Seasonal Food in Turkey – A Recipe For Winter Chutney

Wednesday's post was a cheerful display of the contrasting autumn / winter colours of the seasonal food that currently tempts the food shopper on Fethiye market - velvety plums, blushing apples, the vibrant orange of mandalinas and the rich, brown chestnuts that sit comfortably alongside the vibrant … [Read more...]

Winter Seasonal Food In Fethiye

If there's one thing we don't like doing, it's wishing our lives away; looking forward to events while forgetting to enjoy the present. In the UK these days, people don't have any choice but to look forward. No sooner have they come back from their summer holidays than the supermarkets empty their … [Read more...]

Okra Health Benefits – July & August Is Okra Season In Turkey

In July and August in Fethiye, okra is in its prime! We love the Turkish word for okra: Bamya. It's just got a nice sound to it...but that 'nice sound' was all it had until we conquered our okra fear. Despite a plethora of okra health benefits, poor old ladies' fingers are not well loved by the … [Read more...]

Agricultural Fethiye: Photo Story

Last week, we had a friend coming over from the UK to stay with us for the week. This summer has, and will continue to be, hectic with almost back-to-back friends coming and going and we completely forgot about going to either Fethiye or Çalış markets to stock up on meze ingredients for her visit. … [Read more...]

Fethiye Market – A Complete Guide

Tuesday; Fethiye market day and one of our favourite pastimes. How can food shopping ever be a chore when you've got a weekly carnival of seemingly endless rows of stalls packed with the current produce of the season intermingled with the regular staples? The colours, the aromas - citrus in … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey: What’s On The Markets?

Spring 2011 in Fethiye has been a wet one and at times, chilly. We were beginning to wonder if summer was ever going to come - and nowhere is this blip in the seasonal weather more obvious than at the local Turkish pazar. Seasonal fruit such as çağla (unripe almonds), Loquats (Maltese plum/Yeni … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Soup Recipe – A Taste Of Autumn

A true taste of autumn. In some countries, this time of year marks Hallowe'en and the pumpkin (balkabağı - honey squash) is synonymous with this festival. Well it is seasonal. For us in Fethiye, autumn is the time when the local pumpkins appear and we set to work making delicious recipes from it. … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Huge Green Cabbage!

As the chill quickly descends over Fethiye (is it going to be a particularly cold winter? Our friend predicted it a while ago and I'm starting to think he might be right!), the autumnal, seasonal produce is appearing on the markets of Fethiye. There isn't a season of the year where you can't get … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Confusion With Runner Beans

Well, seeing as we did yesterday's blog post all about supporting your local markets in Turkey, we thought we'd better practise what we preach and go to the Tuesday market in Fethiye this afternoon to stock up on our veggies. Apart from the staples, we were on the look out for some seasonal … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Barbunya

It's that fantastic time of year again where barbunya starts to appear on Fethiye markets and it will be around for a few months to come; certainly until late September. The first time we came to Turkey on holiday, we saw these curious, colourful pods on the market and wondered what on earth they … [Read more...]