Seasonal Food in Turkey – Confusion With Runner Beans

Well, seeing as we did yesterday's blog post all about supporting your local markets in Turkey, we thought we'd better practise what we preach and go to the Tuesday market in Fethiye this afternoon to stock up on our veggies. Apart from the staples, we were on the look out for some seasonal … [Read more...]

How To Pronounce Fethiye

We get lots of questions about how to pronounce Fethiye. The name Fethiye causes lots of amusement for our Turkish friends who listen to Brits, and probably other nationalities too, trying to pronounce it. First of all, Fethiye is actually named after the pilot in the photo above. He is … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – McDonald’s?

There's a fantastic verb ending in the Turkish language; 'miş' (pronounced 'mish'). The lovely miş eliminates the need for people to say, 'Apparently...' 'Somebody told me that...' 'So I've heard...' You can just say your sentence and stick a 'miş' on the end. You'll hear it a lot if you listen to a … [Read more...]