Fethiye Beaches: Aksazlar Bay

Whenever people come to Fethiye for a holiday, the general assumption is that if a day at the beach is in order, they must either head across to Çalış Beach or jump on the dolmuş to be taken over the hill to Ölüdeniz. The local bays are often overlooked, and that’s a shame because they each have a beauty of their own.

We’re not the type of people to idle away hours on end by remaining horizontal under the blazing sun but, occasionally, we do hit the beach for an hour or so – and last week was one of those occasions. We decided to go to Aksazlar Koyu (Aksazlar Bay); a perfect angle from which to enjoy the Fethiye scenery while sipping an ice-cold Efes. And ‘bay’ is a more accurate description. When we say ‘beach’, we mean ‘shingle seashore’.

Aksazlar Beach, Fethiye

View of Fethiye from Aksazlar Koyu

Aksazlar Koyu is roughly one kilometre away from Marina Vista Hotel, further along the peninsula road and we’ve never seen it crowded, hence the reason why we like to sit here – but we don’t lie on the beach. As you can see in the photo, there are sunbeds, and you can also lounge around, Ottoman-style, in the shade of a köşk, but we forgo all of that and sit under the pine trees.

Garden Area, Aksazlar Beach, Fethiye

Hammocks and garden seating at Aksazlar Koyu

There’s something really relaxing about sitting in the shade of the encroaching pine forest, watching the yachts come and go in the distance. This bay has always been here – in many years gone by, we used to come here to with friends for Sunday afternoon winter barbecues – but it’s only around five or six years ago that it was made into a business.

Aksazlar Bay, Fethiye

Lots of natural shade at Aksazlar Koyu

Aksazlar Koyu isn’t for everyone. For example, if you’re coming here to enjoy a swim in the clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, then you’re going to be disappointed. People do take a swim here – the water is calm and shallow – but we’re very close to the boatyard and we’re in Fethiye harbour. The water’s murky. Take a look and decide for yourself before diving in.

BUT, the less than ideal swimming conditions are of benefit to people like us who just want to sit in a peaceful bay. The sea-swimming masses tend to give Aksazlar a miss and that means we get to come here to chill out in relative seclusion for a couple of hours. And if you come here and start to feel too lazy to move…

Campsite At Aksazlar Beach, Fethiye

Camping at Aksazlar

…you could always hire a tent and stay overnight. The tents are set in the forest clearing behind the restaurant and waking early to the cries of the cicada and to views along the Karagözler – well we’ve done that in the past, in our own tent, and, if you like camping, we can highly recommend it.

Aksazlar Koyu, Fethiye: Useful Info

  • Aksazlar is just off Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi, between Marina Vista Hotel and the lovely Club Letoonia Fethiye.
  • There is a fee for those wishing to use sunbeds or a köşk.
  • We’ve never eaten here but the menu has a good choice and meals are reasonably priced.
  • To get to Aksazlar Koyu, take the orange-fronted Taşyaka-Karagözler dolmuş. Tell the driver you are going to Aksazlar and he will take you all the way down to the bay. 2012 price is 2.50 TL (around 90 pence). These are every 15 minutes, each way.
  • If you want to stay overnight, you can hire a tent for 50 TL. If you have your own tent, then camping fees are 30 TL per night. There are toilets and showers.
  • ***Update 2017*** Aksazlar has had a facelift and is now branded as Leb-i Derya Aksazlar

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  1. . . if I ever come to Fethiye for a holiday I’ll have to remember this bay – my sort of place 🙂

  2. Your post came as a feast to my eyes, as we are washed down with rain in England at the moment – such wonderful beaches, thanks for sharing;)

  3. Great place….I wish more places like this offered tents to rent. We used to go camping on the East Coast, but left our supplies behind at home. I didn’t think I would be able to camp here in Turkey. How wrong I was! 😉

  4. @ Alan: Aksazlar probably is your sort of place as it’s very quiet. The front area is a bit developed but the beanbags and the campsite are lovely.

    @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: We keep hearing about all the rain in England. Surely it can’t last for much longer? Fell guilty enjoying all this Turkish sunshine. 🙂

    • No its not – its the noisiest beach in the area

      • Hi K Blair. Thanks a lot for your comment. We display the date on all our posts for the benefit of our readers. If you look at the post date and the date of the comments, you will see this post was written about Aksazlar Bay 5 years ago in 2012. Things change. We intend to update our Aksazlar post very soon as we know management of the bay has changed. We only write about our own personal experiences on this blog so we won’t update until we visit again. For good or bad, a few of the beaches around here now have DJs and live gigs.

  5. @ Joy: We love camping in Turkey but we’ve only done it a couple of times. Once here at Aksazlar and the other time, we rented a tent like the ones above when we were in Akyaka because we didn’t want to go home. 🙂

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