Fethiye News – Summer And Ramazan

What's this, then? Two Fethiye monthly news updates in two months? Aren't we on a roll, eh? Well, there's always so much to tell you, so, this last month, we've even kept some little notes then we don't forget anything. It's all go, you see. All the usual random stuff of what we've been up to and … [Read more...]

August Fethiye News – Yachts, Signs & Bayram

And so, yet another month of 2016 has passed, and, once again, it's been a flyer. We've crammed in loads to our month of August in Fethiye so it's time to add the last few weeks to our list of Fethiye news updates. Of course, the end of August means that September is upon us - and we're happy to … [Read more...]

Fethiye Life – Two Month Catch Up

Wow, well, we think it's high time we had a little update about life in Fethiye, don't you? We're supposed to do monthly news updates but, as usual, at some point during the year, time runs away with us and all of a sudden, two months have passed us by. And, as you are no doubt fully aware, they … [Read more...]

2015 Life In Turkey – What Have We Got Lined Up…

First of all, let's get the important bit done where we wish you a very happy new year and say our usual great big thank yous to everyone who supports us by reading the Turkey's For Life blog. Thanks also for all your comments, likes, follows and adds in our various social media profiles. It really … [Read more...]

2014 For Turkey’s For Life – What’s In Store?

Today feels like the start of the reality part of the new year for us. The bit where the Christmas tree is dismantled and normal daily life resumes - and so today is as good a time as any to tell you about what's (hopefully) going on with the blog for 2014. We're very excited about this year! New … [Read more...]

Mutlu Yıllar! A Great Big Thank You For 2013 & How Not To Miss Out In 2014

And so, this is it; the last day of 2013. It's New Year's Eve so we'll not go off into a big long ramble about the year that's passed - you can read all about that in our life in Turkey review of 2013, if you so wish. As far as Turkey's For Life is concerned, we're hoping for a continued theme of … [Read more...]

Love Fethiye – A Town Viewed Through Instagram

At the beginning of this month, we were playing around with social media and Twitter and embedded some of our favourite Turkey tweets from September into the blog. This week, we've decided to move along to Instagram and with that, show a bit of love for Fethiye. Well, we do love Fethiye - who … [Read more...]

Feel Good Friday – Our Favourite September Tweet

A bit of something different for today's blog post, and we're thinking about possibly doing this on a monthly basis. No set dates or anything - you know us - but as we're all over social media, we thought we'd start pulling out some of our favourite bits from each month and then post them to the … [Read more...]

Vural Sokak, Eskişehir: Socialising At Social Pub

How many times have we sang the praises of Foursquare on this blog? Too many, probably - but we're going to do it again. Foursquare can only work well if people actively use it and, fortunately for the traveller, Turkey is blessed with a population of people who love to 'check in' using Foursquare … [Read more...]

Experimenting With Fethiye And Facebook

We love social media - you won't be surprised to read that if you know us - and, of course, we love Fethiye. Well, who wouldn't? So, today is a little experimental post about two of our favourite subjects. You see, Facebook have now made it possible to embed posts from our Facebook page into this … [Read more...]