It’s Spring! Everything and Everyone is Waking up in Fethiye

As our little Fethiye weather gadget clambers its way up to 20 degrees (yeahy), so everyone and everything seems to be coming to life in Fethiye. There’s something about pleasant weather that makes you want to do stuff and get ready for the summer. We used to get this feeling back in Blighty too but then summer never seemed to arrive after that initial burst of good weather that brought so much hope. At least we know summer comes in Fethiye.

Fethiye Turkey flowers

Our Fethiye springtime garden

So, we’ve woken up and are ready for action. Last Spring we talked all the time about getting some plants and herbs and never got round to it. Before we knew it, it was Autumn and too late – so this year, we’ve set about Spring with a vengeance.

Well, we’ve made an effort to get some ‘colour’ to brighten the front of the house up. Granted, we’re no Alan Titchmarsh but at least there is evidence of our efforts and, for the moment anyway, the flowers (we only know pansies – any gardening enthusiasts out there got any idea what we’ve planted?) seem to be settling into their new homes quite well.

Turkey bougainvillea

Our first bougainvillea bracts of spring

Our bougainvillea has woken up and is ready for action. This poor bougainvillea plant gets some beautiful cerise bracts on it in spring despite our treatment of it. Once they go, it never flowers again. We must be the only people in Turkey who can’t get their bougainvillea to flower. It’s everywhere in Fethiye but we don’t think our balcony gets enough sun for it. We’ll make the most of what we get from it in the next couple of months and then we’ll just have to pretend we’re admiring the foliage.

Fethiye’s Paspatur is getting ready for action

And the biggest sign of all that everything and everyone is waking up in Fethiye and is ready for action is that Paspatur (the old town) is dusting itself down, and the shops are opening up. Paspatur is one of our our favourite places in Fethiye and many a summer’s day is spent there, idling away the hours in the cooling shade around Deep Blue Bar.

Of course, this cool shade means winter in Paspatur is cold and poor lighting at night makes it look drab, so it’s always an uplifting happy feeling to see all the vines giving dappled shade and the shops opening up and tables and chairs being put outside the restaurants instead of tucked up inside and people reappearing who you haven’t seen all winter.

Oooh, it’s all exciting. Hammers, saws, sanding machines can be heard around Paspatur and along the harbour on the 12 Island and Göcek daytrip boats and I reckon in the next couple of weeks, we can safely say the season is here.

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  1. When we lived in Florida for a time I totally forgot about the difference in regions when it came to planting. It is actually on the back of the seed paks which I didn’t care to look at and went ahead with my regular BC planting.
    I was really pleased that my cilantro actually grew whereas in BC not alot of luck.
    Right now my lavender is looking quite forlorn.
    On the other hand, it was great to pick fresh avocados from my friends tree.
    I love the pic that has the pansies in the garden. Here, that is like the first sign of Spring coming.

  2. We arrive on Monday night for an unexpected three nights to check out our apartment, pay bills etc. (Really, it’s just an excuse to escape the kids for a few days!) Can’t wait to see everything beginning to come to life. Our first main holiday is the end of May, for the carnival, and by then, the holiday season will be in full swing! I can’t wait ………


  3. I’m not 100% sure but I think the blue flowered plant at the back is a type of Cineraria. The white flowers look a bit like Candytuft and the variegated foliage plant looks like Coleus. The other little reddish leaf plant is a begonia and that has pink, red or white flowers. Should look really pretty.

  4. Ohh, wow. Thank you ‘anonymous’. I know nothing about plants so I don;t even know where to start in looking them up on the internet. I’ll have a look at the ones you said later on.

    Celeste, I just look to see what’s in other people’s gardens. If plants are doing well there, hopefully they’ll grown in ours.

    Jules, the weather’s really pleasant at the moment. Hope it stays like this for when you get here.

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