Seasonal Food in Turkey – Village Eggs From Fethiye Market

This is a strange one that maybe someone out there could help us out with. We're writing about Turkish village eggs (köy yumurtası) as part of the seasonal food in Turkey section of the blog. Our question is, how can eggs be seasonal? Anyone? We're British products of the preachings of TV chefs, … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Çorbalar (Soups)

Soup; a bit of an institution in Turkey... In Britain, when you come staggering out of whichever pub or club you've been in, at the end of the night the tradition is to go for a kebab...well, if you can call it a kebab...if you can call it food! I think The Streets best described the British … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Pickles. It’s official…They’re good for you!

One of the good things about starting this blog is we find out loads of information we didn't previously know - some of it because you feel like you have to do a bit of research then you don't write complete rubbish all the time and some of it because other people pass on their info when you write … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Pickled Vegetables (Turşu)

We're starting to think we must have been Turks in a past life. It's the pickles, you see! We love them! For me, when I was a kid, I used to love eating pickled onions or red cabbage straight from the jar followed by a few spoonfuls of the vinegar. I got no end of telling off from my mum for this - … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Purple Carrots

Look at these. We'd decided not to write about food for a while but then I remembered last night that I took a photo of some purple carrots at Çalış market last week. I was playing around on the internet last night and for once, remembered about the purple carrots and googled them before I wrote … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Ceviz (Walnuts)

Strictly speaking, ceviz (walnuts) are not seasonal food in Turkey because you can buy them throughout the year but there are more of them about at this time of year. Maybe they're in season in Turkey at the moment and then they come from abroad at other times of the year? We're not sure. I took … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Hamsi

Around mid-November these lovely tasting little fish start to swim towards warmer waters from the Black Sea. The Black Sea fishermen drop their nets and we get rewarded on Fethiye fish market with an abundance of yummy hamsi (anchovies). I've seen photos on the internet of the Black Sea fishermen … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Hurma

As it's Sunday, we've again partaken in our second favourite pastime (after sitting in bars) of going to the market. As part of 'Seasonal Food in Turkey,' our intention was to try and keep with the festive theme and take some photos of the dreaded Brussels sprouts. They've been around on the market … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Chestnuts

We're well and truly into the festive spirit now. Even been out and bought a decoration for the front door today but no tree or decorations are going up until I've Christmas cleaned the house - it's tradition. At this rate, it's going to be Christmas Eve before anything gets done cos we're too busy … [Read more...]