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Strawberry Sandwich Recipe

If you haven't got a sweet tooth and are wondering how best to enjoy strawberry season, making a strawberry sandwich is far from a bad idea.
Course Snack
Cuisine British
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2
Calories 305kcal
Author Turkey's For Life


  • 15 large strawberries soft, juicy ones are best
  • 6 slices fresh bread soft on the inside, crusty on the outside
  • 1 tbsp butter unsalted
  • 1 dessert spoonful castor sugar
  • black pepper crushed


  • Wash your strawberries, remove and discard the green stalks.
  • Slice each strawberry lengthways, about 1/2 cm thick.
  • Butter your slices of bread and arrange three slices each on two plates.
  • Place your strawberries on the buttered bread without them overlapping.
  • Lightly season with crushed black peppercorns and then sprinkle the castor sugar over the top.
  • Serve immediately as a snack or a light lunch.


  • As with all of our recipes, the calorie count for strawberry sandwich is meant as a rough guide and can vary depending on the type of bread you use and butter quantity.
  • You could find you have too many strawberries for your strawberry sandwich recipe. This is no disaster. You can always eat the rest of them, just as they are, of course.