43 Degrees in Fethiye?

The title could well be a slight exaggeration. We’ve just come back from Fethiye on the dolmuş and the temperature was flashing up as 43 degrees. It certainly felt like that anyway.

A few tempers starting to fray as well. The dolmuş was trundling along really slowly because it wasn’t full. This is completely normal and it’s not usually a problem but it’s far from ideal when everyone’s baking. Just after we had set off, the driver decided to stop for no reason – well, we can only assume he was waiting for more possible customers.

‘Is it only me who feels all hot and bothered?’ I was thinking. And then a young Turkish girl at the front of the dolmuş piped up. Our Turkish isn’t great but the general gist we got was, ‘Why are we waiting here?’ We couldn’t hear the driver’s reply. Then the girl explained – in a good quality tetchy voice – that it was 43 degrees and he shouldn’t be stopping there anyway and she betted he was going to stop at Migros, too, and it was too hot and …The driver chuntered back at her, another man chirruped in and told the driver it was hot (we think he must have known!) and we were on our way. A bit of people power…and a bit of breeze. Yeah!

Water features along Fethiye harbour, southwest Turkey

Tempting – water feature on Fethiye harbour

And so, what to do when it’s so hot? These are the new water features along the new harbour in Fethiye. I took this yesterday evening as we were walking. Designer chic…but good on the little Turkish kids who were playing along the harbour a couple of days ago. They didn’t even bother taking any of their clothes off. They just jumped straight in the water and played in the fountains – we could have done the same as we were walking up there this afternoon. So inviting but I’m not sure adults would get away with what kids can get away with.

Fethiye marina water fountains

Fethiye harbour fountains

And this is the water feature next to the marina in the centre of Fethiye. It’s the first time we’ve seen it on this year…oh, to walk straight through that. How lovely that would have been this afternoon. Right, I’m making myself thirsty now. A litre of water and then ironing! Not ironing weather.

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  1. I was going to go to the pool today to try to cool off. But it seemed too hot even to make the effort. Besides, I went yesterday- for the first time- and ended up looking red and white like a peppermint twist.

    Yesterday, once I got into the bus, I was okay. Standing at the bus stop was like cooking slowly. Izmir has air conditioned buses.. well many of them are, anyway, and it was amusing to watch people as they climbed onto the bus and felt the cool breeze on their faces. Sweaty exhaustion suddenly followed by momentary bliss.

  2. So Izmir is hot too then. Istanbul baking as well. We paid our water bill today and I was happy to see a bit of a queue in the council building. Stood myself under an air con vent and hoped the queue would go down slowly 🙂

  3. Anonymous says

    Hope you’re gonna turn that sun down before we arrive X

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