Autumn News From Fethiye

Hmm, well we have to go the 'autumn' route with our Fethiye news title, don't we? Monthly news seems to have gone by the by of late - and yes, we're fully aware of that. And it's only personal news, after all. Things we notice going on around town and bits and bobs of what we've been up to. The … [Read more...]

January 2016 – What Went On In Fethiye

2016 and it's time for our (roughly) monthly round up of goings on that we've noticed around Fethiye. Not official news or anything like that - just our little random updates and musings. In this seemingly topsy turvy crazy world we all seem to be living in at the moment, you'll be pleased to know … [Read more...]

Women’s Euro 2017 – Turkey v Russia: The Winners Were Fethiye & Football

25th November was no ordinary afternoon in Fethiye. On 25th November, Fethiye Stadium was the venue for international sport, no less (it's certainly not often - if at all - we can boast that in this town). That international sport was a UEFA Women's Euro Championship group qualifying match, and, of … [Read more...]

Our Fethiye News From September & October – Playing Catch Up

Well, think it's about time we had another of our Fethiye updates. It feels like a long time since we did one of these round-ups - we've had so many friends over to visit this summer and our final visitor left a few days ago. We do love our summers and catching up with events from their lives back … [Read more...]

High Summer In Fethiye – July & August 2015

Well, think we might as well rename July-August as High Summer! Every month, we do a little news round up of goings on in and around Fethiye - points of interest that wouldn't merit their own blog post - and also a bit of a recap of what we've up to, too. Hmm, well if you're someone who follows … [Read more...]

Goings On In June In Fethiye – Busy!

Here we are again; 3rd July 2015 and another monthly Fethiye roundup that's a few days late. Well, it's summer, we've got friends out at the moment, there's lots to do and enjoy on top of daily life...and, if you remember from our May 2015 Fethiye roundup, we told you we were off to Italy. We had a … [Read more...]

April 2015 in Fethiye – Where Did You Go?

Yes, another month has been and gone, and, once more, it's happened in a complete whirl. All of a sudden, May is upon us! We've purposefully delayed our Fethiye update for April because yesterday was Fethiyespor's final - and immensely crucial - match of the season. We were waiting for the … [Read more...]

Life In Turkey – Welcome To Our New Look

Ohhh, hello! Welcome to the all-new Turkey's For Life. If you're reading this post in your email or in a reader and you're wondering what on earth we're going on about, we're all shiny and new with a complete revamp. We're in completely new territory here - and even typing this post feels quite … [Read more...]

The Month In Fethiye – Okay, Two Months

If you read Turkey's For Life a lot, you'll know that since January 2014, we've been doing little monthly roundups of random news from Fethiye. Not so much news as things we've been up to, and little happenings around town that might not otherwise make their own blog post. Anyway, February's roundup … [Read more...]

International Women’s Day 2015 – How We Commemorated It In Fethiye

Well, yesterday was certainly interesting, unique, funny (lots of laughs), and also one of those what-on-earth-am-I-doing-here type days... 8th March - International Women's Day; or '8 Mart Kadınlar Günü,' as they say here in Turkey. And I'll be honest, when we lived in England, I had no idea what … [Read more...]