The Month In Fethiye & Beyond

It might seem as though we're late with our monthly news from Fethiye for January, but allow us to convince you otherwise. We kicked off the new decade with a look back and look forward at the beginning of the year so that covered a few bases. As for the end of February Fethiye news post, that … [Read more...]

The Merry Month Of May – In Fethiye

Our monthly Fethiye news articles seem to come around very quickly but yet, today, sitting typing this article, I'm thinking back to the beginning of May and it seems like such a long time ago. Friends were here and it feels like an age since we saw them. All good, then, that life isn't passing by … [Read more...]

Lunching At Izela, Kayaköy – A First And Not A Last

Lunch at Izela, Kayaköy. There's a first time for everything, even if that first time has been a long time coming. If you know the Fethiye area and you've been to the village of Kayaköy, chances are, you know Izela Restaurant. Chances are, you've eaten there on more than one occasion, actually. … [Read more...]

A Short Walk From Kayaköy To Cold Water Bay – It’s Worth Your Effort

We've been running a lot over winter - strange how it pushes other loves in your life into the background without you noticing. We were training for the Istanbul 10k in November and then the Runatolia event at the beginning of March in Antalya. Before we knew it, winter was done with and we hadn't … [Read more...]

The Tale Of Kayaköy Roots Music Festival 2016

It was definitely ambitious; a 2-day music festival in Kayaköy with performances from six well known Turkish bands and musicians. Some of them internationally famous. A festival where you could buy tickets for just one day or for both days - and there was camping, too. On 13th and 14th September, … [Read more...]

Baba Zula Play Roots In Kayaköy

Hmm, I think we can well and truly say, Fethiye is definitely on the music map of Turkey, these days. Past blog posts in years gone by have seen us sulking a tad because none of our favourite Turkish bands - even non-favourite Turkish bands for that matter - ever had Fethiye as part of their tour … [Read more...]

Kaya Fest 2015 – More Great Forever Memories

Since the world music concerts of the annual Fethiye International Culture & Arts Festival really started to take off, we've been given some really special memories by many of the musicians that have performed - and we feel privileged to have been able to witness planned shows as part of the … [Read more...]

Fethiye Events – World Music In Kayaköy

Where arts and culture are concerned it's been a busy fortnight in the Fethiye area, and events are set to continue through this week too. A couple of weeks ago, it was the Kayaköy Cultural Connections Festival. And, on Saturday afternoon and into the evening, it was the turn of Kaya Village … [Read more...]

Wandering The Ruins Of Kayaköy – Recording A Village In Photos

A few weeks ago, we took advantage of the fact that the Müzekart had been made available to foreign residents in Turkey by shelling out 50 TL for a Müzekart+. And recently, we actually made use of it, showing it to the lady in the ticket booth amongst the ruins of Kayaköy. This year, entrance to … [Read more...]

Fethiye Events: Kayaköy Cultural Connections 2013

In our previous post, we said we were going to have a bit of a running theme on Kayaköy for this week. We started off by writing about one of our loves of life in Fethiye; kendin pişir, kendin ye. These are restaurants where you indulge in an array of meze before barbecuing your own meats. There are … [Read more...]