The Continuing Fethiye Puzzle

Curiouser and curiouser. You may remember that I wrote about a couple of pontoons being lowered into Fethiye bay a few days ago. We lost track of where the little motorboat was pulling them to so we’ve got no idea of their destination.

Then, a couple of days ago, this vessel (we have to say vessel because we’ve got absolutely no idea what it is? Any ideas anyone?) arrived in the harbour and has since moored itself against the little fishing boat area just where the new Fethiye harbour road ends. Is this connected to the pontoons, the harbour or just none of the above? On the same day, another lorry chugged slowly past our house with another pontoon on its trailer. It stopped a little further down, lowered the pontoon into the water and again, a little motor boat started to pull it out to sea.

Fethiye harbour extension Turkey

A strange contraption in Fethiye

But, the motor boat then did a left and dragged the pontoon across the bay and up towards Fethiye boatyard and the Mediteran Hotel. We’re going to have to go and explore that one because we don’t know if the other two are there as well. And if all three pontoons are there, why put them into the water at this end of the bay? Why not at the boatyard where huge gülets are lowered into the water all the time? As we said, curiouser and curiouser.

Well, you might have noticed that at the moment, I’m failing miserably in my attempts to do a post a day. May was always going to be a toughie as we have friends out throughout this month. We’ve got a friend arriving tomorrow night / early hours of Sunday morning as well. She was worried about the weather after the rainstorm on Tuesday but it’s all gone back to its May loveliness now. Breezy and sunny – good sunbathing weather.

Also speaking of friends, a couple of friends who are out at the moment texted us yesterday to say they were in town and the McDonald’s banner is there! So that’s us off into Fethiye a bit later on to have a see for ourselves. We’re assuming it’s the building next to the Tuesday market.

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  1. Looks like a jack-up drilling barge. Used for sinking pilings for bridges, pontoons, quays etc. You moor up, lower the four legs until they’re on the sea bed and the platform has risen out of the water, then drill down through a hole in the centre of the deck. Then you put your concrete/steel pillars into the hole.

  2. Thanks for the info Tony – sounds like you know your drilling barges. It’s disappeared again for the moment. 🙂

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