15 Fantastic Reasons To Support Fethiyespor

The following is a collaboration between ourselves and some of the Fethiyespor supporters who are behind the blog Fethiyespor 1933. They’re a dedicated bunch (okay, they live and breathe Fethiyespor) and they’re currently on a mission to recruit more supporters for the team, including those of the foreign variety. That’ll be us then – and that’s where we come in.

You see, these people have successfully brainwashed recruited us and convinced us that going to Fethiyespor matches is actually a worthwhile pastime, and now, we’re all hoping to convince you of the same thing. How? Well, for starters, let’s give you 15 fantastic reasons to support Fethiyespor. Some are more convincing than others, but humour us on this one; it’s taken a while to put together…Oh, and these are in no particular order.

15 Fantastic Reasons To Give Your Support To Fethiyespor

Fethiyespor 1933

Fethiyespor 1933 Facebook profile pic

1. Fethiyespor social media is enough to convince anyone

Well, it convinced us anyway. We Liked the Fethiyespor 1933 Facebook page some time ago, mainly out of a sense of duty; a well-we-live-in-Fethiye-so-we-guess-we-ought-to-like-a-Fethiyespor-Facebook-page-even-though-we-don’t-like-football kind of duty. We didn’t know at the time, but we chose this particular one; a page by supporters for supporters. Any page fast heading towards 28,000 likes (at the time of writing) and lots of interaction can’t be doing too much wrong. As well as Facebook, you can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

2. Because Fethiyespor have been promoted to PTT 1. Lig

Errrm yes. This is pretty huge for Fethiyespor and Fethiye. Unchartered territory. Much joy and celebration at the end of last season as Fethiyespor won the playoffs in Konya and gained promotion. They’re an ambitious club but have some big teams to play this season. Fethiyespor really could do with as much support as possible. Go along and give ’em a lift. (PTT 1. Lig is the equivalent of the Npower Football League Championship in England & Wales.)

3. Because watching Fethiyespor won’t break the bank

Entrance fees to Fethiyespor’s home league games for the 2013-14 season are 5 TL, 10 TL and 20 TL depending on where you sit. You’d struggle to get a decent coffee and you certainly won’t get a beer along Fethiye harbour for 5 TL. 90 minutes of football (and crowd) entertainment awaits you for that price.

Fethiyespor Team Bus

The Fethiyespor team bus – added to this post just because we love it!

4. Because these particular supporters (Fethiyespor 1933) have this to say…

This is your home team! Your home team, Fethiyespor, is going to play on the League 1 this season and we are expecting to have games against high class football teams. After renovation work, we will have side stands that are going to be covered against sun and rain which will give better environment to watch football.
Season tickets are now on general sale: Maraton Stand: 150 TL Main Stand: 300 TL VIP A: 1,500 TL VIP B: 1,000 TL
Season tickets can be purchased from the Fethiyespor office suite, next to the stadium.
Meanwhile, our new jersey for upcoming season is going to be on sale in Fethiyespor stand which will be opened in August. We would like your support and want to see you at our games.

Fethiyespor Stadium, Fethiye, Turkey

The main stand at the Fethiyespor stadium – football with scenery

5. And Fethiyespor 1933 say this…

Yaşadığımız şehrin halkı ve takımıyla bütünleşmek için. Because we will be connected with those who live in the same town as us through the team. (Well, we are all there for the same reason, after all)

6. And this…

Kendimizi buraya ait hissettiğimiz için. Because we can strengthen our bonds with where we live. (As two people who aren’t/weren’t too fussed about football, this was one of the reasons why we’ve always thought about going along to a match. It’s just another way for us to be a part of Fethiye.)

7. And this…

Yeni insanlarla tanışmak için. You can go along to watch Fethiyespor and meet new people at the same time. (Well, at least you’ll know you’ve got something in common with those new people.)

8. And this…

Binlerce Fethiyeli ile birlikte hakeme, ‘Voynnnn,’ diye bağırmak için. To be able to shout, ‘Voynnnn’ at the referee with thousands of other people. (Ahh, where to start with ‘voyn’. That’s another blog post in itself. Needless to say, if you’re at all familiar with the word ‘voyn’ then you already have some sort of connection with Fethiye, anyway.)

9. Because you can get a mean köfte ekmek at Fethiyespor

Yes, let’s get back to one of our favourite topics: Turkish food. We do have a bit of a köfte obsession on this blog and we’re happy to report that the köfte ekmek at the Fethiyespor stadium more than meets expectations.

Köfte Ekmek Half Bread

Wait with anticipation as those meatballs are placed between the bread

From a tiny kiosk in the corner of the stadium, homemade köfte is placed between fresh bread along with tomato, onion and lettuce. It’s a conveyor belt of food loveliness and, last season, 5 TL bought you one of these with an ayran thrown in for good measure.

10. Because, if you’re in Fethiye on holiday, it’s an alternative day out

Well, it’s a thought isn’t it? If you’ve been coming to this area of Turkey for a while, it’s likely you’ve worked your way through all the more typical Fethiye must sees and dos. If Fethiyespor are playing at home while you’re here, why not go along to the game? If the weather’s not good enough for a day round the pool, it’s a perfect alternative – especially if you’ve got bored kids on your hands.

11. Because it’s an aspect of ‘slow travel.’

We’re going to be writing more about Responsible Tourism and ‘slow travel’ in the future but, for now, this reason ties in nicely with Fethiyespor 1933’s reasons 5 and 6 and our reason 10. It’s the way we’ve always travelled and these days it has a name. Slow travel advocates a stronger engagement with local communities and taking part in local life…why not join a few thousand Fethiyespor fans at the local stadium, then, and support the local team?

Anıtkabir, Ankara, Turkey

Football tourism – go to the Ankaraspor game and visit Anıtkabir, too

12. Because you can travel Turkey

Okay, let’s just say you live in Turkey, you get really into this football thing and you become a dedicated Fethiyespor supporter. So much so that you want to go to all the away games, too. There are teams in PTT 1. Lig where you could go to the match, find somewhere to stay and make a weekend of it. Ankaraspor, Gaziantep BBS and Şanlıurfaspor are just three that jump out right now.

13. Because it’s good fun

Let us take you back to the Fethiyespor stadium now. We’ve already done a blog post about our experience at our first Fethiyespor match. If football’s not your thing, sit back and watch the crowd. This is a lesson in Turkish football culture and it makes for fascinating viewing – you’ll probably end up taking part and you might just get into the football, too. It’s also a fun way to extend your Turkish vocabulary – that of the footballing variety.

Fethiyespor store Fethiye

The new Fethiyespor store

14. Because they’ve got a shiny, new Fethiyespor store

Well, we guess you can’t get promotion to PTT 1. Lig and not have a Fethiyespor store to go with it. So the town now has a new addition where you can go and buy all your souvenir goodies. We’ve had a quick look and there’s everything you’d expect. If you’ve got friends who are sick of you going home with boxes of Turkish Delight and fridge magnets, you could always surprise them with a Fethiyespor hat, scarf, mug, even a shirt…depending on how generous you are. Oh, you could treat yourself, too, in the process. You might as well look the part if you’re going to the matches.

15. Convinced? You can buy a season ticket if you want

A season ticket means you don’t need to queue to get into the matches. With the cheapest one starting at 150 TL, they’re worth considering. See Reason 4 for other prices and where to buy them from.

Fethiyespor – Further Info

  • Fethiyespor’s stadium is next to the site of the Tuesday market in the centre of town (you can see the floodlights on the skyline). It’s marked on our map of Fethiye.
  • The new Fethiyespor store is by the entrance to the car park on Atatürk Caddesi, opposite YapıKredi Bank.
  • If you’d like to go to a game, check out the Fethiyespor Fixture List For This Season.

(Thanks to Fethiyespor 1933 for photos 1, 2 & 6)

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  1. I now feel obliged to become a supporter of Bodrum Spor! As their football pitch is a 1 minute walk from my winter house I really have no excuse. I can watch a quarter of the game from my roof. I suppose I better start reading up on the offside rule.

  2. @ BacktoBodrum: Yeah, we should have said this could be applied to other local teams, too. Hmmm, that old offside rule – that one that eludes the female brain. I reckon no one knows really. 😉 Hope you manage to get to a Bodrumspor game when the season starts. 🙂

  3. onur yılmaz says

    Next year Fethiyespor will be a champion and we ll be supporters of a champion team.

  4. Lionel jones says

    On hoilday end of Sept into October really looking forward to watching a game is there a meeting place before the game .

    • Hi Lionel,

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Hope you get to Fethiyespor match while you’re here. 🙂 Some people meet up before the match, yes. There’s usually a gathering at the little bar opposite the stadium and some people also meet up in Cafe Park Teras, opposite McDonald’s, too.

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