Have You Had The Turkish Breakfast Experience?

For a few years, now, there has been a growing trend in Turkey. And, as far as we're concerned, our hometown of Fethiye is right up there as one of the leaders. We're talking about Turkish breakfast - and the restaurants that serve it! Take a stroll along Fethiye harbour, late morning or early … [Read more...]

Easter Special: Seven Favourite Turkish Egg Recipes

As this weekend is Easter weekend and we have a distinct lack of any egg-shaped chocolate in the house, we're going to concentrate not on the chocolate variety but on those protein-packed staples that are produced by the chicken. Yes, we like to keep it real, here! We're doing egg recipes! Random … [Read more...]

Real Chips Fighting Back – Turkish Homemade Chips On The Comeback Trail

Chips (kızarmış patates - fried potatoes), although not often associated with Turkish cuisine, definitely make an appearance from time to time on the Turkish table. While a Turkish dish might not traditionally be served with a mountain of chips on the side, deep-fried vegetables, including those … [Read more...]

Tahini – A Valuable Member The Turkish Table

When we moved to Turkey in 2003, we were introduced to a whole new world of unfamiliar ingredients and we soon realised our new life in Fethiye would be much easier if we learned all about them. One of these ingredients was (and still is, of course) a thick, beige, emulsion-type paste that we … [Read more...]

Turkish Breakfast & Unsettled Fethiye Weather

Well, after the mild winter we had in Fethiye, we would have expected May to have been much nicer than it's been. The last few days of Fethiye weather have been really unsettled, cool and cloudy. And, as I write, we're being engulfed in a big black cloud - oh, and now the big, heavy raindrops are … [Read more...]