Visit Istanbul

Istanbul - A city of abundant UNESCO World Heritage listed sites, museums galore, ancient and medieval wonders. There are so many points of interest and attractions in every corner of the city. Overcrowded streets and waterways, neighbourhoods to be discovered, previously unknown shops, bars & nightlife, eateries specialising in foods from all over Turkey, and markets waiting for your arrival. Street food, street traders, city noise and the tranquility of parks. Istanbul is all of this and more!

Welcome to our Istanbul guide, where, post by post, we take you into aspects of our Istanbul experience. You'll have your own experience. The city is addictive - we're here at least once a year - so you can expect regular articles and reviews about Istanbul hotels, things to do and places to eat in Istanbul. If you want to drill down further to explore a particular area, our articles are divided between the European side of Istanbul and the Asian side of the city.  Scroll down to eat, drink, shop and explore...