Erasta Fethiye – A Shopping Centre For Families And Rainy Days

Did you read our last post about our first impressions of Erasta AVM, Fethiye's new shopping centre? Well, do you remember that bit where we said we were going again to take all in and have a proper look round...and I wanted to buy some shoes...and my opinion of Erasta could be skewed either way … [Read more...]

Shopping In Fethiye: Erasta AVM – First Impressions

This post is going to be in two parts. For this one, it's a 'first impressions' type of post - and the reason for this is, well, we can only give you first impressions of Erasta at the moment. When we went with friends a couple of weeks ago, it was for a quick wander around the inside and then a … [Read more...]

Souvenir Shopping In Fethiye – 2 Ways To Keep It Local, Fethiyespor-Style

This is a blog post prompted by a couple of conversations that have cropped up with visiting friends over the last week. At first, this post was going to be a quick update on our Turkey's For Life Facebook page but then, the more it unfolded in 'head writing,' the longer the update looked. Hence, … [Read more...]

Çiftlik Thursday Market – A Guide

In our last post, we took you on a walk from Çalış to Çiftlik. If you remember, we were going to explore Çiftlik market. Well, for this week's Turkish Food Focus, we're concentrating on said market, real name, Çiftlik Perşembe Pazarı (Çiftlik Thursday Market). We had no idea what to expect when … [Read more...]

A Piece Of Historic Izmir: Kızlarağası Hanı

This time last week, we were telling you about how we got ourselves happily lost in the warren of streets that is Izmir's Kemeraltı. Many of the streets are covered with mesh and vines to keep them shaded, so it's even more difficult to get your bearings because, at times, you can't see any of the … [Read more...]

Izmir: Losing Oneself In The Maze Of Kemeraltı

We've made this comparison before, but for us, when it comes to size and personality, Izmir is to Istanbul what Manchester is to London in the UK. Izmir is completely different to Istanbul but it's impossible not to make such a comparison. Both cities link their opposite shores by ferries (and … [Read more...]

A Wander Through History In Istanbul’s Egyptian Spice Bazaar; Mısır Çarşısı

Istanbul has done what it does best and once again pushed itself to the forefront of our minds. That's what this city does to you. We're going to wander around the historic Egyptian spice Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı) in this article. Mısır Çarşısı (the Egyptian Spice Bazaar)  The Egyptian Spice … [Read more...]

Çalış Sunday Market – A Guide

Regular visitors to this blog will know we have a love of markets; markets of the foodie variety. We visit our local ones here in Fethiye three times a week; Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are spoken for in our house. And, if we miss one of those, we've even been known to head to the Saturday … [Read more...]

Istanbul – Eminönü’s Alternative Souvenirs

Souvenir shopping; it's never been something that tops our agenda while exploring new places. In fact, it doesn't even make our agenda, most of the time - but Istanbul is different. Istanbul has the power to tempt even the most reluctant of shoppers (that'll be us) to part with even just a little of … [Read more...]

Turkish Souvenirs: Istanbul Ceramic

We've been looking forward to doing this post for some time for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because of the visual effect - I'm a sucker for mixed, vivid colours. The second is because all these mixed, vivid colours spill from our friend's shop in Kapalı Çarşısı (known as the Grand … [Read more...]