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Fethiye Restaurants & Bars

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There are loads of great Fethiye restaurants, bars & pubs – but everyone will have their own opinions as to which are actually THE best Fethiye bars and restaurants.

So, this is not a definitive guide of where to eat and drink in Fethiye – or even which places have the best Turkish food in Fethiye.

Like we said, you will form your own opinions

This is just the definitive guide to where we like to eat and drink in (and around) Fethiye. And we haven’t been everywhere, yet…but we’re working on it!

So, once you’ve worked your way through each of our Fethiye must sees, here’s a few ideas of where to eat in the Fethiye area.

Click on the links below to get further details about each individual place to eat or drink in Fethiye…

Fethiye Restaurants & Bars: City Centre

Fethiye restaurants, bars and other types of eatery are to be found throughout different neighbourhoods so we’ve divided them up as best we can.


Karagözler is the coast road (and upper side streets) that runs towards the Fethiye Peninsula.

As well as eateries, many of Fethiye’s hotels and pensions are located here, too.

Starting from the ancient Telmessos Theatre and heading towards the peninsula, we have:

El Camino Hostel & Pub: High up on Fethiye’s Karagözler 1 with fab harbour views and a great atmosphere. (Open spring to autumn.)

Views of Fethiye & the marina from Camino Hostel & Pub. Blue sky forms the backdrop.
Fabulous views from El Camino

Girida Port: See our Fethiye Fish Restaurants section below for link to article and more information. Situated on Ece Saray Marina. (Open all year.)

Paşa Büfe: No airs and graces here. This is in the heart of the boat yard and is where the boat builders come to eat. Great köfte ekmek. (Open all year.)


Paspatur is Fethiye’s old town.

Deep Blue Bar: Deep Blue Bar is on Hamam Sokak (aka Fethiye Bar Street) in Paspatur, Fethiye’s Old Town. Our second home. Great music if you like rock, blues etc. Regular live music. Speciality Lavazza coffees also available. (Open all year.)

Meğri Restaurant, Fethiye: An institution amongst Fethiye old town restaurants. Strangely, we haven’t yet written about this very popular place with its large outside rating area. Article coming soon.

Yengen: Don’t get your kebab from here unless you’re very hungry. Yummy! (Open all year.)

A man slices of strips of meat from a döner meat kebab at Yengen Burger, Fethiye.
Tasty kebabs at Yengen

Çarşı Caddesi & Around

BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen: A burst of sunshine with a young vibe on 96 Sokak. Range of beers and great burgers amongst other dishes.

King’s Garden Restaurant: Beneath the Fethiye rock tombs with beautiful views over Fethiye bay. Great food and they offer a pick up and drop off service. (Open all year.)

Fethiye views from King's Garden Restaurant near the rock tombs. A snow-capped Çaldağ mountain is in the distance.
Views over the rooftops from King’s Garden Restaurant

Köfteci İmadettin: A Fethiye legend, we discovered…except we’d never heard of it. A good, no nonsense köfte ekmek – and great if you’re on a budget. (Open all year.)

Mozaik Bahçe Restaurant: It’s a must! Mozaik Bahçe is behind Dominos Pizza, close to the PTT. (Open March-Nov.)

Paşa Kebap: An old Fethiye stalwart. Traditional Turkish kebabs and pide at reasonable prices. (Open all year. Closed on Mondays in winter.)

Diners eat at tables outside Paşa Kebap Restaurant in Paspatur.
It’s lovely sitting under the trees outside Paşa Kebap


This is the area of pedestrianised streets behind Beşkaza Meydanı – Fethiye town square.

Paşa Fırını: Cafe bar, restaurant, patisserie, breakfast spot. A pleasant stop off when shopping in town. (Open all year.)

Otogar Area

The otogar is Fethiye’s intercity bus station.

Kahve Dünyası: A good place for a pit stop while you’re shopping at Erasta Shopping Centre if you’re a coffee fan. (Open all year.)

Mocha Coffee with decorative patterns in the froth. A sweet is wrapped at the side of the cup.
A decent coffee at Kahve Dünyası

Adnan Menderes Bulvarı

This is the main road that runs between Fethiye and Çalış. Used by the Saihilden dolmuş and council buses.

Starting from the Fethiye end of the road, we have:

Sahil Lokanta 2: Blog post to come. 24 hour Turkish foodie goodness at this Fethiye restaurant!

White bowls and plates with various meze dishes and side salads at Seçkin Restaurant In Fethiye.
Every meal’s a feast at a good lokanta

Fethiye Bars & Restaurants: Along The Harbour

The Fethiye bars and restaurants here are listed in order as they appear along the marina; starting from the Karagözler in Fethiye and heading outwards along the harbour and further to Çalış along the seafront.

Nefis Pide Kordon: Great prices, especially for harbourside dining. Lovely pide and lahmacun as well as a selection of other dishes. (Open all year.)

Tables and chairs at Nefis Pide along the harbour. There are lots of boat masts in the background.
Nefis Pide Kordon harbourside dining

Cafe Geniş: A popular meeting and waiting place for those on the boat from Letoonia. (Open all year.)

Address Restaurant: Along with other Fethiye restaurants covering this stretch of the harbour, Address is constantly busy whatever the time of year. There’s a happy buzz around Address with the locals of Fethiye playing tavla (backgammon) and drinking çay (Turkish tea), Turkish coffee or beer. Good food, too. (Open all year.)

Waiters wait for food to be served from the kitchen to take to hungry diners.
Iksirci Tezcan is rarely empty

Iksirci Tezcan: Next to the blue culture centre. The masters of the tost. We love sitting here with a mixed tost, washed down with freshly pressed, mixed fruit juice. Mixed orange and pomegranate juice is a favourite. Super cheap. (Open all year.)

Cafe Park Teras: Beautiful views over Fethiye. Lift access up to the terrace and difficult to leave once you’re up there. (Open all year.)

Mezgit Cafe: Views out across the bay whilst enjoying a street food seafood snack. (Open all year.)

A close up of a fish sandwich at Mezgit Cafe, Fethiye. Boats are anchored in the sea in the background.
Balık ekmek with a view at Mezgit Cafe

Fethiye Market: As well as for our fruit and veg shopping, we also come to Fethiye Market to eat gözleme and turşu. (Food available all year)

Hello Büfe: A Fethiye institution. Feed the fish and the seagulls while drinking a çay or a beer. Always busy. (Open all year.)

Boğaziçi Restaurant: A very popular Fethiye restaurant. Always busy. Quality, reasonably priced Turkish food and drink. (Open all year.)

Çarıklı Et Restaurant: A restaurant owned by a family of butchers. Steaks and meat dishes a speciality and other meals served, too. (Open all year.)

A collage of three photos from Çarıklı Et Restaurant. Various meze in small dishes in the top image. Potato slices and a peppered steak are in the lower shots.
Çarıklı Et does a mean steak and meze selection

Mancero Kitchen: If it’s a big slab of quality steak you’re after, this could be your place. Mediterranean cuisine also served. (Open all year.)

Denizatı Restaurant: If you’re walking to Çalış from Fethiye, this is your last stop before Çalış. Decent food and prices. They do a tasty, leisurely seafood meze. A very pleasant breeze in summer! (Open all year.)

Sunset at Denizatı Restaurant. A long table is set for the evening.
Time your dining for a Denizatı Restaurant sunset

Çalış Bars & Restaurants

We know some of these places are not, strictly speaking, Çalış…

But for ease of categorising them, they’re in the Çalış section as they’re all in the same general area around Yerguzlar Caddesi and Barış Manço Bulvarı.

Barış Manço Bulvarı

Barış Manço Bulvarı is the main road that runs away from the main entrance to Çalış Beach. Starting from the beach end of the road, we have:

Günışık: Big, meaty kebabs and homemade, fat chips. Great food all round. (Open all year – day time only in winter.)

Charcoal Palace – Mangal Saray: A Scottish-Turkish family joint serving up great Turkish, British and international offerings. Famous for their Turkish mixed grill and British fish ‘n’ chips. (Open all year – limited days in winter.)

A white plate of Fish & Chips at Charcoal Palace Restaurant.
Fish n chips at Charcoal Palace

Mehtap Lokantası: Soups, kebabs, pide, casseroles; they’ve got a varied menu and reasonably priced. (Summer only, at the moment.)

Meri Bar: The (in)famous Meri Bar. Just a great bar in general. (Open all year. Just off Barış Manço Bulvarı.)

Çalış Kebabs & Dürüm: Probably our most oft visited kebab stop. Adana kebab shish, chicken shish or liver – plate service or in a dürüm (wrap). Filling and cheap! (Open all year.)

A close up of Adana Dürüm Kebab.
Adana dürüm at Çalış Kebabs and Dürüm

Babzen Kebab: Restaurant serving top quality kebabs, pide and meze. Turkish breakfast available, too. (Summer only.)

Mojo Italian Gusto: One for the lovers of a Naples-style pizza! (Open year round. Closed Mondays.)

Yerguzlar Caddesi

Yerguzlar is the road that runs from the courthouse along to the junction with Barış Manço Bulvarı. A now vibrant street with lots of places to eat and drink.

Starting from the courthouse end of the street, we have:

Lokum Kokoreç: Our go-to for this famous Turkish street food. Also serving stuffed mussels, sucuk and köfte portions. (Open all year.)

A close up of a half bread at Lokum Kokoreç near Çalış Market.
We love the Lokum Kokoreç half breads

Cafe Pazar: A popular post Sunday market stop off for many. (Open all year.)

Baba Fırın: Serving various breads, pastries, cakes and chocolates, this is also a cafe and coffee shop. Now a branch in Göcek, too, serving burgers, pastas and breakfasts. (Open all year.)

Shop frontage of Can Çekti Kebab. Cars are parked outside.
Can Çekti is part of a row of eateries on Yerguzlar Caddesi

Can Çekti: Small eatery serving up traditional dishes from the Gaziantep Province. Check out the beyran soup. (Open all year.)

Çalış Beach & Koca Çalış – Restaurants & Bars

When you’re thinking of where to eat in Fethiye, Çalış Beach has international and Turkish cuisine on offer.

Starting from the top (Fethiye) end of the beach and working our way down to Koca Çalış, some of the places we like are:

Yörük Çadır: Known to us as ‘the tents.’ If you fancy some traditional Turkish music (& usually Turkish folk dancing) then this place has live saz music every night. Get there early on a Saturday night. A few traditional Turkish dishes available on their menu. (Open all year.)

Çalış Fishermen’s Place: Officially a seafood cooperative where you can buy fresh fish but where you can also get a tasty balık ekmek – fish sandwich. (Winter 2023 – open for fish sales only) Not actually on the beach. Just over the bridge from Hotel Mutlu or along the road from the Çalış Water Taxi stop.)

View of the sea along Çalış Beach. A table and two chairs are in the foreground.
Beachside dining

Motif Restaurant: The place to visit if you’re looking for quality Turkish cuisine in a seaside setting. (Summer only.)

Çalış Balıkçısı: See link below in our section for Fethiye Fish Restaurants. (Open all year.)

Çalış Beach Restaurant: If you can’t live without your curry, then this place on Calış seafront is a great Indian restaurant in Fethiye. (Open all year – Indian meals served Fri & Sat night in winter.)

Locals sitting outside Calisto Pizza Restaurant in Winter.
Calisto has a lovely atmosphere on sunny winter afternoons

Pizza Calisto: Along the main stretch of Çalış Beach. We love the ginormous pizzas served here. (Open all year.)

Lukka Restaurant, Cafe & Bar: Just ‘Lukka’ for short. A chilled out bar at the end of Çalış Beach with good no nonsense grub, too. (Open all year.)

Oben Restaurant: Just opposite Lukka. Great family owned restaurant serving up homemade Turkish and Mediterranean dishes as well as some international favourites. (Open summer only)

A cobbled promenade shaded by trees to the left and vertical sign with Oben written on it in green letters.
Oben Restaurant is just opposite to Lukka

Güven’s Bar: At the end of Çalış Beach. We go here to sit by the sea and chill – sometimes with one of their lovely homemade pide. Lots of welcome shade and breeze in summer. Beautiful sunset.

Çalış Beach Surf Cafe: Food, drink, sunbathe…surf if you want. A good chill out place.

Zentara Beach & Kitchen: Decent food, bar and free sunbeds in Koca Çalış. Very relaxed atmosphere. (Open all year.)

Hisarönü & Ovacık – Bars & Restaurants

This is going to be a short list as we don’t frequent Hisarönü or Ovacık too often.

Our knowledge is admittedly scant but these are the places we go to if we make it up there for our annual summer Hisarönü night out.

Abrahkebabrah: Blog post to come. How can you not want to have a drink in bar with a fab name like that? They were open one winter when we were freezing while waiting for a dolmuş. Lovely fire in winter! (Open all year.)

Hotel Leytur: Not eaten here yet but a very friendly bar. Open to non residents.

Shine Indian Restaurant: Blog post to come. Great food and as it’s on a raised platform, perfect for people watching, too.

Ölüdeniz Bars & Restaurants

And another short one. We find ourselves in Ölüdeniz a lot over summer but it’s usually to meet friends rather than for eating and drinking.

We’re including Faralya and Kabak in this section, too.

Ölüdeniz Restaurants & Bars

Kumsal Pide: We can’t recommend anything else on the menu as we always come here for pide and meze. 3 lengths of pide to choose from. Only order the longest if you’re very hungry or if you’re sharing. (Open all year.)

A close up of slices of Kapalı Pide.
Kapalı (closed) spinach and cheese pide at Kumsal in Ölüdeniz

Faralya & Kabak

Gül Pension & Restaurant Faralya: Homely and friendly. Simple dishes like homemade köfte and cheese rolls, cold beer and home produced jams and honey to buy. Hike here from Ovacık to Faralya or stop off in the car.

A collage of 4 food photos at Gül Pension in Faralya. There's köfte, chips, omelette & trout.
Good simple grub at Gül Pension & Restaurant

Olive Garden Restaurant & Camp, Kabak: What can we say? Fabulous food (at a reasonable price), fabulous views over Kabak bay and there’s a swimming pool and bungalows. Perfect!

Kayaköy – Places To Eat & Drink

Bülent’in Yeri: Bülent is always smiling! He’s an institution as his place has been open in Kayaköy for years. Enjoy a drink or a gözleme and homemade chips while waiting for the dolmuş back to Fethiye. (Open all year.)

Outside Bülent'in Yeri in Kayaköy. Plant pots line the wall.
Bülent’in Yeri in Kayaköy

Cin Bal: Just the best! Kendin pişir. Kendin ye! Barbecue your own food under the shade of vines or sit inside in colder weather for the Cin Bal winter experience. (Open all year.)

Izela Restaurant: Cool and relaxing. Izela serves top quality breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Open summer only.)

Wicker furniture in the garden area of Izela Restaurant in Kayaköy.
Chilled out dining at Izela

Yalçın Kabap Salonu: Whether it’s for Turkish village breakfast or to barbecue your own food, Yalçın’s a peaceful location. (Open all year.)

Üzümlü Restaurants & Bars (& Beyond)

So what do we mean with the ‘& Beyond’ part of our Üzümlü Restaurants & Bars?

Well, the area is just so spread out but we’re including the Nif/Arpacık area in this section, too, and onwards to Kırkpınar.

Kırkpınar Restaurant: Our blog post title for this place is ‘good mountain village grub.’ And that’s exactly what it is; right up there in the mountains on the road to Denizli. Eating here is a special experience. (Open all year.)

The entrance to Kırkpınar Restaurant up in the hills.
Kırkpınar Restaurant is up in the mountains

Fethiye Fish Restaurants

Fethiye Fish Market Restaurants: Choose a restaurant, go to a stall to choose your fish and the restaurant will cook it for you for a small fee. An eating experience. (Open all year.)

Various fish at Fethiye Fish Market. There's prawns, sea bream, sea bass, anchovies and more.
Choose your fish at the fish market

Girida Port: If seafood is your thing and you fancy a change from the fish market, this is no second best. A must-try for fish and seafood fans. Girida Port is now located on Fethiye marina. (Open all year.)

Looking across the small marina near Girida Port, Fethiye.
Look out over the marina at Girida Port

Çalış Balıkçısı: If you want to dine by the beach while enjoying a vast array of seafood dishes both from the fridges or off the menu, this is your place. Located along Çalış Beach. (Open all year.)

There are lots of seafood restaurants to choose from in Fethiye.

Vegetarian Restaurants, Fethiye

There are not really any out-and-out specialist vegetarian restaurants in Fethiye.

Maybe that will change at some point…but non-meat eaters need not worry anyway.

Almost all good restaurants in Fethiye will have more than enough options for vegetarians.

Our main advice would be that you should not overly-worry about asking for a restaurant menu as a vegetarian.

Just head for the fridges and check out which meze dishes you fancy.

If you know this region, you’ll know there are many places missing from this list.

We aim to keep it as up-to-date as possible and if we try somewhere new and enjoy it, we’ll be sure to add it to this page.

As we said above, it’s our personal list, not a complete Fethiye directory.

And, if you don’t already, then use the button below to ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more Fethiye eating and drinking tips:

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