Aksazlar Koyu – Fethiye Photo & An Update

This photo was taken at Aksazlar Koyu a couple of weeks ago and it just sums up the Fethiye weather over the last three weeks, really. Beautiful, clear, sunny mornings and then a heavy, humid cloud engulfs us after lunch. We even had rain yesterday. All very odd for June but things might be looking up. It’s 14:30 and the sun is still proudly strutting its stuff. Is this it now? Has summer come?

Aksazlar Fethiye

A Misty Fethiye From Aksazlar Beach

We’re just about to go out and about to see if anyone is getting into the World Cup spirit in the Fethiye area. We’ll go for a walk along Çalış Beach and then get the dolmuş into Fethiye ready for watching the England v USA match at Deep Blue Bar later on. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that we’re anything but fans of football…but we love the World Cup and European Cup so we’re both excited about the England game tonight. Such a shame Turkey didn’t make it. They were great to watch in the last European Cup.

After yesterday’s post about the humble simit, we fast came to the conclusion that we are not getting the full potential from this little ring of bread. Barry asked people on Twitter and I put it on the Facebook page. It appears people living in other areas of Turkey (mainly in the Istanbul region) adore their simits and Turks living outside of Turkey pine for a simit. Fresh and warm, straight from the oven, topped with cream cheese is how one woman regularly buys hers from her local simitçi in Çanakkale.

Right then, what’s going on in Fethiye? Why don’t we get that? Hmm, I’m almost glad we don’t though or else the waistline would be expanding at an alarming rate. I suspect. As I mentioned yesterday, we could buy them from the simitçi when we’re in Fethiye and take them home to add butter and jam, or we could warm them up and have a cream cheese simit – but that would be a slippery slope.

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