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These days, there’s an increasing number of us Fethiyespor supporters – and those with a general interest – who don’t originally hail from Fethiye – or even Turkey, for that matter. And let’s face it, Fethiyespor are not exactly one of the biggest teams within the Turkish football leagues – so, naturally, there’s no big shiny multilingual media scene around them. But, between the club and the supporters, slowly, slowly, everyone’s getting there. Fethiyespor is a community effort.

And the thing about Fethiyespor is, yeah, we’re far from the biggest football club in Turkey – we’re no Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe or Beşiktaş, for example – but, when it comes to a foreign support base, we can’t help but think Fethiyespor have easily got to be up there with the big boys, especially for numbers going through the turnstiles on match days. Fethiyespor are a special club – which is why we have them in our Fethiye must do list!

Fethiyespor Stadium

Fethiyespor’s stadium on a sunny day – always a happy sight

So, whether you live in Fethiye or you’re here for a break and fancy coming along to a match, this is our info page so you can find a little bit out about Fethiyespor and Fethiyespor supporters. It’s got sensible bits and trivia bits thrown in, too – because, if you’re anything like us, you’ll compare to British (or your own country’s) football. But Turkish football is Turkish football…

If you’ve landed on this page and are wondering about upcoming fixtures or results, or the league table, you can see these in the right sidebar of this page. Or you can view our dedicated Fethiyespor fixtures and results page and current league standings for more information, too.

About Fethiyespor

Official name

The official name of the club is Fethiye Spor Kulübü (Fethiye Sports Club). Many football teams in Turkey have ‘spor’ in their official name and you’ll either see it as a separate word or tagged onto the end of the club name to make all one word. Reasons for this are unknown by us…but ‘Fethiyespor’ seems to be written as all one word, more often than not. 


Have a look at the club logo and guess when Fethiyespor was founded… No detective work necessary here, and every Fethiyespor supporter knows and cherishes the year 1933. If you follow any of the supporters on Twitter, don’t be surprised to see ’19:33 Aşk Zamanı’ pop up as a tweet at exactly 19:33. ‘Aşk’ means ‘love’ and ‘zaman’ means ‘time. Well, what can we say; there’s a lot of love for Fethiyespor!

As for club highs of their recent history, reaching PTT 1. Lig for the 2013-14 season was massive – and, of course, that’s the aim of the club again. For a one-off, though, Fethiyespor beating Fenerbahçe 2-1 in the Turkey Cup in December 2013 is never going to be forgotten…

Fethiyespor Stadium

No mega rich multinational corporations stepping in here to build a glitzy stadium with their company name plastered all over the outside of it. No other name either, for that matter. We are Fethiye Şehir Stadyumu (Fethiye City Stadium) and while it’s certainly no big shiny stadium, when you see some of the other lower league football stadiums / grounds around Turkey, we don’t do too bad.

Fethiyespor Stadium

Fethiyespor’s stadium – Maraton stand has the blue and white edging

There are three stands for home supporters:

  • Betonarme – This is the ‘posh’ concrete stand where the VIP seats are, too. Tickets for this stand are the most expensive.
  • Maraton – This is the covered stand opposite Betonarme and is where the Apaçiler make their noise (see below for ‘Apaçiler’ explanation). It’s also where we like to sit/stand, too.
  • Kale Arkası – This is the cheapest stand as it’s behind the goals. It’s also not covered – so if it starts raining while you’re at the match…

There are artist’s impressions and promises of a new stadium in the pipeline, too…it’s just that this pipeline seems to keep growing in length, with a few bendy bits thrown in, too, just for good measure…

Fethiyespor – Official Colours

Fethiyespor’s official club colours are Lacivert-Beyaz (Dark Blue & White). In previous seasons, if you went to a match, the team seemed to be playing in all manner of colours that bore little or no resemblance to lacivert-beyaz (guess this is football…).

Fethiyespor Lacivert Beyaz

Lacivert Beyaz – Fethiyespor’s colours

For the 2018-19 season, we’re happy enough because the new kit design has been announced and, along with other colours, we do still have some evidence of the navy blue and white. The new kit is available in the Fethiyespor Store in town. You have a choice of three designs and we’re very happy to say, the navy blue and white vertical stripe design is still available.

Fethiyespor Online


Fethiyespor Official Website

Fethiyespor Resmi Web Sitesi: The site is in Turkish but match announcements are usually in both languages and posted on their Facebook page.

Fethiyespor on social media

Fethiyespor have an official Facebook page and they’re on Twitter, too. They’ve been on other social media outlets with varying degrees of ‘activity’ but there’s been a commitment since the 2015-16 season to more Instagram activity. As big Instagram users, we were tentatively excited about this news – and, if they’re starting as they mean to go on, the official Fethiyespor Instagram account is in full swing with regular photos going on there. The photos are also sent to Twitter and Facebook. Who needs language barriers when you’ve got photos, eh?

Fethiyespor Supporters

They’re a good bunch, the supporters of Fethiyespor – and, like we said above, the club has also got a decent number of non-Turkish supporters, too. We all enjoy and suffer matches on a regular basis. Well, if every match was all happy and rosy, we wouldn’t be in the league we’re in, would we…

Fethiyespor Acknowldge Supporters

At matches, Fethiyespor players acknowledge the supporters before and after the match


FETAD: Fethiyespor Taraftarlar Derneği

This is the Fethiyespor Supporters’ Association. These are your supporters of all ages and backgrounds – and they do various campaigns to drum up support and funds for the club. Fethiyespor is very much a community effort and this bunch try to encourage that.


First they were Apaçiler, then they were Beşkazalılar…and now they are Apaçiler again.  All football clubs in Turkey have their own supporters’ groups – they who travel home and away, never to sit in the comfort of the ‘posh’ stands because they stand and they chant and they make loads of noise and they have banners to declare who they are – and, for Fethiyespor, this group of supporters is Apaçiler (Apaches).

As well as their home banner, they’re no strangers to a swanky banner for away games. Guess it’s more important at an away game to make ones presence felt – and, for me personally, when we’re at matches, I love to photograph the opposition supporters and their banners.

Fethiyespor Away Supporters: Karşıyaka

Karşıyaka supporters making their presence felt at Fethiyespor

Tribün Lideri

So, we’ve got the Apaçiler group of supporters. All football groups have a leader; the ‘stand leader’ (tribün lideri). In Turkish football circles, especially in the Super League (SüperLig), these guys can become pretty famous – they’re definitely famous in their own club world. For Fethiyespor, the current tribün lideri is Murat Bayat.

About Fethiyespor Supporters: Apaches

Murat Bayat leading the Fethiyespor supporters in Maraton

Murat Bayat has his own little platform at the halfway line of the Maraton stand. At the side of the platform are iron frames for holding drums. Yeah, there are drummers, too. Noise and choreography is what it’s all about and Murat Bayat is the controller of all that. What to sing and when to sing it!

About Fethiyespor supporters of the other variety…

Yeah, never fear. Not all Fethiyespor supporters stand and chant for 90 minutes throughout a match – much as the core Apaçiler would no doubt love that. Some supporters just like to go along to matches and watch, in their own little world. We always sit/stand close-ish to the Apaçiler bunch because we love a good noisy atmosphere at a match…but we stay far enough away not to get caught up in the ‘choreography.’

Little Fethiyespor supporters

Apprentice Beşkazalılar…and future tribün lideri wannabes?

And then there are those Fethiyespor supporters who can’t go to every match, for whatever reason. Work, living in a different city…even living in a different country. Yes, the Fethiyespor-supporting-diaspora is rather large.

These days, Fethiyespor matches are televised and can be watched online so those who live away from the area don’t need to feel so far away.

Fethiyespor in the world – Fethiyespor Her Yerde

In an effort to spread the word and teach the world about Fethiyespor, many of the club’s supporters have photographs of themselves taken in random parts of the world, displaying some sort of Fethiyespor regalia. Mapping the world with Fethiyespor.

If you want to take part in this, you can send a photo of yourself to the Fethiyespor 1933 Facebook page or to our Facebook page and we’ll pass it on. They’ll then show it on their page.

Fethiyespor Cashflow

Let us just say right now, we know not all the details about Fethiyespor and its accounts books – much as we’re sure many of us would love a good curiosity nosy – or are we just nosy? No, this is a just a little section on creativity and community. When we went to a match one time with a Liverpool-supporting English friend who was here on holiday, he was pretty impressed that Fethiyespor even existed with a team of full time professional players.

And it must be hard work. We know there are clubs in 2. Lig (our current league) whose players are not best pleased at not receiving their wages on occasion. Their clubs have no money. Fethiyespor has a bit of leeway to get creative. Here’s a few of things they do to get a bit of cash into the club:

  • Club sponsorship: Fethiye has two decent-sized private hospitals in the vicinity; Letoon Hospital and Esnaf Hospital. One of those hospitals usually acts as one of the big sponsors for the club. For the 2018-19 season, Letoon Hospital are the sponsor.
  • Advertising hoardings: Fethiyespor has a long advertising hoarding along the pitch which rotates every 20-25 seconds. Local businesses pay to have their name on there.
  • Hotels: Fethiyespor is not a huge city and its main sources of income are agriculture and tourism. Some of the few big hotels in town pledge money to the club – and the smaller hotels do their bit, too.


Fethiyespor & Us

Well, we do keep saying ‘community’ and this is where it gets a bit creative. The belediye offer facilities and Fethiyespor make money from them. For example:

  • Ice cream stands: In summer, there are Fethiyespor ice cream stands around the resort areas. Buy an ice cream from them and you help the club.
  • The Fethiyespor Store: Fethiyespor is an ambitious club and the Fethiyespor Store looks the part. We all know Turkey is famous for its fake goods (including football shirts of just about any variety you can think of) but if you come to Fethiye for football souvenirs, what about going to the Fethiyespor store for official goodies like a shirt, scarf, cuff links, key ring, tea mug…whatever… This helps Fethiyespor.

Fethiyespor Season Tickets

Fethiyespor season tickets are important little things. We’ve learnt that, now. Before the beginning of each season, there’s a big drive to ask supporters to buy season tickets. It’s money upfront for the club and if you do buy one, we’re told it’s a much bigger percentage of your cash that goes to the club than if you buy a ticket on match day (but, obviously, that’s appreciated, too).

This situation is something that’s probably alien to most British sports fans (apologies if you’re from elsewhere in the world – we don’t know your sporting situation). We Brits tend to buy our season tickets to guarantee our regular seats, get first dibs on cup competition tickets and save ourselves a bit of cash in the long run.

Not at Fethiyespor (and no doubt other Turkish clubs!)

Certainly in the Maraton stand, you sit / stand / jump up and down, wherever there’s a gap. Your seat number is meaningless and we like it that way. Also, you could even end up losing out on a bit of cash – if the club are on a losing streak, attendance goes down, and, in the unthinkable event that things get really bad, match ticket prices can get reduced to encourage more people to come to the games.

But, we’ve got Fethiyespor-supporting Turkish friends who buy season tickets and don’t even live in Fethiye! They live in Istanbul and know they’re only gonna get to a handful of matches whilst they’re back in Fethiye to see family and enjoy their town.

“And you’ve bought a season ticket? Why? You’re gonna see five games, maximum.” (This is us in bemused exasperation, asking them, and wondering if these people are, in fact, sane.)

“Why wouldn’t we? We’re Fethiyespor supporters. This money helps the club.” (Yeah, this is their reply in bemused exasperation, replying to us, and wondering if, in fact, these two Brits are sane.)

You see, things work differently around here. Season tickets are nothing to do with ‘saving a seat’ or saving some cash. All things being equal (which means if Fethiyespor play well during the season), you will save a bit of cash in the long run, but it’s just about making sure the club gets some cash – and showing your support, too, of course.

Life in Fethiye. We’re always learning about Fethiyespor, we’re always learning about Fethiye and we’re always learning about Turkey…

Time’s Ticking – Next Fethiyespor Game…

Büyükçekmece Tepecik Spor A.Ş. vs Fethiyespor (On time)

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