January 2019 In Fethiye – Let’s Talk Weather

Well, here we are. Our first Fethiye news update of 2019. And we've got to say, the first month of 2019 has been pretty much dominated by the weather. A few other things have happened, too, during rain gaps. And being at home a lot means we've had ample time to cook lots of lovely foods, as … [Read more...]

January 2016 – What Went On In Fethiye

2016 and it's time for our (roughly) monthly round up of goings on that we've noticed around Fethiye. Not official news or anything like that - just our little random updates and musings. In this seemingly topsy turvy crazy world we all seem to be living in at the moment, you'll be pleased to know … [Read more...]

Fethiye’s Winter Of 2015 – We’re A Bit Wet

This is just a blog post about lazy days, really. Not lazy days doing nothing - we're always busy doing something; writing blog posts, taking photos, editing photos, adding various bits of Turkey news to our social media accounts, replying to comments and emails. Yes, we spend a lot of time looking … [Read more...]

4 Photographs Of Fethiye In January

Whichever day of the week it may be, it's impossible these days to walk along Fethiye harbour without seeing a long row of fishing rods wedged into the concrete edging. This January photo was taken recently as we walked past Boğaziçi Restaurant towards home. One of the fishermen was packing … [Read more...]

Fethiye Weather – Surviving Wet Winter Days

Yes, I know we keep harping on about how much we love winter in Fethiye. Deserted beaches, crisp, clear mountain scenery, afternoon strolls, trekking...but sometimes, it rains...for days. In mid December, we were faced with Baltic temperatures in Fethiye and then a week later, a pretty hefty … [Read more...]

Fethiye in Winter – Ölüdeniz

Why go somewhere on a winter's day when everything's closed and there's nobody around? Precisely for that reason. You may have guessed by now that we absolutely love the winter months in Fethiye. We've been to take photographs in Göcek and Gemiler Bay and today, it's the turn of Ölüdeniz. The … [Read more...]

What To Do In Fethiye In Winter…Head To The Mountains

I've mentioned a couple of times in the past that last winter was really cold and that meant extra snow in the mountains. It was fabulous. The snow's arrived this year - finally - but I'm guessing not as much as last year. The road in the photograph is only a 30-minute drive from Fethiye centre, … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Ceviz (Walnuts)

Strictly speaking, ceviz (walnuts) are not seasonal food in Turkey because you can buy them throughout the year but there are more of them about at this time of year. Maybe they're in season in Turkey at the moment and then they come from abroad at other times of the year? We're not sure. I took … [Read more...]

Weather in Fethiye Bad? Go Bowling

As usual, we had a different post planned for today but we've just got back from an afternoon of ten pin bowling with friends so we're going to give that a mention instead. Everyone associates going abroad for their holidays with sun, sea, beaches, swimming pools and a bit of sightseeing thrown in. … [Read more...]