Beautiful Fethiye Weather & A Rare Cruise Ship

How utterly pleasant to be able to wake up to sunshine this morning and walk along the harbour into Fethiye in short sleeves. We’ve had a very strange April as far as the weather in Fethiye is concerned: wind, rain, cloud, more wind…but more notably, it’s been cold. We walked back along the harbour yesterday evening with coats zipped up and hunched shoulders.

Cruise Ship in Fethiye Harbour

An almost camouflaged cruise ship in Fethiye harbour

And then this morning, we opened the curtains to brilliant blue sky and the sun was shining. We opened the bedroom window wide and for the first time, that rush of cool air was gone. It was a pleasant breeze as we watched the first cruise ship of the season inch its way slowly across Fethiye’s shallow harbour. We knew it was a small cruise ship because it continued all the way into the marina; the very few cruise ships that grace Fethiye with their presence usually drop anchor in the bay and use shuttle boats to take their passengers ashore.

The Minerva Cruise Ship in Fethiye Harbour

The Minerva cruise ship docked in Fethiye Harbour

It may be just me getting old, but I’ve developed a slight (okay, I love them!) interest in the larger floating vessels that sail into Fethiye. So when we witnessed the entrance of the cruise ship and the wonderful weather – both seemingly heralding the arrival of summer – we had to head along the harbour for a closer look.

Cruise ships are classics for dividing opinion. Personally, we think the odd one or two smaller ships that are able to actually dock in Fethiye harbour can only be a good thing for Fethiye centre. When we were taking the photo above, the tannoy was in full flow with the speaker welcoming people back onto the boat after their free time walking around the town. Passengers who wanted to go to Kayaköy had to make their way to the waiting coaches.

Personally, we can’t think of anything worse than going on a cruise for a holiday – but it’s each to their own. And, at least this cruise ship was small enough to come right into Fethiye harbour and let passengers disembark so they could actually see Fethiye, rather than being taken off to other places. The coaches only set off for Kayaköy in the afternoon.

Cruise Ship & Rhodes Ferry in Fethiye Harbour

The Minerva leaves Fethiye as the catamaran arrives from the Greek island of Rhodes

And…while we were along the Karagözler taking photos…and as the weather was just completely perfect…we just had to jump on the dolmuş to the Sundial Hotel so we could enjoy a cold beer in the sunshine with views over Fethiye. We watched the cruise ship leave Fethiye as the catamaran from the Greek island of Rhodes returned.

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  1. I hear you – we’re not cruise people either

  2. You reminded me I did a “cruise” on the Bosphorus when I went to Istanbul and we shipwrecked! Ha! Beat that 😛
    Fortunately nothing serious, I hardly remember a funnier moment!
    Well, our cruise “ship” was definitely nowhere similar to the one in your picture 😛

  3. @ Andrea: I just can’t imagine enjoying one; especially when we could hear the guy over the tannoy giving out instructions.

    @ Angela: THAT has never happened to us, fortunately. We did a Bosphorus ‘cruise’ once and those boats look like they’re made of sterner stuff. 🙂

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