East Turkey Road Trip Part 6 – To Kars And (Almost) Back Again

In our two days on the road in the east of Turkey we'd seen so much, observed so much, realised a couple of ambitions - it was all bordering on the overwhelming; just amazing - and now it was time to head to Kars to get some food before driving back to Patnos. Let's recap where we've been and what … [Read more...]

Exploring Ani Ruins, East Turkey

The Ani ruins lie in the Kars province, southwest of the city of Kars in a village called Ocaklı. As with most drives we did around this area, the route from Iğdır towards Kars and Ocaklı is virtually traffic free. The roads stretch for miles until they disappear over the horizon. And, as we told … [Read more...]

The Kindness of People in Turkey

We had a post planned for today but it's going to have to wait for another time as we just have to share this story with you. A lovely (for us) random act of kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, whatever you want to call it. It's made our Monday anyway and has confirmed why we love blogging and … [Read more...]