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Kaş: How We Came To Stay Overnight In A Seafront Boutique Hotel

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And so it came to pass that Barry and Julia found themselves with the opportunity to stay in a seafront room of Gardenia Boutique Hotel in Kaş.

We do love Kaş!

But you know us; we’ll grab a hostel or pension wherever we go. As long as it’s got a clean bed to sleep in, we’re happy.

So how did this situation come about?

A ridiculously kind gift from someone we have never even met is how it came about. Once again, this blog and the lovely people we come into contact with as a result of it has just blown us away!

A reader had sent us a couple of private messages on our Facebook page about their upcoming tour of Turkey.

A couple of replies back and forth and we never thought any more about it. And then one day she sent us a sad message to say they’d had to cancel the trip.

Outside Gardenia Boutique Hotel in Kaş.
Gardenia Boutique Hotel, Kaş

They’d cancelled all their previously booked accommodation – but one hotel, the Gardenia Boutique Hotel in Kaş, has a no refund policy on deposits.

“Well can I change the names on the booking,” our reader asked the hotel. They very kindly agreed to this…and then our reader messaged us and said she wanted us to take their place!!

“What? Wow, thanks…” and whatever other thank yous we wrote.

Complete shock…and so it came to pass that on Tuesday, Barry and Julia found themselves staying overnight in a boutique hotel in Kaş…

Gardenia Boutique Hotel, Kaş

Sea and island views through balcony windows.
View through our window

We were shown to our room – a room with a view, we think you’ll agree. That’s the Greek island of Meis you can see on the horizon there.

Quite what the hotel staff thought of us with our trainers and little rucksack, we’re not sure, but who cares?

I’m sure they spotted the big grins on our faces, too, when we saw the view.

Here was a couple, easily pleased at the best of times, faced with some of their favourite Kaş views.

Meis Island viewed from Kaş. The sea in front is very calm and it looks like the sun hasn't long been up.
Early morning view of Meis

An early morning wake up and I couldn’t resist clambering out of the huge bed, comfortable as it was, to take a peek through the curtains at the view.

The sun was just rising and highlighting Meis in the distance. The type of morning view that reminds you life is good!

Looking out to calm sea with trees in the foreground.
Kaş Views From Our Balcony

A look to my left from the balcony and equally breathe-it-all-in views.

I took far too many photos, as usual, and some will have to be deleted but you can understand why.

These views of Kaş are the avid photo-snapper’s dream! Breakfast time, and we’d already had a sneak peek the day before at the breakfast area.

We were looking forward to this one.

A Turkish Breakfast plate of white cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and bread.
Just a small selection of the breakfast offerings

The Turkish Breakfast was a self service buffet.

Five different cheeses, three cold meats, olives, tomatoes, eggs…and then there was a whole range of cereals, jams, fresh fruits, fruit juices, teas of various flavours and coffee.

We took what we wanted and went to sit down to eat. We ate here…

The Breakfast Terrace of Gardenia Hotel, in Kaş. Again, the island of Meis is visible on the horizon above the sea.
View of Meis from the breakfast terrace

After a cold snap in Fethiye, we had arrived to a hot and sunny Kaş and breakfast time temperatures were perfect.

And we needed to make the most of our last hour or so at this hotel…we just had to get a brew and sit in those two chairs for a while, admiring the view!

So once again, a huge thank you to the reader who made this possible. We definitely made the most of it!

And we were feeling very chilled in Kaş; so chilled that, on a whim, we decided to stay on for another night.

No, no, not in a boutique hotel. It was back to more familiar surroundings for us.

Gardenia Boutique Hotel is along the seafront road that begins as Süleyman Sandıkçı Sokak and becomes Çakıl Caddesi.

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Maureen McNeill

Friday 21st of August 2020

We visited Turkey for the first time last year in June and fell in love with it we can’t wait to return so I follow you with great interest this particular write up has been of great interest I think Kas will be our next visit thank you so much

Turkey's For Life

Saturday 22nd of August 2020

Hi Maureen. lots of people fall in love with Turkey. :) Sure you'll love Kaş if you choose to go there.

budget jan

Sunday 5th of October 2014

That view in Kas is wonderful. We loved the view we had in Fethiye of the beautiful harbour. Lucky you :)

Turkey's For Life

Monday 6th of October 2014

Kaş and Fethiye are probably our favourite places along the Mediterranean coast. Very similar vibes in certain areas. :)

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 13th of October 2013

@ April: The views over Kaş were just fab. Turkish breakfast, you can't go wrong with that really, can you? :)

@ Rambling Tart: Yes, we couldn't believe it! And Kaş is always a lovely escape. :)

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 13th of October 2013

@ BacktoBodrum: Very kind wasn't it. we couldn't believe it. :)

@ Mark: Yes! :)

Rambling Tart

Sunday 13th of October 2013

What a generous and thoughtful thing to do. :-) Your kindness in helping them out was well-rewarded. So glad you got to have such a lovely escape. :-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.