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How To Survive Fethiye In The Rain – 9 Top Tips

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We all know that when it comes to holidays and travel, Fethiye is very much associated with sunshine, hot weather and the great outdoors.

Indeed, when you see various tips about how to entertain yourself whilst you’re in Fethiye, most of these tips will take you off to local beaches, up into the mountains, off on a Blue Bays boat trip or a Göcek boat trip, to name just a few.

Rain visible on the horizon out to sea. Viewed from the shingle beach shoreline in the foreground. A silhouetted cargo ship is on the horizon.
Watching a storm move out to sea along Çalış Beach

And that’s all just great isn’t it; you don’t need us to tell you we’re big advocates of those types of activities in Fethiye, ourselves.

But Fethiye’s a real place in the real world.

And, even in early or late summer months, as well as autumn and winter, reality can jump right out at us and remind us that the sunshine isn’t a permanent fixture.

Yes, that’s the time when we’re reminded that there is rain in Fethiye, too.

Fancy that!

This post has been inspired by the fact that as I type these words, it’s grey, misty and bucketing down outside.

And we’ve got friends in Fethiye on holiday.

What to do in Fethiye when it’s raining…

Rain In Fethiye – 9 Survival Tips

So what happens when you’ve got your time in Fethiye planned out right to the last minute, but you’ve not checked the Fethiye weather.

Pool days, days out, adventure activities.

And then you look at your list and it’s all outdoor time and those dreaded raindrops are tippling from the sky?

Ahh, well, we’ve lived in these parts long enough to work out ways of whiling away those hours without going stir crazy.

So, here are a few ideas for things to do when there is rain in Fethiye:

Head for Fethiye Museum

We’ve written in the past about Fethiye museum so we’ll not repeat ourselves here.

Although it’s not the biggest museum in the world (believe us, it’s not the biggest museum in Turkey, either) it’s a really interesting place and will keep you occupied for a while if there is rain in Fethiye.

Visiting Fethiye Museum
The entrance garden to Fethiye Museum

If you’ve visited, or are thinking about visiting, places like Xanthos or Letoon, you’ll find artefacts from those places here amongst others.

As Xanthos and Letoon are on Turkey’s UNESCO World Heritage List, it’s great that some of the sites’ artefacts are housed here.

You’ll also find artefacts from around the local area, including Kayaköy.

Spend a few hours at Erasta Shopping Centre in Fethiye

Erasta AVM is Fethiye’s only shopping centre.

And, although we’re not generally shopping centre people, we did have to acknowledge that it’s a decent place to come to when you’re stuck in Fethiye in the rain.

Shopping, eating and coffee shops, cinema, as well as an ‘amusement centre’ where you can do a bit of ten pin bowling or play pool. And there’s other ‘machinery’ in there, too.

We know not what they are or what they do but they are no doubt various games designed to keep all occupied.

Use the opportunity to visit a Fethiye hamam

The hamam, aka the Turkish bath, is all about cleansing the skin. It is great for developing your suntan afterwards, too, if you’re that way inclined.

Rain in Fethiye can be seen as a positive, here. Why not use your rainy day to sit in the steam room and get a good old scrub down and massage?

Fethiye Hamam, Paspatur
Fethiye’s historic Turkish bath in Paspatur

There are lots of ‘Turkish baths‘ all over the Fethiye area. And no shortage of adverts around town, telling you where they are.

So you can take your pick. We’ve been to the Old Turkish Bath in Paspatur (many moons ago) but lots of Fethiye hotels have hamams, too.

Rain in Fethiye? Have a pamper day

This is purely a suggestion, because, dear reader, I am not a pamper person. However, lots of our friends love a good pampering session.

These days, as well as the hamam, Fethiye has loads of places where you can go for spa treatments, massages of various types, facials, manicures and pedicures.

You get the drift.

Compared to the UK, prices for these types of treatments are very reasonable. So Fethiye in the rain doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a fortune.

Go to a Fethiye cinema

This doesn’t happen all the time, but, occasionally, the cinema at the shopping centre shows English language films.

A previous cinema that is no longer open was packed out a few years ago when the James Bond film, Skyfall, was shown there!

Well, familiar local scenery and all that.

So, if it’s raining in Fethiye, a tub of popcorn and a good film could sort you out for a couple of hours or so.

‘Live’ in Fethiye

This is a good one for if you’ve come on holiday to Turkey and you’ve rented a villa or an apartment.

You’ve been to your local market and stocked up on your fruit and veg and other goodies.

So, if it’s raining in Fethiye, you could always take the opportunity to have a day pottering about in your apartment and preparing lots of Turkish dishes.

Sigara Böreği Ready To Eat
Cheese rolls are one of the most famous börek recipes

If there are no Turkish cookery books in your pad, we’ve got loads of Turkish recipe suggestions such as this sigara böreği that you can get creative with and which’ll make you feel right at ‘home.’

Eat the Turkish way

Yeah, we know there are loads of ways to enjoy Turkish food. But we’re not referring to street food on the go or quick kebab stops.

No, if you’re in Fethiye in the rain and it looks like that rain is set in for a while, take yourself off to a Turkish restaurant and eat at leisurely pace, taking your time over a selection of meze.

We love a seafood meze at Denizatı Restaurant along the harbour.

Meze At Denizatı Restaurant
A selection of some of our favourite meze at Denizatı Restaurant

Each dish brought out, one after the other over a period of time.

Fethiye town centre has lots of restaurants that serve hot and cold meze where you can just keep choosing from the selections on offer.

Alternatively, what about going for a barbecue? A barbecue in the rain? Well, Fethiye does like to do things differently.

Take yourself off up to Kayaköy and go to to Cin Bal for an indoor barbecue! Order too many meze, a bit of fabulous lamb tandır.

Then as much meat as you can handle for the barbecue.

Head for Paspatur, Fethiye Old Town

Paspatur is Fethiye’s old town.

And, while you might need an umbrella for wandering along some of the streets, these days, a lot of them are covered so that you can still enjoy shopping at leisure.

Yes, we’ll always be biased about Paspatur but it is a perfect area for surviving Fethiye in the rain.

Paspatur Sounvenir Shop, Fethiye
Much of Paspatur is covered so you won’t get wet between shops

You can get all your souvenir shopping done in Paspatur. There are some great clothes and jewellery shops around here.

Of course, you’re gonna get thirsty, too, and rain in Fethiye doesn’t mean you need to get wet.

This area of Fethiye even has its very own colourful umbrella street and cosy bars like Deep Blue Bar.

So let the rain pour, sit back and enjoy your refreshments!

Rain in Fethiye? Well, if you’re a bar person…

Yeah, if there’s rain in Fethiye and you’re quite partial to getting yourself comfortable in a bar, well, wherever you are in the area, there’s never any shortage of bars for you to settle yourself into.

If it’s not raining too hard, bars with a view are worth hunting out.

El Camino Views During Rain In Fethiye
The view from El Camino during rain in Fethiye

The very top photo in this blogpost is the view from Cafe Park Teras.

After rain in Fethiye, you often get dramatic views over the mountains. Especially when the sun breaks through and accentuates the lush greenery on the hillsides.

And, the photo right above is a view from El Camino Bar during a Fethiye downpour.

The boats from the day trips were returning to the harbour en masse.

And the scenery is no less dramatic in beachy areas.

Storm Over The Sea In Çalış
Watching a storm move out to sea along Çalış Beach

Get yourself tucked into one of the bars or restaurants along Ölüdeniz Beach or Çalış Beach and enjoy the stormy scenery.

Curl up indoors

Is it absolutely pouring down and you don’t want to venture out, at all? Well, why not just curl up on the sofa with a good book?

So, that’s it – a few tips of what to do if there’s rain in Fethiye. Have we missed anything out?

If you’ve been caught out in the rain in Fethiye and came up with a great way to spend your day, we’d love to know what you did!

Let us know in the comments below.

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Wednesday 28th of October 2015

What a great list. People always think that holiday destinations are blessed with eternal sunshine, but it's a good idea to be prepared for any scenario. And I love the barfly suggestion - as long as it does keep raining for days:).

Turkey's For Life

Friday 30th of October 2015

Thanks, Mette. We've had a lot of rain in Fethiye recently so this post was prompted by that...and as we're bar people, how can we not have that as a suggestion for whiling away the time as the rain falls? ;)


Sunday 25th of October 2015

. . and now the sun is going to come out again! :-D

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 25th of October 2015

Well, we're ready for some sunshine again, aren't we. Sure we'll have much more rain in Fethiye over the next few months, though. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.