Fethiye Harbour Development Projects – The Story Goes On

There are two reasons for this blog post: the first reason is that a reader asked for an update – and we’re only too happy to oblige – and the second reason is, well, things are just moving so quickly that another update was necessary. We’re talking about Fethiye harbour, of course.

We love to follow and photograph construction projects in Fethiye (as you’ve no doubt guessed from previous blog posts) but we’re also aware that not everyone shares our passion so we’ll make this our last construction post for a while – unless anything super exciting takes place and then we’ll be back to tell all! We just can’t help ourselves.

Around Uğur Mumcu Park

Previously, we’ve written about the new Fethiye town square, complete with newly designed Atatürk statue and colourful fountains of Uğur Mumcu Park. The park also has seating areas and small kiosks dotted about the area, but until recently, none of these had opened.

Fethiye Harbour Kiosks

There’s a number of kiosks around the park

That’s all started to change and the park is really starting to settle into its new skin now. Most of the kiosks are open for business, selling tost (toasties), freshly-squeezed fruit juices, simit and soft drinks. Some have small seating areas, but there are also many areas to sit around the park, too. It looks as though the idea was to make the whole area into a useful space for people, so let’s see how it all works out.

Pelican Cafe, Fethiye Harbour

The new Pelican Cafe

If you know Fethiye, you’ll know that the wooden Pelican Cafe was knocked down to make way for all things new. Well, this has been rebuilt in the same style as all the kiosks and has recently reopened under the same name with the same owner. As you can see in the photo, it looks to be a welcome return to the Fethiye eating and drinking scene.

That’s the top end of Fethiye harbour done and dusted, then. Let’s move on a few kilometres further towards Çalış and to the long awaited phase 3 project.

Fethiye Harbour Phase 3

Three weeks ago, we posted photos of the latest developments and despite a lot of stormy, wet weather, work continues at pace.

Fethiye Running Track

We’re big fans of lines

Last week saw the laying of hundreds of metres of red pavement edging in three lines. The outer section, nearest to the road, is for the new pavement, while the section to the left is for the continuation of the running track. Metal frames were laid all along the track…

Fethiye To Çalış Running Track

Laying the pavement and the running track

And then over the last few days, the track has been concreted and smoothed and the paving stones have been laid. Apart from the smaller paving stones for the edges, this is already finished…and a dog has walked through quite a long section of the concrete, evidently while it was still very wet because his paw prints are a couple of inches deep!

New Marina Fethiye

A lot of changes along Fethiye harbour over the last decade

But this is the bit that really surprised us yesterday. If you look back to our last post about Phase 3, you’ll see diggers starting to make a ditch to join the sea to the new little marina in the Akarca area.

Yesterday, the workmen were on lunch break so we took the opportunity to see if we could get closer to have a look what’s going on with the ‘ditch’. Wow! It appears you can’t just dig through the road to let the sea through. This is a huge project and we still can’t really work out what the intended final outcome is.

New Fishing Boat Harbour, Çalış

Is the new marina bigger than we thought?

Just look at the size of this – you can see the walls of the marina towards the top left of this photo. We clambered over piles of soil, rubble and concrete to look at it all from this angle and we’re stumped.

  • Is the marina going to be bigger than the walls that are already there? 
  • Is there going to be a bridge for pedestrians to cross and continue to Çalış? 
  • Is there going to be a bridge for traffic or will it be diverted away, along the marina and to the main road? 
  • And, if there is going to be a bridge, it needs to be high because the boats need to get underneath it to reach the marina.

All questions that will be answered in good time. For now though, understandably, this marks the end of the road for pedestrians and traffic and developments. The rest of the coast road resembles a black, lumpy lunarscape and we did try, but we couldn’t pass through. If you want to get to Çalış, it’s time to hit the main road…and as we said at the beginning of this post, if anything super exciting happens and any of our musings are answered, we’ll let you know…

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  1. i love following this. please keep us posted. i can’t wait to figure out what they are doing!

  2. I agree with Jaz, keep us posted, please dont give it up it is fun to see how fast those turkish men are working compare with Montreal’s construction.

  3. Interesting to see what will happen! I see construction projects/demolitions all the time here and I wonder what’s going on. 🙂

  4. I love the idea of a running along the sea front.

  5. @ Jaz: We’ll definitely be doing a post on Fethiye harbour again as soon as we know what’s going on. 🙂

    @ Suzanne: The workmen are working so fast and to be honest, there aren’t that many of them. 🙂

  6. @ Joy: It’s an intriguing one. Was only supposed to be a small marina but it’s looking bigger to us.

    @ BacktoBodrum: It is lovely, especially when you run early in the morning and you can see all of Fethiye reflecting in the sea.

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