Some Fethiye News – McDonald’s Is Coming

Oh, how exciting. We feel like Fethiye news reporters who got the scoop! This is the first time we’ve felt the need to do two posts in one day. If you remember a while back, we wrote a post on a Fethiye rumour that this building was going to be a McDonald’s. Well, we’ve just got back from Fethiye and as we were walking down the harbour, look what we saw. Looks like that’s a definite then. A great big, whopping McDonald’s in Fethiye! Enjoy your burgers those of you who go there. We’re kebab and köfte people.

Fethiye McDonalds Turkey

Wonder when McDonald’s will open…

We might as well also tell you that the windy weather we wrote about this morning has now turned to bordering on hot sunshine and all is very still. We’re still not going for a run though. We also notices a few tourists in shorts wandering around town (has Easter started for some schools?). Okay, we’re off to sit on the balcony and enjoy the sunshine!

Fethiye McDonald’s Update 26/04/10
Fethiye McDonald’s Update 21/05/10

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  1. Great, just what the world needs, another McDonald’s. Sigh.

  2. Give me Turkish kebab any day but having said that, I recall a time when I was happy to see a Kentucky chicken place in Pakistan.
    Surprised even more when I got to choose rice as a side instead of fries. Still, not the most healthy choice of dinner.

  3. These things are always a bit double-edged aren’t they? Maybe you could persuade McD’s to offer kebabs. To a certain extent, they incorporate local food in their menu, I’ve noticed.. so here’s to an Anglo-Turkish hamburbab 🙂

  4. My friends here think it’s great for Fethiye – puts it on the Turkey map. And I’m sure it’ll be packed every day – just not with us. No big principles about it or anything, I just think it’s pointless paying for rubbish food.

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