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Fethiye Beaches – A Guide To Bays And Coves Around Fethiye & Beyond

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Welcome to our guide to Fethiye beaches. And to lots of other beaches and bays within easy reach of Fethiye.

For many people who choose to spend their summer breaks in Turkey, beach holidays are perhaps what first spring to mind.

Sand Çalış Beach in winter. The sea laps the shore to the left.
Lots of people love a beach holiday

When the weather in Fethiye is hot, everyone wants to hit the beach!

Fethiye Beaches For All Seasons

The beaches around Fethiye – and in other areas, too – are not just sunbathing areas for us, though.

We’re also suckers for the wild, lonely or dramatic stormy scenery of a beach in winter. These types of scenes, we often capture when we’re wandering or hiking around Fethiye in the cooler months.

Anyway, however you like to soak up your beach life – sunshine, rain or storms – we thought we’d do this guide to Fethiye beaches.

Bays and coves where you can kick back and relax.

Some are well known, some not so well known.

Some are easily accessible. Some you might need to get your hiking boots on or get yourself on a boat.

Sand, pebble or rocky coves; Fethiye beaches are a real mix.

We’ve even compiled this interactive map so you can find out where the Fethiye beaches and bays are. You can click the top left icon to slide the beach name tags in and out.

If we’ve written an article about the beach, the link should be there for you to click.

It’s fully interactive so you can zoom in and out and you can also click the top right icon to view the larger map.

Let’s get started…

As with our eating and drinking around Fethiye guide, you can click on the links below to read our articles on the beaches we’ve written about so far.

Fethiye Beaches – Around Yarımada Peninsula

Ahh, so much has changed around this peninsula in recent years.

We walk around Yarımada in the cooler months. And, in summer, there used to be quiet, relatively secluded, forest bays.

Now it’s all about ‘beaches.’

Snack bars, restaurants, weekend music, weddings, imported sand.

Don’t worry, though. These are still some of our favourite Fethiye beaches and they remain in our must sees and dos for this area.

Perfect scenery, calm waters and you can still chill out, enjoying the beating noise of the cicadas in the pine trees on a quieter day.

Aksazlar Bay – Leb-i Derya

Now called Leb-i Derya, Aksazlar has had a real facelift.

Beds, umbrellas, imported white sand, restaurant, facilities for wheelchair users. The lot.

A popular location for beach weddings.

Club & Hotel Letoonia, Fethiye

Okay, it’s an all-inclusive hotel but, if you’re staying at Letoonia, you have a few private beach areas to enjoy.

Some seasons you can pay to go in for the day, too, and enjoy a day of all-inclusive here.

Küçük Samanlık Beach

Fethiye Beaches - Küçük Samanlık Koyu
Küçük Samanlık viewed from the sea

More sunbathing spots than there used to be but Küçük Samanlık is hanging on in there as one of the originals in keeping with that rustic feel.

Büyük Samanlık Beach

The big sister of Küçük Samanlık and just next door. Another bay that has had a tidy up in recent times.


Under new management from 2020 – this beach is now a ‘helal beach’ with a segregated area for female bathers.

Büyük Boncuklu – Sea Me Beach

Beautifully shaped bay but once, sadly, piled with litter. No longer!

Fethiye Sea Me Beach
For a luxury beach day, Sea Me Beach

Now known as Sea Me Beach. Food and drink facilities as well as beds and umbrellas and those all important köşks.

A great swim spot. Bed reservation necessary at busy times.

Küçük Boncuklu

View Of Küçük Boncuklu bay, Fethiye.
Küçük Boncuklu

Ahh, beautiful Küçük Boncuklu Beach!

There’s that imported sand again. This place is not cheap but they have created something special here.

A perfect place to go for a treat and a great addition to the Fethiye beaches scene. Köşks amongst the forest trees as well as beds and umbrellas.

No entry fee or parking fee. Bed reservation necessary in high season

Fethiye’s Beaches – The ‘Blue Bays’

Many of the Fethiye bays are only reachable boat.

The Blue Bays are those which follow the coastline from Küçük Boncuklu. You can do a Blue Bays daily boat trip to take in some of these.

If you have your own boat transport, Turunç Pinarı has a beach and restaurant.

Şövalye Island

Home to just a handful of homes and holiday accommodation, why not sample island life for a day?

Şövalye Island Beach
Island beach life at Şövalye Adası Restaurant & Beach

Fethiye beaches with a difference! Why not sail across from Çalış (Calis Beach) – just 5 minutes – and spend the day on an island beach at Şövalye Island.

A small fee for the taxi boat that takes you to the beach and restaurant. Boats available throughout the day.

Fethiye Beaches – Along Çalış Seafront

If it’s cooling breezes you’re looking for in the summer heat, the beaches of Çalış are your place. Great, stormy scenes in winter, too.

Çalış Beach (Public Beach)

Çalış Beach is one of the public Fethiye beaches. This means you don’t need to pay any entry fee.

Beds and umbrellas are available for a small fee.

And, despite the fact some people don’t use them, they should be used in high season.

Colourful basket-weave parasols along Çalış Beach. Plastic sunbeds with blue mattresses are stacked underneath them.
There are beds and parasols for hire along Çalış Beach

Some Fethiye beaches are nesting areas for sea turtles and Çalış Beach is one of the main places they use to lay their eggs.

It’s important these eggs are not damaged by people lying on the sand or jabbing umbrellas into it.

Plenty of bars and restaurants along Çalış Beach to keep you fed and watered. Shops, too, for buying your own provisions.

Some bars, like Calisto, also sell ‘beach picnics.’

Don’t leave until you’ve witnessed the famous Çalış Beach sunset.

Wonder Beach

A new business for 2019.

Yüçel Hotel & Restaurant

Although an older, more established business, Yüçel have now made their beach area and restaurant an attractive place for both hotel guests and non-residents.

Güven’s Bar & Restaurant

Güven's Restaurant And Bar Along Calis Beach
Entrance to the beach and outdoor dining area at Güven’s

One of the stalwarts of the Çalış set of Fethiye beaches.

Carole and Güven serve drinks and food – including the favourite puffy lavaş bread and great pide – to sunbathing and dining customers.

Last Stop

So named because this used to be the last stop for the Çalış dolmuş.

Çalış Halk Plajı

New for summer 2023. This is a public beach run by the belediye (council). Reasonably priced snack bar, beds and parasols along with bathroom facilities.

Flamingo Beach & Camping

Camping also available here, too.

Beaches In Fethiye – Along The Koca Çalış Stretch

Once a lonely stretch of pebbled coastline, this is now an established part of the Fethiye beach scene as more villas and hotels are built in the area.

Koca Çalış Beach (Public Beach & Private Areas)

The public areas of Koca Çalış beach are one of the few places left in the Fethiye area where picnicking families can just come along and set themselves up for the day.

Some areas have now been sectioned off as private for use of villa and hotel guests but, for now, there is still a lot of open space.

All of these Koca Çalış beach areas in Fethiye are great for watching the kitesurfers and windsurfers whizzing by.

A kite surfer surfs along the water in Çalış
Learn to kitesurf – or just watch from a distance

Surf Beach

Again, one of the old stalwarts and a great set up. Definitely a beach that attracts regularsi

A red surf board stands upright in the sand. To the left of it is a wooden swing.
Surf Beach is a favourite for many

You can come here for kitesurfing lessons and other watersports activities.

Bar and restaurant as well as sunbathing.


Weddings, breakfast, sunbathing…


Yes, it’s another new addition.

Zentara Beach & Kitchen

Zentara Beach And Kitchen
Zentara Beach, dressed in pink

We love to come down here.

Famous for their Turkish breakfast. Live music at night in the summer season.


Under another name (Birlik), this used to be one of the only restaurants around this area. Still going strong as Mekan.

Popular with locals and tourists alike.

Mavi Beach

New for 2019 and already making a bit of a hit.

Beaches Around Fethiye – Beyond Koca Çalış

Although there is increased development around here, these Fethiye beaches are still have more wild and remote feel to them. Don’t expect too many crowds.

Karataş Beach

Back in the day we used to go here for BBQs with Turkish friends almost every Sunday.

Karataş Beach, Fethiye
Pretty Karataş Beach

In 2021, MUÇEV took over the operation of the beach and there are now facilities including a bar and snack bar.

Akmaz Beach

For 2023, this is a belediye beach – run by the local Fethiye council. This means prices here are very reasonable, especially compared to beach clubs and bars.

Karaot Beach

Karaot Beach Near Fethiye
Karaot Beach is both sand and pebble

Once, proposed site of Fethiye’s new boatyard with local campaigners trying to keep the area protected. Karaot is a wild beach that, again, you will only share with one or two other people and migrating birds.

In 2020, the local council took control of operating the beach and there are now more facilities.

This is a beautiful stretch of Fethiye’s coastline with small eco friendly hotels such as Yonca Lodge sharing the space with all-inclusive set ups like Club Tuana.

Katrancı Koyu

The bay that looks so beautiful from the D400 road, heading towards the small town of Göcek.

A bay where campers descend. Lots of camping facilities here as well as beach bar/restaurant and beds and umbrellas.

Entrance and parking fee applicable.

Katrancı Koyu, Fethiye
Katrancı is beautiful viewed from above


So named for its protected Günlük (Liquidambar) trees. This is a protected nature area so you’ll pay an entrance fee for you and your vehicle.

Calm waters. The beach is run by the Bay Beach Club hotel and you can have food and drinks there.

Inlice Public Beach

Inlice Public Beach
Sunset over the calm waters of Inlice public beach

Still a Fethiye beach as Fethiye now stretches right along the coast and incorporates Göcek.

Just before you hit Göcek, take a left at the signpost for Inlice public beach. Popular with locals in the summer months.

In 2023, the council facilities are not at the beach anymore.

Beaches In Fethiye – Ölüdeniz & Beyond

Ölüdeniz is most definitely considered to be one of the beach holiday resorts in Turkey.

Not difficult to see why once you witness the stunning scenery around here.

Around The Lagoon

Lots of beaches to choose from around here.

Kumburnu – The Ölüdeniz Lagoon

Okay, we’ll hold our hands up here.

This is probably the most famous of the Fethiye beaches. The stretch of sand most people are talking about when they say they want to go to Ölüdeniz Beach.

A long sandy nose that frames the lagoon and is the subject of so many tourism posters.

Ovacık To Faralya Lycian Way Views
Looking down over Ölüdeniz Beach and lagoon from the Lycian Way

Not being very beachy people (as you can probably tell from there being not too many links to articles), we went to Kumburnu (the main lagoon beach) in 1998 when we first came to Fethiye.

We’ve never returned.

You’ll pay an entrance fee as it’s a protected area. And then for your beds and umbrellas, too.

This is the beach we photograph from on high.

Private Beaches Around The Olüdeniz Lagoon

A stroll along the back road of the lagoon will reveal lots of private Ölüdeniz beaches and you still get to swim in the calm waters.

Pay for beds and umbrellas at these beaches. There are beach bars, restaurants and entertainment – especially in the evening.

These beaches are popular wedding venues, too. And some have accommodation ranging from camping to boutique hotel standard.

A peaceful Fethiye Ölüdeniz lagoon in springtime
There are numerous private beaches on the rear of the lagoon

Sun City Beach Club

As far as you can go along this side of the lagoon.

Billy’s Beach

One of the most established beaches in this stretch.

Paradise Beach

An instant hit with Fethiye beach goers when it opened in 2018. A lovely place to catch the sunset in winter.

Paradise Beach, Ölüdeniz
A winter afternoon rest stop at Paradise Beach

We enjoyed a really pleasant, sunny winter’s afternoon here after walking over to Ölüdeniz from Kayaköy.

S3 Sea Horse Beach

Snack bar, restaurant, caravans, boutique hotel, beds and umbrellas. Just about everything at S3 Sea Horse Beach Club.

Sister restaurant, Denizatı is along the harbour in Fethiye. We’ve been here a couple of times but are yet to write about it.

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach, Ölüdeniz
Laze a day away at Sugar Beach, Ölüdeniz

Very popular chill out beach and well established. Perhaps one of the most famous of the Fethiye beaches.

We’ve only been here for a friend’s wedding but intend to return.

Green Pine Beach

Relatively new to the lagoon scene.

Along The Coast From The Lagoon

We’re heading into a world of mountains and lush greenery from the lagoon.

View these bays from above if you choose to paraglide. Or walk the Ovacık to Faralya stretch of the Lycian Way.

Belcekiz Beach

Real name, Belceğiz, this is the other Ölüdeniz Beach.

Such a beautiful sight for taking photos, it’s the first beach you’ll see when you get off the dolmuş. Belcekiz Beach is a public beach so entrance is free.

We struggle with the heat in summer so it’s not worth us paying the fee for beds and umbrellas.

Belceğiz is our cooler months beachy paradise. A great place to be when it’s the Ölüdeniz Air Games in October.

Or on a winter Sunday afternoon.

Sunset At The Ölüdeniz Air Games
Sunset and paragliding at Belcekiz Beach

Kıdrak Beach

Sweeping sand and huge waves to play in.

his is a protected area. And, because of its location, doesn’t get overcrowded.

Entrance fee as it’s a protected zone. Snack bar facilities and beds and umbrellas.

Butterfly Valley – Kelebek Vadisi

Butterfly Valley Fethiye, Turkey
Butterfly Valley viewed from the Lycian Way

Accessible by taxi boat from Belceğiz and also day trip boats from Ölüdeniz.

(It is possible to climb down from the Lycian Way but this is not recommended by us. Akut – mountain rescue – and the jandarma are kept busy enough rescuing people who get stuck here.)

Camping and beach bars at Butterfly Valley.

Aktaş Beach

Climb down to here from Faralya. A rocky bay with beach bar, camping and bungalows.

Kabak Bay

Kabak Beach, South West Turkey
Kabak beach and the surrounding mountains

Ahh, you know we love Kabak.

Budget camping Kabak bungalows at places like Sultan Camp and Full Moon.

A bit more luxury at the lovely Tree Houses and sea level Chakra Beach.

Great food and accommodation at the very popular Olive Garden.

Chilling out at beach level is just pure joy! Is this the favourite of our Fethiye bays and beaches? Possibly…

Cennet Koyu

A hike from Kabak or take a speed boat.

Fethiye Beaches – Around Kayaköy

You’ll need your hiking boots for a couple of these Fethiye beaches and bays.

Gemiler Bay

Gemiler Bay Fethiye Turkey
Calm waters at Gemiler Bay

Drive through Kayaköy and follow the signs to Gemiler.

There’s an entrance fee for this beach. Snack bar facilities and beds and umbrellas.

We haven’t been here for some time but the water is calm for swimming.

Camel Beach

Accessible by boat and a popular stop off on the daily boat trips from Ölüdeniz.

Coldwater Springs

Coldwater Springs / Coldwater Bay; call it what you will.

Coastal View Towards Cold Water Bay
Views walking down to Cold Water Bay

Beautiful viewed from the Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz hike. You can hike down to the bay from Kayaköy, but you’ll need to come back up again.

Again, Coldwater Bay is accessible by boat, too.


Popular with the yacht crowd as it’s easily reached by boat. You can hike to Darboğaz, too.

Day Trips To The Beach

As well as Fethiye beaches and bays, the town has lots of beaches in close proximity where, if you wanted to hire a car, you could go further afield for the day.

Some of these beaches have other attractions, too.

Heading West From Fethiye

All of these beaches are around one hour’s drive or less.

Sarıgerme Beach

Sarıgerme is a huge stretch of sandy beach, not too far from Dalaman Airport.

Very much a package holiday resort. But if you’re looking for soft sand, this is a good option.

Sarsala Beach

Sarsala Beach, Dalaman
Idyllic from above – Sarsala

A popular stop for yachts and gülets.

This is a beautiful bay, accessed by road. The road is just to the left before you hit Dalaman Airport.

Akkaya Valley (River Beach)

If you want to feel like you’re in the tropics, this little ride up the Dalaman River to the beach area at Akkaya is a must.

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

A signpost on Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan. The signs point is different directions to different countries around the world.
Iztuzu Plajı – famously known as Turtle Beach

Iztuzu Beach – also known as Turtle Beach – is a stunning stretch of sand close to the town of Dalyan.

Iztuzu is a protected area as it is a major nesting area for sea turtles. As well as sunbathing spots in designated zones, there are snack bars.

And this is also home to the turtle rehabilitation centre and the wonderful Kaptan June.

Heading East From Fethiye

These beaches are 1-2 hours drive away from Fethiye.

Patara Beach

Patara Beach, South West Turkey
The soft, sandy beach of Patara

A true beach lover’s paradise.

Development is strictly regulated here so it’s just you and the sand dunes. There’s a snack bar and beds. And, as the area is protected, an entrance fee, too.

Take in Patara’s Roman and Lycian ruins before you hit the beach if that’s your thing.

Kalkan Beach

This is the public beach in town.

An easy day trip from Fethiye and you can wander around Kalkan, too.

Kaputaş Beach

Kaputaş Beach Near Kaş, Turkey
Climb down the steps to Kaputaş Beach

As you can see from the photo, our stops at Kaputaş are usually in winter when all is a bit more secluded.

Popular in summer, you need to park on the road at the top and climb down the steps to get your sunbathing spot.

Big Pebble Beach & Little Pebble Beach, Kaş

Büyük Çakıl Plajı, Kaş
Büyük Çakıl Plajı – Big Pebble Beach – is our favourite beach in Kaş

Big Pebble Beach (Büyük Çakıl Plajı) is one of our favourite places in the already very pretty Kaş.

A handful of snack bars here. Lots of beds and umbrellas in summer.

More chilled in spring and autumn.


You can take a boat from Kaş harbour to spend a few hours at this bay.

And there you have it!

This is not an exhaustive directory of every single nook and cranny that exists in Fethiye and beyond.

Just a list of some of the popular Fethiye beaches and bays (and further afield) that you might want to consider for a day out if you’re in the area.

We’ll be adding links to the relevant articles for each Fethiye beach as and when we write about them.

And don’t forget, you can click on the links that are already there above for photos and more detailed articles about the beaches we have already lazed around on or wandered along.

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