Çalış Beach Kite Surfer – A Photo

Friday is once more upon us - they come round so quickly - so it's time for another photo from the Fethiye area. For today's Fethiye photo, we're heading back to Çalış and along the beach. There aren't many days, especially throughout the summer months, that you can hit Çalış Beach and not … [Read more...]

Çalış Bridge View: A Photo

Friday is once more upon us so it's time for another photo from the Fethiye region. Last week's photo was of a recent Fethiye sunset and this week, we're just a short trip across the bay, in Çalış - and we're here for a reason. It's something that is really exciting for those of us that care to be … [Read more...]

Sunset Over Fethiye Bay: A Photo

Our previous Fethiye photo was Fethiye Harbour At Night - and that was two weeks ago! Last Friday, we were meeting with friends and waiting for the arrival of Wigan to Fethiye cyclist, Tom Kelly. That led to no post on the Friday but, on occasions like this, we've posted the Friday photo on a … [Read more...]

Fethiye Harbour At Night – A Photo

Hey, look at this. It's Friday and we're posting this week's Fethiye photo. Normal life is taking hold once more in our little household in not-so-sunny Fethiye. Last week's photo was of Fethiye bay after a storm. Today, as I type, the winds are getting stronger, the sky is grey, the thunder is … [Read more...]

Butterfly Valley From The Lycian Way – A Photo

It's Friday and it's time for the last Fethiye photo for the month of March. A couple of weeks back, we had a photo of a view of Fethiye marina from the Karagözler - but the week before that, we were finally able to include an Ölüdeniz shot into the series. The photo is an almost aerial view of … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz From The Lycian Way: A Photo

Friday is here again. The weeks pass by so quickly and it doesn't seem seven days since we were announcing our new-look Facebook page by way of a screenshot containing a photo of Fethiye. But that was last week - and this week we have a first for 2012... Throughout 2012, we're (hopefully) … [Read more...]

4 Photographs Of Fethiye In January

Whichever day of the week it may be, it's impossible these days to walk along Fethiye harbour without seeing a long row of fishing rods wedged into the concrete edging. This January photo was taken recently as we walked past Boğaziçi Restaurant towards home. One of the fishermen was packing … [Read more...]

Fethiye Weather – December Photos

It's a question everyone asks: What's the weather like in Fethiye in _____? (Insert month). We all know July and August are scorchers on the Southwest coast of Turkey and rain or cloud is very rare. Spring and autumn are pleasant - our favourite time of year in fact - and winter can be anything from … [Read more...]

Sundial Sunset Over Fethiye – Farewell To Our 2011 Summer Season

In a few hours' time, we'll be on a bus heading up to Istanbul for a well-earned break. Not that there'll be a lot of resting going on - too much Istanbul sightseeing to be done - but the change of scenery and just being in our favourite city is enough to replenish energy that's gradually sapped … [Read more...]

Is The Fethiye Harbour Sunset The New Çalış Beach Sunset?

Those of you who know this area of Turkey will be more than aware that the Çalış Beach sunset is famous and oft photographed. Each evening, throughout the summer season, scores of holidaymakers and locals alike will reserve the outermost tables at the restaurants lining the beach, only to have their … [Read more...]