Fethiye Photo: A View Of Coldwater Springs From Above

Well, we’ve not had to do this for a while – you know, that one where the Friday photo becomes the Saturday photo. We have a good excuse for this week in that we were trundling up Turkey’s Aegean coast by bus yesterday, for six hours. And then when we arrived in Izmir, and had unpacked and settled, we then had to wander off to ‘get our bearings.’

Said bearings have now been got, so let’s momentarily take ourselves back to the Mediterranean coast for today’s Fethiye photo. If possible, we like to have some degree of relevance to the photos, so last week’s shot was a view of Fethiye harbour as we set off on the Göcek boat trip – we’d been on the boat trip the week before with a friend. And what about the relevance of this week’s photo…?

Coldwater Springs View On The Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz Trek

Coldwater Springs from the Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz Trek

If you’re an active user of the Turkey’s For Life Facebook page, you may have noticed, or even taken part in, our cover photo vote that took place earlier this week. There were three photos to choose from and the runaway winner (by over 100 votes!) was a shot taken from the top of the hill before the descent to Ölüdeniz on the Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz hike. It appears we all love those vivid Mediterranean blues against an emerald, pine forest backdrop.

So, today’s offering is relevant because this photo was taken on the same day, on the same trek. The only difference is that we were a little bit further down the hill, right before we caught our first glimpses of the sweeping curve of Ölüdeniz lagoon and Belcekiz Beach.

It is possible to go down to Coldwater Springs on foot from Kayaköy and we will put that on the blog one day. We just need to let the weather cool down a little before we head over there because we’ve done it in the past and it’s quite exposed (and the heat and sun haven’t agreed much with us this summer.) The water in the bay is beautifully clear and, as the name suggests, quite fresh. For now though, we’ll content ourselves with taking in the view from above. And, with our theory that views are always better from above, this is certainly not second best.

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  1. Your blog is making me want to find my sea legs again. Look at all that unspoilt coast in your picture.

  2. @ BacktoBodrum: And long may it remain like this. 🙂 We were surprised when we returned to Bodrum how many more buildings had popped up. Fethiye is similar. hope they leave these areas alone.

  3. Mediterranean blues against the verdant green works every time.

  4. @ Jack Scott: And doesn’t Turkey’s southwest coast make such a good job of it. 😉

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