Seasonal Food in Turkey – Purple Carrots

Look at these. We’d decided not to write about food for a while but then I remembered last night that I took a photo of some purple carrots at Çalış market last week. I was playing around on the internet last night and for once, remembered about the purple carrots and googled them before I wrote about them.

Purple Carrots

Purple carrots for sale on Çalış Market

We’d heard that carrots were originally purple and that it was the patriotic Dutch who made them orange for the House of Orange. We decided to check up on this just to confirm and make sure it’s not urban myth. Anyway, if you type ‘purple carrots’ into Google a website comes up called It’s amazing what people are interested in isn’t it? This group of people have spent a lot of time trying to trace the history of the carrot! I actually sat and read it just because I couldn’t believe this website even existed.

It turns out there is some truth in the House of Orange story but most of it seems to be to do with the make up of soil in different parts of the world and, certainly Eastern Turkey, if not West, will have grown purple carrots in days gone by. Incidentally, purple carrots are supposed to be better for you than the orange ones. Think we may have to purchase some soon. Wonder if they taste the same as the more familiar orange carrot…

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  1. Hey. Nice coincidence. The purple carrots made it to Izmir too! And if you suck on a purple carrot stick you can get a free Goth look. Great pics.

  2. @ Nomad: We love the purple carrots and they’re supposed to be really good for you, too.

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