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Running Events In Turkey – Marathons, Road Races, Ultras & Trails

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Do you love running? Well, welcome to our page of running events in Turkey.

Whether you live here, are travelling around Turkey, or you want to time a holiday so that you can also take part in a running event, we thought we’d bring some of the regular events together all in one place.

Running is a fast-growing pastime in Turkey and we love being part of the running fraternity.

Some of these running events, we attend regularly.

We’ve only taken part in road races so far but we’re also pondering dipping our toes into the world of trail running.

So we’ve included some of the main trail running events and ultra marathons in Turkey, too.

Running Events In Turkey - Bodrum
Bodrum plays host to various running events

Unlike in some countries, whilst registrations for running events in Turkey do fill up, there are no events that require ballot entry.

You should be able to register up to a few days before for most events.

And some also have late registration on the day if the quota isn’t full or there are cancellations.

About Our Running Events In Turkey Page

Some of the running events in Turkey are larger and well established.

Not surprisingly, the Istanbul Marathon is the largest road race. The marathon is an IAAF Gold Label event.

Others are recent additions to the Turkish road races calendar and are smaller and more low key.

We love the smaller running events just as much as the larger get togethers.

For trail running and ultra marathons in Turkey, a lot of the more established events are part of the ITRA (the International Trail Running Association).

This country is packed with national parks featuring rivers, canyons, rolling hills and colossal mountain ranges making trail running in Turkey a real draw (for those that are that way inclined).


  • We have put this page of ultras, trail runs, road races and marathons in Turkey as a general guide. If you want to take part in any of the running events, it is obviously your own responsibility to keep yourself up to date with race information, registration and rules.
  • This is purely a page for your information. We are not working with any of the event organisers. So we will not receive any commission if you choose to register for a race via one of the links below. We simply enjoy running.
  • We have linked to race websites (English language sections) or Facebook pages where possible.
  • We will keep this page as up to date as possible. For some 2023 running events, dates are yet to be confirmed. These are marked with ‘tbc.’ We will add the dates as soon as we know them.
  • Just a tip: Many running events in Turkey don’t necessarily take place on the same date, week – or even month – every year. If you are thinking of travelling to Turkey specifically to take part in a race, don’t book anything until the dates are confirmed.

January Running Events

January – Road Races

Adana Kurtuluş Yarı Maratonu
When:8th January 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k, People’s Fun Run
Further Info:Alivex

February Running Events

February – Road Races

Trabzon Yarı Maratonu
When:26th Feb 2023
Where:Trabzon (Eastern Black Sea)
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k, 4k Fun Run, 1k Children’s Run
Further Info:Website in English

February – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

St. Paul Trail Run
When:4th Feb 2023
Where:Manavgat, Antalya Province
Distances:53k, 24k, 16k
Further Info:Official website

Manavgat, in the Antalya Province, is famous for its waterfalls as well as Köprülü Canyon where the event takes place.

You could also visit nearby Side and take in the ancient ruins.

March Running Events

Runatolia Start Line, Antalya
The Runtalya start line

Runtalya running events take place over the first Saturday and Sunday of March.

The High Heels Race, fun run and children’s events take place on the Saturday.

The marathon, half marathon and 10k take place on the Sunday.

There’s lots to see and do in Antalya including exploring the old city of Kaleiçi and wandering Karaalioğlu Park.

The 10k route goes through both of these areas.

March – Road Races

When:6th March 2023
Distances:Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k
Further Info:Facebook Page
Büyükada Koşusu
When:19th March 2023
Where:Istanbul (Büyükada, Princes Islands)
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k, 5k
Further Info:Official race website
Alanya Atatürk Yarı Maratonu
When:19th March 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 5k Fun Run, 2k Fun Run
Further Info:Facebook Page
Hatay Barış Koşusu
When:19th March 2023
Distances:10k, 4k People’s Fun Run
Further Info:Facebook Page

March – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Efes Ultra Marathon
When:18th-19th March 2023
Where:Selçuk & Şirince
Distances:120k, 61k, 42k, 23k, 12k, 5k
Further Info:Official website
Ephesus Library Of Celsus
Combine ultra running with archaeology

Your perfect opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of Ephesus as well as the pretty town of Selçuk and village of Şirince.

April Running Events

April – Road Races

Fethiye Yarımada Koşusu
When:16th April 2023
Distances:10k, 18.3k
Further Info:Official race website (Turkish)
Istanbul Yarı Maratonu
When:30th April 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k
Further Info:The Istanbul Half Marathon is an IAAF Gold Label Event.
Official website in English.

April – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Alanya Ultra Trail
When:Cancelled For 2023
Distances:73k, 48k, 28k, 17k
Further Info:Website in English
Iznik Ultra
When:14th-16th April 2023
Distances:160k, 90k, 55k, 35k, 25k, 14k, 5k City Run, Kids’ Run
Further Info:Official website in English.
Farm Olea Backyard Ultra Trail
When:22nd April 2023
Distances:6.7k Every Hour
Further Info:Backyard Ultra
Şahinyurdu Ultra Extreme
When:28th-29th April 2023
Distances:12k, 16k, 28k, 43k, 83k
Further Info:Official race website (no English language section)
Fethiye Ultra Trail Start Line
Fethiye Ultra start line at Beşkaza Meydanı, 2019

The Fethiye Ultra obviously takes place in our hometown.

In 2022, the race started in Şehit Fethi Bey Parkı. A great attraction in the town.

The 10k route headed along the harbour and Karagözler, whilst the 25k took runners around the Fethiye peninsula. Brave 50k runners headed up the forest track towards Kayaköy before turning off towards Ovacık and returning to base.

NOTE: The Fethiye Ultra has moved to October for 2023. Not sure what will happen in future years…

And of course, there are lots of things to see and do in Fethiye!

May Running Events

May – Road Races

Maraton Izmir
When:7th May 2023
Distances:Marathon, 10k
Further Info:Official race website
Manisa Yarı Maratonu
When:14th May 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k, Children’s Run
Further Info:Official Website (English)
Giresun Yarı Maratonu
When:21st May 2023
Where:Giresun (Black Sea Region)
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k
Further Info:Official Website (Turkish)

May – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Tahtalı Run To Sky
When:5th-6th May 2023
Where:Kemer, Antalya Province
Distances:65k, 27k, 12k
Further Info:Official website, English language
Dağyenice Ultra Trail
When:20th May 2023
Distances:100k, 61k, 33k, 15k, 6k
Further Info:Official website. (No English language option)
Running Events In Turkey - Izmir
Izmir is a fun, friendly city

If the Lycian Way Ultra Marathon is your thing, this area of the Antalya Province is also perfect for exploring sites such as Phaselis and Olympos.

Olympos From Phaselis Theatre
Climbing to the top of the theatre of Phaselis offers views of Mount Olympos

June Running Events

June – Road Races

Cadde 10k-21k
When:11th June 2023
Where:Kadıköy, Istanbul
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k, Paralimpik, Children’s Run
Further Info:Official Website
Ankara Yarı Maratonu
When:11th June 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k
Further Info:Official Website
Avşa Yarı Maratonu
When:11th June 2023
Where:Avşa Adası (Balıkesir)
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k
Further Info:Facebook Page

June – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Müşküle Nazim Hikmet Koşusu
Where:Iznik (Müşküle Village)
Distances:25k, 8k
Further Info:Official Nazim Hikmet Run website (in English)

July Running Events

July – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Sky Erciyes Ultra Trail
When:7th-8th July 2023
Where:Kayseri – Erciyes Ski Centre
Distances:VK (vertical kilometre race to 3350m elevation), 64, 45k, 25k, 12k
Further Info:Official Website (English)
Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail
When:21st-23rd July 2023
Distances:100k, 66k, 30k, 16k, 6k
Further Info:Official website (in English)

Lots to see and do, whichever of these ultras you choose.

Kayseri is close to Cappadocia whilst Bursa is packed with famous sights and is the birthplace of the Ottomans and the tasty Iskender Kebab.

August Running Events

August – Road Races

Eskişehir Yarı Maratonu
When:12th-13th August 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k, Paralympic, Children’s Run
Further Info:Facebook Page

August – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Runfire Salt Lake Ultra Trail
When:August 18th-20th
Where:Tuz Gölü, Konya Province
Distances:100 miles, 80k, 40k, 20k, 10k
Further Info:Official website in English

September Running Events

September – Road Races

Bozcaada Yarı Maratonu
When:16th September 2023
Where:Bozcaada (northwest Turkey)
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k
Further Info:Facebook Page
Gelibolu Maratonu
When:24th September 2023
Distances:Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, Family Run
Further Info:Facebook Page
Kayseri Yarı Maratonu
When:24th September 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k
Further Info:Official Website (Turkish)

September – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Kyzikos Ultra Maratonu
When:8th-10th September 2023
Distances:85k, 60k, 45k, 22k, 5k
Further Info:Official website in English
Kaçkar Ultra Marathon
When:9th September 2023
Where:Kaçkar Mountains (Eastern Black Sea)
Distances:45k, 15k, 5k
Further Info:Facebook Page
Lycian Way Ultra Marathon
When:22nd-23rd September 2023
Where:Lycian coast of the Antalya Province
Distances:100k, 57k, 37k, 20k
Further Info:Official Lycian Way Ultra Marathon website in English
Eskişehir, Turkey
Eskişehir is a great student city with lots to see and do

As well as taking part in the running events, there’s lots to keep you occupied in Eskişehir.

Explore Odunpazarı, the old city; indulge in famous çiğbörek; enjoy the student vibe in the bars and eateries; stroll along the Porsuk River; the list goes on.

October Running Events

October – Road Races

Bodrum Yarı Maratonu
When:1st October 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k, 5k
Further Info:Facebook Page
When:8th October 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10.4k, 4.2k, Family Run
Further Info:Official race website
Yaşam İçin Yarış (Race For Life)
When:15th October 2023
Distances:5k Fun Run
Further Info:Facebook Group
Kaş Yarımadaton
When:21st October 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 12k, 6k Marina Run
Further Info:Facebook Page

October – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Eker I Run
When:1st October 2023
Where:Uludağ, Bursa
Distances:2k Kids’ Race, 5k, 15k, 42k
Further Info:Official website in English
Cappadocia Ultra Trail
When:14th-15th October 2023
Where:Ürgüp, Cappadocia
Distances:119k, 63k, 38k
Further Info:Official website in English
Babadağ UltraTrail
When:27th-29th October 2023
Distances:60k, 24k, 15k, 14k, 5k
Further Info:Official race website
Fethiye Ultra Trail
When:28th October 2023
Distances:77k, 57k, 27k, 10k
Further Info:Official website in English.
Running Turkey - Bodrum Yarı Maratonu
Club runners doing a jog around town before the Bodrum Yarı Maratonu event

Early and late season are perfect times to visit Bodrum if you like life to be a little slower and quieter – after the running event, that is.

Shopping In Kaş, Turkey
Kaş is always worth a visit

We’re yet to take part in the Kaş Yarımadaton running event but pretty Kaş is a great place to spend a night or two.

You’ll have places like Big Pebble Beach almost to yourself. You can also visit another country from Kaş.

The Greek island of Meis (Kastellorizo) is just a 20-30 minute sail across the bay.

Fethiye News: Race For Life
A moment’s silence before the Yaşam İçin Yarış race begins

Yaşam İçin Yarış raises money for cancer care in the Fethiye area.

Run or walk 5k along Fethiye harbour and check out which restaurants you might want to eat at later, en route.

The turning point is just after Denizatı Restaurant.

November Running Events

November – Road Races

Istanbul Maratonu
When:5th November 2023
Distances:Marathon, 15k, 8k People’s Fun Run
Further Info:Facebook Page
Gökova Yarı Maratonu
When:19th November 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, 2x5k Couples Lap
Further Info:Official race website

November – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Sagalassos Sky Ultra
When:10th-12th November 2023
Distances:42k, 27k, 15k
Further Info:Official race website
Bodrun Ultra Marathon
Distances:60k, 23k 10k, 6k
Further Info:Instagram

When it comes to marathons in Turkey, the Istanbul Marathon is the country’s flagship event.

Whichever distance you choose, you will start the race in Asia and finish in Europe – the only marathon event that takes place over two continents.

Istanbul Marathon Start
Run between Asia and Europe in the Istanbul Marathon and 15k events

You can see photos of the 10k route of the Istanbul Marathon event.

There is no longer a 10k option but the first 10 kilometres of the 15k and the marathon follow the same route.

Obviously, there is much to see and do in Istanbul.

This is the city of the magnificent Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace…we won’t go on.

Everyone should visit Istanbul as far as we’re concerned.

December Running Events

December – Road Races

Uluslararası Mersin Maratonu
When:10th December 2023
Distances:Marathon, 10k, Fun Run
Further Info:Website (English)
Gazi Yarı Maratonu
When:17th December 2023
Distances:Half Marathon, 5k People’s Fun Run
Further Info:Official website (Turkish)

December – Ultra Marathons & Trail Runs

Ida Ultra Marathon
When:1st-3rd December
Where:Ida Mountains National Park
Distances:Ida Ultra 114k, Ida Half Ultra 66k, 36k, 15k Village Run
Further Info:Facebook Page Registration opens 1st March
Antalya Ultra
When:23rd-24th December 2023
Distances:85k, 57k, 31k, 12k, 5k
Further Info:Official Registration Page

The Gökova running event was a brand new addition to the running calendar for 2022 and we’re hoping it’s going to be a regular.

Home to the picture postcard pretty town of Akyaka, this is perfect running scenery.

Further Running Events In Turkey

This list is not intended as a list of every running event in Turkey.

There are regular, smaller events that take place around Istanbul, for example.

Follow the Spor Istanbul Facebook page for some event notifications.

Because road races and trail running is a growing sport in Turkey, some towns and cities will host a running event just to test the water.

These can be a one off and then they disappear from the running calendar.

When you register for some running events, you will receive future emails about other upcoming races in Turkey that are also run by the same events company.

This makes life easier if you want to take part in future events.

It’s All Turkish To Me – Some Key Words & Phrases

One of the main running event hosts is Alivex.

If you register for a race with Alivex, there are English language options when you get to the payment and registration pages. So don’t be put off.

Here are a few key words and phrases to look out for on websites if there is no English language option:

  • Kayıtlar başladı / açılmış – Registration is open
  • Kayıt ol – Register
  • Koşu – Run
  • Maraton / Yarı Maraton – Marathon / Half marathon
  • Parkur – Race routes / distances
  • Yarış – Race
  • Yarış bilgileri / Bilgiler – Race information

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