Climbing Kastellorizo – The Cliff Steps To The Monastery Of St. George Of Vouni

Finally! How many years have we arrived by boat from Kaş to the Greek island of Meis (Kastellorizo) and gazed across to the vertical cliff face that frames the main harbour? Narrow walled steps winding steeply right up to the top before disappearing over the summit. How long have we been saying, … [Read more...]

The Greek Island of Meis / Kastellorizo – Things To Do

Arriving by ferry to the Dodecanese Greek island of Kastellorizo - or Meis, as it's known in Turkey - just fills you with that complete happy satisfaction that not all in the world is racing along and over-developed. For the traveller craving tranquility, idylls are still very much in existence … [Read more...]

Visa Trip – Fethiye to Kaş to Meis and a Great Big THANK YOU!!!

Well, that's us back in Fethiye for at least the next three months then but we don't mind saying we've had a stressful day. All we can really say is, at least the sea was calm. Today's photo is of the Greek island of Meis (pretty isn't it?) but it's a photo from 2008, not today. Let us tell … [Read more...]

Meis Express – Kaş To Kastellorizo

A day trip to the Greek Island of Meis (Kastellorizo), whether you're on holiday in this part of Turkey or you live here, is an absolute essential as far as we're concerned. We wrote about Kaş a while back. A 20 minute sail from lovely Kaş and you're in another world. It's a tiny island, the people … [Read more...]