well known guidebooks to … [Read more...]

Çalıs Beach: An Alternative Viewpoint…After A Short Climb

Isn't it great when you get an unexpected, pleasant surprise? When you think you've seen all there is to see of an area...and then realise you haven't. Being that it's completely flat, the whole area of Çalış is perfect for people who just don't do hills and for those who enjoy pedalling around … [Read more...]

Changes to Çalış

It's that time of year again in the Fethiye area. Angle grinders, drills, hammers and saws mix with the springtime birdsong and gentle lapping of the Mediterranean waves. Fethiye centre is a working town and apart from some of the shops in Paspatur which close for the winter, things remain pretty … [Read more...]

Fethiye Storms – The Aftermath

I know there are horrendous storms that affect certain parts of the world on a regular basis and last night's storm in Fethiye would probably look like a mere gust of wind in comparison to those, but for this area of the Southwest Turkish coast, the storm was pretty significant. Thunder, lightening, … [Read more...]

Fethiye Weather – Baltic Temperatures

So far this winter, we've been enjoying warm Fethiye sunshine, unseasonably high temperatures and mild evenings. However, rumours were rife from the beginning of November that Fethiye was in for a cold winter (by Fethiye's standards) and last week, weather presenters broke the news that Baltic … [Read more...]

Exploring Fethiye – Koca Çalış

If you're familiar with the Fethiye region, you'll no doubt have heard of Fethiye, Çalış Beach, Ovacık, Hisarönü and Ölüdeniz. However, there is one area that we have (until now) neglected to mention. That's because, for some reason or other, we haven't walked down to that area in a long … [Read more...]

Festive in Fethiye – Çalış Christmas Fair

We've been struggling to get into the festive spirit this year for some reason. Maybe it's the very mild Fethiye weather - not sure - but ten out of ten to us for trying. We've posted a snowy mountain scene from when we went to Nif a couple of years back and we spotted a Christmas tree in Meis on … [Read more...]

Çalış Beach Sunset – Photo Story

I know we've posted Çalış Beach sunset photos in the past, but this is an Autumn sunset - and well, we all love a good sunset photo. We've had a couple of friends visiting Fethiye from Ankara for the last couple of days. They left tonight after trying to extend their stay but they were told there … [Read more...]