Seasonal Food in Turkey – Huge Green Cabbage!

As the chill quickly descends over Fethiye (is it going to be a particularly cold winter? Our friend predicted it a while ago and I'm starting to think he might be right!), the autumnal, seasonal produce is appearing on the markets of Fethiye. There isn't a season of the year where you can't get … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking – The Tents, Çalış Beach

Like us, most of our friends are music lovers and so when they come out to Fethiye to visit us, a night out revolves around the places playing the best music. Of course, Deep Blue Bar is where most evenings are spent (the reason we started going there ten years ago was because we preferred the music … [Read more...]

Fethiye Events – 2010 Çalış Carnival

The merry month of May has all but been and gone - and it's passed by super quickly and almost unnoticed for us. You may or may not have noticed a lack of daily blog posts and that's because we're out and about with friends and family who all seem to have chosen May to come out to visit. If that … [Read more...]

Summer’s Coming to Fethiye…But Are The Flights?

Wow, a hot one today. Even the arms are out. A few days ago, we wrote about the tell tale signs of the summer season starting in the Fethiye area. Well, as the Fethiye weather was so beautiful today, we decided to go for a walk along Çalış Beach to Güven's Bar and the signs are now there for all to … [Read more...]

Cafe Pazar – A Sunday Favourite

It's one of those funny (as in funny, odd) nothing days today. The Fethiye weather is just grey, no breeze at all, a bit misty, might rain, might not. That sort of day. We're off to Fethiye market in a few minutes. That might liven the spirits up, a little. Speaking of markets, we went to Çalış … [Read more...]