Izmir – Turkey’s Windy City

As time goes on and we look back on our few days in Izmir, many different aspects of the city are going to lodge themselves in our memories. But there is one overriding aspect that is going to be at the forefront of our minds and will come blurting out whenever someone asks us about September in Izmir. It’s breezy, it’s fresh, and after surviving a hot and sticky Fethiye summer, we’ve loved it, we’ve breathed it in.

We had little idea of what to expect before we came. Hopes that it was going to be a bit cooler than Fethiye were dashed when we looked at the weather forecast and saw higher temperatures for Izmir. But we did know that the Aegean is famous for its breezes and we knew there was a windsurfing championships taking place in Alaçatı, just down the road. Surely, there was going to be less humidity and it was going to feel cooler.

Choppy Seas At Izmir

The roughest summer seas we’ve seen in a long time

Well, we’ve covered many miles over the last few days and, when we’ve not been sampling Izmir’s street food, most of them have been either being blown along Izmir’s kordon (promenade) or beating the breeze back as we walk in the opposite direction. If you’ve been to the British seaside on a hot, sunny day, you’ll know the sort of pleasant yet strong sea breeze we mean.

Temperatures have been in the late 20s and early 30s, so you’d think these two seasoned professionals of living in a hot climate would know better. Pleasantly fresh, stiff breezes cooling your body as you walk in hot sunshine. An Aegean Sea so choppy (rough) that it regularly breaks over the harbour wall, sending refreshing salty spray into the air and over the passers-by. No one dashes for cover.

Cooling Sea Spray In Izmir

Sea spray in Izmir – so refreshing

Yes, it is indeed very pleasant and we’ve willed the waves to crash higher over the walls so we can feel the spray…except these two seasoned hot-climate-professionals have enjoyed the breezes so much, we’ve neglected – forgotten about – the suncream. We’re now pink non-professionals! I’ve even got an attractive diagonal stripe across my chest where the strap on my camera bag rests.

We’ve got lots of posts coming up in the future from our break in Izmir and hopefully, they’ll convince people to take time out to explore Turkey’s third largest city. And we’d say September is a perfect time to be there. But, should you feel compelled to visit, just remember, the moral of the story is, you might be exploring a city, you might even just be in Izmir for the shopping, and it might be fresh, pleasant and breezy…but, unless you want to resemble the stereotypical Brit abroad with skin at varying degrees of pink, don’t forget the suncream!

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  1. And don’t do what I did the other week and put on the tanning oil while on a boat trip. Could not move for about two days!! God, I love this Aegean coast weather! 😉

  2. @ Natalie: We were all Factor 30d up yesterday and we still got pink noses. Gonna miss these breezes, although they should be starting to hit Fethiye soon… 🙂

  3. Loved your post and photo’s about Izmir. My husband is from Izmir and we have a place in Alsancak in Izmir….that is where we stay when we come. It’s a beautiful city and my favourite is Konak Kemeralti for shopping…..did you go up in the cable car there to the top of the hill, really nice place to picnic in the summer, nice and breezy. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. @ Erica (Irene): Aww, we just loved Alsancak. That’s where our apartment was. Not sure about a cable car but we went to the top of two hills – once to Asansör and once to Kadifekale. We loved the breezes and Kemeraltı too. Izmir is definitely a beautiful city. 🙂

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