Ezme Recipe – Spicy Antep Ezmesi

Antep Ezmesi: what can we say? We're fully aware that we're always saying different Turkish dishes are favourites for us...but then another food always springs to mind...and that's a favourite, too. But Antep Ezmesi is one of the originals. An old faithful that's always been on our meze table … [Read more...]

Favourite Meze Dishes? Kısır Is There For Us

Question: When is tabbouleh not tabbouleh? Answer: When it is a Turkish dish made with slightly different ingredients and called kısır. What Is Kısır? Kısır is made from the fine bulgur wheat (cracked wheat). When we've written about other Turkish meze recipes, we've no doubt said a particular … [Read more...]

Antalya Style Piyaz Recipe – Made With Love

A story of how we came to love the famous Turkish white bean salad, piyaz. But this is not just the regular white bean salad you see all over Turkey. We have an obsession with a special regional version, you see. This is the story of the discovery of Antalya Usulü Piyaz (Antalya Style Piyaz) and our … [Read more...]