Autumn Weather in Fethiye

Oh yes, there have been signs of Autumn weather in Fethiye recently but today seems as good a day as any to write about it seeing as we have just opened the curtains to grey skies.

Golden Moon Hotel Swimming Pool, Çalış

Golden Moon Hotel swimming pool in Çalış

Gorgeous blue sky, sunny, clear. This photo was taken two days ago. My dad is here at the moment, staying at the Golden Moon Hotel in Çalış. We have made use of the pool facilities on a couple of occasions this season but there is a reason why the pool is devoid of people – the water is freezing! My outdoor swimming days are over for 2010.

Fethiye Bay From Sundial Hotel

View of yachts in Fethiye Bay from the Sundial in Taşyaka

Yesterday, we all went up to the Sundial Hotel for the day. It’s definitely still sunbathing weather and Barry and my dad are still happy to have a swim but the verdict was, the Sundial swimming pool (maybe because it’s higher up) is currently colder than the Golden Moon’s. Faces said everything. Lots of ‘Ooo, eee,’ as people eased themselves into the water. Even Barry described the water temperature as ‘bracing.’ Well, I know what that means and ‘bracing’ will be an understatement.

I’ve even got used to the cooler night time temperatures now. I knew we’d be out of the house all day yesterday so I had my sunbathing gear on in the day and took an extra bag with me containing sleeves and legs for later on. Glad I did, too! And as I’m writing all this, my dad is loving the temperatures, is still really warm and is running the air conditioning during the night. Maybe we’re feeling the October Fethiye weather cool down more than others.

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