Turkey Street – Perking The Pansies Sequel Is Here

If you're wondering what book to read next, let us make a suggestion for you... Yes, what seems like many many moons ago, we wrote a gushing book review of Jack Scott's debut book, Perking The Pansies; Jack and Liam Move To Turkey. We loved it! If you're not familiar with Jack Scott, he's a … [Read more...]

Resident In Turkey? Have You Got Your Müzekart Or Müzekart+?

A year and a half ago, after changing visa rules, the Turkish Foreign Ministry reduced residency fees for British nationals who were either living in, or spending significant portions of time coming backwards and forwards to Turkey. We took advantage of this and applied for Turkish residency and, … [Read more...]

Expat Life In Turkey – Have You Read Perking The Pansies Yet?

There are a few of us Turkey bloggers around these days and one that we've followed for some time has taken it upon himself to write a book. It's often said that we've all got a book in us and well, if that's true, not all of us are going to actually sit down to organise our thoughts into a … [Read more...]

Back To Fethiye – Home Sweet Home

You know you love your home when... Well, maybe you've said it yourself when you've been away for a while. 'It's been lovely but I'll be glad to get home.' We used to look at people like they'd lost the plot when they said that to us. Wherever we went that wasn't home, we wanted it to last for as … [Read more...]

Our Budget Fethiye Life

Since starting Turkey’s for Life, we’ve received a few messages from people asking about the cost of living in Turkey; particularly Fethiye. These questions are almost impossible to answer as it completely depends upon why you’re in Turkey, your chosen lifestyle and your needs. It’s also a … [Read more...]

Change To The Visa Rules For Brits In Turkey – An Update

An important news update: Many British people in Turkey have been wondering about the changes to the visa rules and it appeared everything was going to be definite. A 180 day visa which entitled the visitor to a stay of 90 days. Well, it's like the Fethiye McDonald's saga we wrote many a blog … [Read more...]