Turkish Rock Night & A Duman Classic

A few weeks back, we did a post about going to see live rock music in Fethiye. We’re suckers for live music of any flavour in Turkey, but we do love us a good rock band, so when we were told that the same band were once again playing at Cafe Pazar, well we just had to go along.

Live Music At Cafe Pazar

The last time we watched these guys, we were still enjoying the balmy summer nights, but last Thursday, the decision was made to have the music indoors – a sure sign of the encroaching winter weather. We got there in good time to claim a table and enjoy an Efes or two before the music started.

Turkish Rock Band At Cafe Pazar In Çalış

Live music at Cafe Pazar in Fethiye

There are so many talented live acts in Fethiye and this bunch are no exception. As we were indoors, the atmosphere was more intimate, drinks were flowing amongst everyone, a few Turkish tracks were sprinkled in amongst their usual set, guitar solos galore…

Flamenco and Turkish Music In Çalış

The acoustic section – Flamenco and Turkish

…and then an impromptu visitor suddenly turned up for a little cameo appearance. We know the guy on the left from way back when he used to play in Deep Blue Bar and he certainly knows his way around a guitar. These days, he mainly concentrates on flamenco-style music so, as you can imagine, after a few Efes Pilsen have been downed, and he breaks out into a Gypsy Kings classic…there was dancing to be done.

But there was another reason why we wanted to see the live music last week; we’d put a special request in to the band when we saw one of the guitarists the week before. We wanted them to play a Duman song. Any Duman song. We didn’t care.

Duman are the undisputed kings of Turkish rock (we think). We have an ambition to see them live at some point in our lifetime as we’ve heard they are pretty amazing. Alas, Fethiye has so far remained under the radar of these rock kings so we opted for the next best thing. On Thursday night we got a live rendition of Bu Akşam…

Apologies for the lighting – or lack of – but give this a listen. Bu Akşam is one of our favourite Duman tracks and this is a good cover! Enjoy!

2015 Update: Since writing this post, we have now seen Duman in concert three times…and we’re still hungry for more. They’re worth the effort!

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  1. How cool – never thought about Turkish rock – looks like a neat intimate concert.

  2. @ Belinda: Rock music is really big in Turkey. This was indeed a little intimate kind of affair. 😉

  3. I enjoy a good rock band anytime also. Bring it on!
    Pity I didn’t grab any music from Turkey but next time I’m going to load up on it.

  4. @ Jim: Can’t beat it sometimes, can you? Definitely get some next time you come to Turkey – or get some online. 🙂

  5. Turkish rock rocks! 🙂
    Love their music – thanks for sharing.

  6. @ London Caller: It most certainly does – as does other types of Turkish music. 🙂

  7. I’ve never hear of Turkish Rock or the Dumans, but I liked the song in the video – very rock!

  8. @ Laurel: Yes, Duman are very rock. Glad you liked the song in the video. 🙂

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