Ramazan Events in Fethiye

Apart from the daily sunset cannon, friends fasting or absconding from drinking alcohol and us enjoying the special Ramazan bread, Ramazan in Fethiye usually passes by quietly for us. At the beginning of this month, we did a post on how Ramazan in Fethiye might affect your holiday and said that you … [Read more...]

Whirling Dervishes – Ramazan in Fethiye

We're halfway through the Muslim holy month of Ramazan and, in Fethiye, the council (belediye) have organised free evening entertainment for each day of this special month. Last night, the crowds - including us - gathered early, knowing the open-air stage was about to be graced with members of … [Read more...]

Ramazan Pide Bread – A Special Treat For The Holy Month

Turkish bread is nothing short of paradise to your taste buds! Whenever friends come to see us, one of the first things they want to do is go to the nearest little bakery or market and buy some fresh bread. It's just so warm, crusty on the outside, hollow-sounding, soft-centred, light...the perfect … [Read more...]

Ramazan In Fethiye – Will It Affect Your Holiday?

If you are wondering how Ramazan in Fethiye will affect your holiday, then this guide will tell you all about what happens during the holy month in this particular corner of Turkey. Each year, Muslims in Turkey and all over the world begin a month of fasting during daylight hours; the holy month … [Read more...]