Turkish Beer: Efes Pilsen

Picture the scene. You’re lazing on a sun lounger along Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz. It’s the height of summer with temperatures heading towards 100 degrees and the sun’s intense heat reflects off the pebbles on the beach. Perspiration and spray from the crashing waves leaves your lips dry and salty.

There’s only one thing for it…

Turkish Efes Pilsen

An ice cold glass of Efes

Time to heave yourself from your sun lounger, drag your body up the beach and find a shaded bar where you can order a large, refreshing Efes Pilsen – served in a frozen glass.

Well, at least that’s what we do anyway. Every summer, we make pathetic attempts at lying in the sun with our friends and we last about 20 minutes. It’s hot and it’s boring. So, if you’re like us and find yourself on a scorching beach in Turkey and it all just gets a bit too much, go and treat yourself to a thirst quenching, frozen glass of Turkey’s most famous beer; Efes Pilsen.

Okay, after the first couple of sips, the glass is no longer frozen and it looks like any other glass of beer but you’ve got to admit, for that first minute or so while the beer froths in the ice, it looks like the beer of your dreams.

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  1. I love Efes…you have to see/try their dark beer too!

  2. Rosie Bryant-Moore says

    Ooooohh yes! Occasionally I have to steel myself and go into a branch of Wetherspoons (hateful place) as it’s the only place I know that sells it in the UK, and you can’t buy it in the shops 🙁

  3. Muza-chan says

    Great picture! Looks very refreshing… 🙂

  4. I’ve tried Efes pilsen in Turkey. Mmm…

  5. Twenty minutes in the sun is about all I can take too. Never tried that beer- and admit to preferring a lime in my beer – Mexican style.

  6. @ Peter: Some of our friends prefer the Efes Dark because it’s not as gassy.

    @ Rosie: Ha ha. We used to go to Wetherspoons in Manchester just to drink it, too. It was cheaper than some of the bars in Turkey. 🙂

    @ Muza-Chan: VERY refreshing. 🙂

    @ [email protected] Lovely isn’t it.

  7. Anonymous says

    That 1st glass at the bar after arriving at the hotel is sheer heaven but every Efes after leaves me craving for a proper pint of real ale.

  8. yum! perfect for a HOT summer day!

  9. @ Anonymous: Yep,we have a lot of friends who end up craving a pint of bitter. I was always a lager drinker anyway so I don’t miss the ales.

    @ Wandering Educators: Definitely. And we’ve got a lot of hot summer’s days now. 🙂

  10. Just love a cold efes in Turkey!!!

  11. A great summer reliever!

  12. @ Paul: Can’t beat it can you? 🙂

    @ Belinda: Most definitely.

  13. fatoshilla says

    you know what? the way you described it made me feel the heat, salt and want a beer right now. cheers!xx

  14. ah, the good ol’ days…laying on the beach in TR with an Efes in hand. All of your posts make me miss Turkey 58490584309 times more!!

  15. @ Fatoş: Şerefe. We’ll have to meet for one of those cold beers soon. 🙂

  16. Between your photo of beer and Nancie’s photo of coffee, I’m getting thirsty! 🙂

  17. @ Deniz: Awww, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Hope you can find an Efes where you are. 🙂

    @ Michael: Hmm, I know which one I’m more thirsty for! 🙂

  18. Ah, bring back memories. I would have to give the lying in the sun part a go though.

  19. Great post for a hot summer day, at least where I live!

  20. @ Jennifer: We keep trying. We just get a bit fidgety and bored. 🙂

    @ Evan: Yeah, you can’t beat an ice-cold beer in the sun, can you?

  21. Efes is to blame for all the pounds I am piling on my hips!! Great photo.

  22. @ Natalie: Same here! Trying to cut it down a bit but it’s a bit difficult when all your mates are out from the UK. It’s a boozey fest. 🙂

  23. Surely this post is a tease! 😉 Would love to clink glasses with you both one day!

  24. @ Corinne: We wouldn’t do that! 🙂 Yes, we’re professional glass clinkers though – would be great to drink a beer together. If we win the lottery, we’ll be straight to Sydney for the Ashes Boxing Day Test Match…

  25. Nothing like a pint of beer to get people talking. 24 posts thats a record!!

  26. @ MBS01: We all love a beer. Not a record yet for comments. We have a ‘Most Commented’ widget on the left hand side of the blog. 44 comments is the record. Think it’ll be a while before we beat that one. 🙂

  27. Christy @ Technosyncratic says

    I don’t even like beer, and that still looks delicious! There’s just something so perfect about a drink being served in an ice-cold glass on a hot day… 🙂

  28. Yum yum yum. You guys keep whetting my appetite for my upcoming trip to Turkey [g]

  29. @ Christy: There most certainly is. 🙂

    @ Deniz: Good, good. When are you coming to Turkey? Where are you staying?

  30. In August, in Kusadasi – and Istanbul (with family). Getting excited 🙂 It’s been three years since my last visit, six years since I visited in the summertime and already eight years (!!) since the time we lived there…

  31. @ Deniz: Yeahy!! Have a great time. Wow, that’s a long time since you were in Turkey. It’ll all be fab! 🙂

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