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Fethiye News

Fethiye News

Welcome to our (ir)regular monthly Fethiye news updates. We're certainly no Fethiye local news agency. No. This section is for OUR news updates.

This is the category where you'll find posts about what we've been up to. Any new constructions popping up, different local Fethiye bars and restaurants we've tried - and the many we frequent on a regular basis. It's where you'll also find news updates about our local football team, Fethiyespor.

Because we live in Fethiye, this is where you'll also find our daily life news updates. What we've been up to on the blog - updates and social media. Turkish kitchen experiments and old faithful dishes we make time and again. Places we've visited when friends come over to see us - beach days and day trips from Fethiye. Not to mention making sure they experience our Fethiye must sees

Local news from Fethiye on a personal level. That's what you'll find here. Enjoy!

August Life In Fethiye – Seeing off The Summer

Well, not seeing off the summer completely because our September – and lots of October – will be jam-packed with friends coming to Fethiye on holiday. Summer continues with gusto! Turquoise Waters But August is usually the month where we plough through and see off the last of the intense summer heat. Unlike July, which …

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Fethiye News May 2022 – A Month Of Festivals

In the month where the inici kefal (pearl mullet) of Van Lake begin their difficult journey upstream to spawn, the summer season really begins in earnest here in Fethiye. After the last couple of years, we’ve got to say, it’s great to see so many people around, enjoying their holidays (despite the awful struggles of …

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