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50 Favourite Turkish Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

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Welcome to our 50 favourite Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes that currently feature on the blog. And, first things, first; this is a list for everybody.

We’re not vegan. We’re not vegetarian. But we do love our vegetables.

And it’s thanks to Turkish cuisine that we’ve incorporated so much more variety into our diets.

Turkish Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Not just variety in the types of local seasonal food we’re buying, but the different meals we can cook, too.

More 5 A Day = More Variety

We all know that we should at least be trying to incorporate the ‘5 A Day ‘ into our diets. And we love to experiment with different ways of doing that.

So, no processed ready meals in this list. It’s just one big happy celebration of the vibrant colours of Turkish vegetarian recipes, many of which are also vegan.

Meze At Boğaziçi Restaurant
Many Turkish meze dishes are vegetarian

And, as it’s our top favourites, this list may change over time.

There are so many more dishes out there that vegetarians and vegans – and those of us who just love all types of food – will enjoy.

There are also lots of other Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes already on the blog that are not in this list. Check out our full collection of Turkish recipes for more.

So, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or you’re looking for ways to incorporate more 5 A Day into your diet, let this list of Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes give you a helping hand.

A bowl of Turkish saşkşuka. Chopped aubergine, potato, peppers and tomatoes. Topped with freshly chopped parsley.
Another of the vegetarian and vegan recipes that can be used as a meze or as part of a main meal.
Serve with pasta for a more substantial offering.
Check out this recipe
Vegetable stuffed aubergine with a serving of bulgur wheat pilaf and yoghurt. Purple basil leaves are on the side.
Imam Bayıldı
Imam bayıldı is a classic Turkish aubergine recipe.
Again, perfect if you're looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes for dinner.
Vegans can skip on the serving of yoghurt for this dish.
Check out this recipe
A copper pan with decorative handles on each side. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes is inside the pan and topped with town fresh basil. A copper lid is propped up behind the pan.
Menemen (Turkish Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes & Vegetables)
Favourite Tuırkish vegetarian recipes – menemen can be eaten at any time of day.
It's not just for breakfast.
If you love eggs, check out our list of Turkish egg recipes.
Check out this recipe
Chickpeas, aubergine chunks and crispy fried onion top a bed of rice in a white bowl.
Spicy Aubergine & Chickpea Stew
We love this spicy chickpea and aubergine stew. If you're looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes for dinner, this stew, served with rice is a great go-to.
Check out this recipe
A glass oval-shaped bowl filled with cooked long green peppers and sliced aubergine in a tomato sauce
Fried Aubergines & Peppers In Tomato Sauce
Use kızartma as a side dish or as a main.
An easy recipe that is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
And who doesn't love the flavour of fried vegetables.
Check out this recipe
A serving of Turkish Rice. The close up shows a mix of the white rice grains and the brown orzo.
Turkish Rice
Of course, we need to have the famous 'Turkish rice' in this list.
In lokantas around Turkey, this pilaf is an extremely popular accompaniment.
Check out this recipe
Three ball shaped falafel in a line. A flat bread is on the side, filled with falafel, yoghurt and rocket leaves.
Homemade Falafel
Filling, wonderfully flavoursome, falafel is increasingly popular all over Turkey.
If you're looking for classic vegetarian or vegan recipes with chickpeas, falafel has surely got to be right up there.
In this recipe, we serve the falafel with a tahini and yoghurt sauce.
A simple drizzle of tahini will make the dish vegan.
Check out this recipe
Turkish Spicy Antep Ezmesi Recipe
Spicy Antep Ezmesi
Not one of the quickest of Turkish vegan recipes.
But Antep ezmesi is definitely worth your time and effort if you are entertaining friends.
It's always a crows pleaser.
Check out this recipe
A serving of Turkish bulgur pilaf with tomatoes and onions
Bulgur Pilaf With Tomatoes (Domatesli Bulgur Pilavı)
And if you don't have rice in a lökanta, you usually opt for the domatesli bulgur pilavı.
Make this with vegetable stock or water to make it a vegan recipe.
Check out this recipe
Borlotti beans cooked with onion and carrot in olive oil and tomatoes. The beans are topped with a curled slice of lemon
Barbunya Pilaki (Borlotti Beans In A Tomato & Olive Oil Stew)
We're all being encouraged to embrace beans at the moment.
No complaints from us.
Barbunya pilaki is a moreish meze that is perfect for those of you looking for healthy Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes.
Check out this recipe
A shallow terracotta bowl with a yoghurt dip containing grated carrots. A spoon is laid on its side in the bowl.
Garlic Yoghurt With Carrots (Sarımsaklı Yoğurtlu Havuç Salatası)
Perhaps the most common addition to our meze table where dips are concerned – Turkish garlic yoghurt with carrots.
Top with walnuts for some extra texture.
A favourite Turkish vegetarian recipe for us.
Check out this recipe
Turkish potato salad with slices of spring onions, red peppers and chopped parsley leaves
Turkish Potato Salad (Patates Salatası)
Are you looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes with potatoes?
If you're anything like us, potatoes will be a constant presence in your food stores. An essential.
This potato salad is another dish that falls into the category of Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes.
Vegetarians can add hard boiled egg to the mix as many people here in Turkey do.
Check out this recipe
Four deep fried crispy cheese rolls on a blue plate.
Sigara Böreği (Turkish Cheese Rolls)
Sigara has to be one of the most famous Turkish vegetarian recipes.
Loved by many and a regular on the Turkish meze table.
Serve hot so that they're still crisp and crunchy.
Check out this recipe
A circular bowl photographed from above. The bowl contains bulgur wheat, wedges of cherry tomatoes and sliced onions.
Kısır can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and vegans and makes great party food.
Your guests can wrap this tangy bulgur salad in fresh, crisp lettuce leaves before eating.
Check out this recipe
Cauliflower florets and sliced carrot in tomato gravy, stopped with fresh green chopped herbs. The meal is in a blue bowl and the photo is taken from above.
Cauliflower Stew (Karnabahar Yemeği)
Tasty, easy and healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes – karnabahar is a colourful winter dish.
Check out this recipe
White bean salad with cherry tomato, sliced onion and sliced, har boiled eggs
Antalya Style Piyaz
Okay, Antalya piyaz is a traditional accompaniment to grilled köfte.
However, we have experimented in the past and this is a really tasty filling for jacket potatoes, too.
Check out this recipe
Cacık - yoghurt and chopped cucumber topped with dried mint and olive oil. Garnished with fresh mint leaves and a slice of fresh lemon.
Cacık (Yoghurt & Cucumber Dip)
Cacık is a famous and much loved Turkish vegetarian dip.
How could we not include it?
Check out this recipe
A stew in a white bowl, topped with fresh shopped green herbs. Onions and tomatoes are visible.
Ekşili Patlıcan (Sour Aubergine Stew)
Another tasty option for those of you looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes for dinner.
The sour flavours this stew give it a delicious tang.
If you love sweet and sour dishes, this is perfect.
Check out this recipe
A serving of baba ganoush yoghurt and aubergine salad. Jalapeno and black olives are on the side.
Baba Ganoush
Around the middle East, baba ganoush has differing looks and ingredients.
Made with yoghurt and aubergine – and a little tahini if you like – this version is a popular Turkish vegetarian recipe.
Check out this recipe
Turkish Green Beans In Olive Oil Recipe - Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye
Green Beans In Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Taze Fasulye)
More embracing of the beans – this time, it's green beans.
Serve taze fasulye as a meze or as an accompaniment.
If you're looking for easy Turkish vegan recipes, this is one of the first Turkish dishes we ever cooked.
And it's still a regular on our menu.
Check out this recipe
Baby okra in a tomato sauce. Two slices of toasted bread are in the background.
Okra In Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Bamya)
Okra is not the most loved vegetable in the world but this Turkish vegan recipe – okra in olive oil – might convince you otherwise if you fall into the camp of okra avoiders.
If you're looking for a nutrient boost, okra is packed with them.
Give this a go. No slime in this one!
Check out this recipe
Pieces of lentil köfte laid on top of lettuce leaves. Slices of lemon are arranged in the centre.
Lentil Köfte (Mercimek Köftesi)
Vegetarian and vegan recipes with lentils? We've got you covered.
As Turkish vegan recipes go, mercimek köftesi is up there as one of the most moreish.
It's so easy to keep helping yourself to just one more!
Check out this recipe
A triangular slice of oven baked fritter on a blue plate.
Oven Baked Potato & Courgette Fritters
This is another of the classic Turkish vegetarian recipes – but this time, it's oven baked rather than fried.
Courgettes and eggs pair so well together.
We don't know anyone who dislikes this dish.
Check out this recipe
A Serving Of Pide Topped with Spinach And Meat
Yes, we know you can see meat on this photo.
But you can also see spinach.
Spinach-filled pide and other vegetarian fillings make perfect weekend meals for those of you looking for Turkish vegetarian recipes.
Check out this recipe
Two spinach and potato puff pastry rolls, one on top of the other
Spinach & Potato Puff Pastry Rolls
A perfect Turkish vegetarian recipe if you're looking for handheld food. Ideal for picnics and parties.
Spinach and potatoes are a great combo in these puff pastry rolls.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of finely chopped salad taken from above. Peppers, tomatoes, onion and cucumber are visible.
Shepherd’s Salad (Çoban Salatası)
Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes don't come much more colourful than çoban salatası – shepherd salad.
Check out this recipe
Two green bell peppers lying on their side and stuffed with bulgur wheat.
Baked Stuffed Peppers With Bulgur Wheat Filling
If you're looking for Turkish vegetarian recipes and vegan dishes that are both healthy and filling, these baked stuffed peppers are always popular with our friends.
Check out this recipe
Easy Green Lentil Salad
Green Lentil Salad (Yeşil Mercimek Salatası)
Green lentil salad – more colour, wholesome and healthy. If that's what you're looking for in Turkish vegan recipes, mercimek salatası is for you.
This is a favourite summer dish for us but it's perfect at any time of year.
Check out this recipe
A chickpea salad bowl viewed from above. Red onion slices, lumps of white cheese and tomato are in the salad.
Chickpea Salad
Either skip the cheese or use a vegan alternative if you're vegan. Chickpea salad – nohut salatası – is another healthy, tasty and filling salad.
Again, this is a favourite of our Turkish vegetarian recipes for the summer months.
Check out this recipe
A glass oval bowl of finally chopped salad. Red onion, tomato, fresh green herbs and tomato is visible. The photo is taken from above.
Gavurdağı Salad
What did we say about colour?
Gavurdağı salatası has to be one of the most vibrant Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes.
Walnuts give us extra texture and goodness whilst pomegranate – both the seeds and the molasses – pack this salad with flavour.
Check out this recipe
Coleslaw made with red cabbage is piled into a jacket potato
Homemade Coleslaw (Lahana Salatası)
Pack a jacket potato with crunch and colour with this mor lahana salatasi – coleslaw made with red cabbage.
This is one for you if you are looking for Turkish vegetarian recipes.
Check out this recipe
A section of a salad of broad beans, orzo and red, charred, chopped chillies.
Broad Bean Salad With Orzo
Once more, we celebrate beans – this time it's broad beans.
Use orzo that hasn't been made with eggs to make this a substantial springtime salad that makes for a welcome addition to our bank of Turkish vegan recipes.
Check out this recipe
A salad of melon, chunks of blue cheese, scattered with cashew nuts and torn mint leaves
Melon Salad (Kavun Salatası)
Summer, fruit, nuts, cheese – a perfect combo.
Try these two melon salads for some refreshing, light summer eating.
Make these into Turkish vegan recipes by using vegan cheese.
Check out this recipe
Roasted Brussels Sprouts sliced in half and drizzled with yoghurt. On a white plate.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts are not just for your Christmas food table.
They're a vegetable to be enjoyed throughout the winter months and we buy them as soon as we see them at the local markets.
Both vegetarian and vegan recipes in this article. And if you don't like sprouts but you've never had them roasted, give these recipes a go.
Check out this recipe
a bowl of soup on a tilted angle photo. The soup is a thick, smooth rust colour and is topped with olive oil and chilli flamkes.
Tarhana Soup
A time-consuming process to make the tarhana mix (best left to those in the know as far as we're concerned).
But the finished mix can then be stored in large quantities to give a natural fast food soup mix.
Tarhana is a famous Turkish soup that is suitable for vegetarians. (The mix contains yoghurt).
We buy the mix from local markets.
Check out this recipe
Broccoli florets in a brown clay pot with a garlic dressing over them. The photo is taken from above.
Broccoli Salad (Brokoli Salatası)
There are so many dishes in Turkish cuisine – vegan or not – that really do a top job of simply celebrating the main ingredient.
This tasty broccoli salad is a perfect example of that – the most simple of Turkish vegan recipes?
Don't ignore this salad, however. It's a regular for us.
Check out this recipe
A blue plate with mixed pickled vegetables on it. Green tomato, carrot, cucumber and aubergine.
Turkish Pickles (Turşu)
This is Turkey.
Turşu – pickled vegetables – is a must on most tables.
Gözleme and turşu are a perfect pairing.
Pickled red cabbage is usually served separately, too.
Ask for your gözleme to be filled with green herbs or spinach and you have yourself a real vegan treat.
Check out this recipe
Close up of aubergine salad on top of a slice of toast
Aubergine Salad (Patlıcan Salatası)
Another meze dish that is one of the summery Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes.
We love this aubergine salad generously spooned onto fresh, toasted bread.
Check out this recipe
A ramekin dish with a homemade ketchup. Two slices of bread are in the background.
Kahvaltılık Sos
The end of summer in southwest Turkey sees a glut of tomatoes and peppers.
Lose the processed ketchup and make your own – you won't regret it.
Check out this recipe
A close up of a circular blue plate with a red pepper paste, topped with broken walnuts and torn parsley leaves. Two flatbreads are in the background.
Muhammara (Red Pepper & Walnut Dip)
Mmmm, one of the more indulgent Turkish vegetarian and vegan recipes.
We love this dip – sweet, sour and nutty!
Spread onto fresh bread and you'll soon be dipping in for more.
Check out this recipe
A white ramekin dish filled with a white bean dip and topped with olive oil and chill flakes. Pickled vegetables are on the side.
Fasulye Ezmesi (White Bean Dip)
If you're looking for quick and easy Turkish vegan recipes, this fasulye ezmesi uses tinned beans.
No cooking necessary.
Check out this recipe
A terracotta bowl filled with hummus and topped with a sprinkling of chill flakes
Along with falafel, hummus has to be one of the most popular vegan recipes with chickpeas.
If you're reading this as a meat eater, there's an alternative recipe in this post where you can add some pastırma.
Check out this recipe
a bowl of soup viewed from above. The soup is orange coloured and topped with red chilli flakes and green dried mint.
Red Lentil Soup
We love it when we're in the final throes of summer and the first hint of autumnal weather makes its present felt.
That's our cue to dig the big pan out and make the first soup of the autumn-winter season – even if it's still a tad too warm.
Hearty, warming, comforting – spicy red lentil soup made with vegetable stock or water is always first on the list.
Your vegetarian and vegan friends will love this one.
Check out this recipe
A steaming bowl of tomato soup with vermicelli
Tomato Soup (Şehriyeli Domates Corbası)
For our tomato soup recipe, we use chicken stock, as is common in Turkish soups.
Make a vegetarian or vegan recipe by using vegetable stock or water.
Şehriye (orzo) makes this soup more filling.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of soup viewed from above. Green lentils are visible in the brown broth.
Green Lentil Soup
There are numerous Turkish vegan recipes with lentils and this green lentil soup is one to really enjoy in the colder winter months.
Leave some of the lentils whole to make a wholesome soup.
And if you want to head even deeper into the comfort food zone, throw in some orzo, too.
Check out this recipe
Creamy green soup served in a white bowl. The soup is drizzled with olive oil. Part of a wedge of bread is visible behind the bowl.
Potato & Broccoli Soup
More soup and more Turkish vegan recipes with potatoes!
We're also using our winter vegetables here, too, with broccoli.
If you've used lots of your broccoli florets and have stalks and stems leftover, chop these up and use them in your soup.
Check out this recipe
Deep fried wedges of chayote squash on a white square plate. The wedges are surrounding a ramekin dish in the centre, filled with yoghurt.
Deep Fried Chayote Squash
We love the sweetness of chayote – or Rodos Kabağı as it's called on the local markets around Fethiye.
Deep fry this squash and make a yoghurt dip for this Turkish vegetarian recipe.
Check out this recipe
Close up of courgette soup. A wedge of lemon lies at the top egd of the bowl.
Courgette Soup With Potato (Patatesli Kabak Çorbası)
Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, courgette soup, with it's lemon and mint garnish is a lighter dish that we enjoy year round.
Check out this recipe
A ball of bulgur pilaf cooked with spinach
Bulgur Pilaf With Spinach (Ispanaklı Bulgur Pilavı)
Bulgur pilaf can be a side dish or a main meal. In this recipe, the bulgur is paired with spinach.
Check out this recipe
A cast iron oval bowl with cooked vegetable casserole inside. Potatoes, tomatoes and mushrooms are topped with melted cheese and chopped fresh herbs.
Vegetable Güveç
With cheese or without cheese? We're one of each in our house for this traditional Turkish vegan or vegetarian dish – the vegetable güveç.

Vegans can use vegan cheese in this recipe – or leave it out completely.
Check out this recipe
Globe-shaped green squash, hollowed oıut and stuffed with a bulgur wheat filling. Some have lids on.
Stuffed Courgettes (Kabak Dolması)
And if peppers are not your thing, kabak dolması – stuffed courgettes – are also easy and tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes.
Check out this recipe

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