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Indestructible Leather Sandals From Rhodes

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Whenever we go anywhere different, I always like to get a souvenir; a little memento of our trip.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive and in fact, most of the time, it’s just a postcard of the place.

I stick these in a journal / scrapbook with a few notes reflecting my thoughts of the place.

Yes, we have this blog now and I have my photos but I can’t bring myself to completely abandon the paper and pen method – my scrapbook is tangible. It feels real.

Rhodes Leather Sandals
Rhodes is famous for handmade leather sandals

Anyway, there were so many souvenir opportunities during our recent day trip from Fethiye to the Greek island of Rhodes, I completely forgot to buy a postcard (very annoying!).

But we did come back with some other goodies.

Walk around Rhodes Old Town and you won’t get too far before you see shops selling handmade, leather sandals.

These are traditional Rhodian shoes and, unlike a lot of tacky souvenirs you see in tourist areas, these shoes are actually quite attractive (if you like that kind of thing) and practical.

We needed new shoes for a wedding we were going to a few days later so we ventured into one of these shops.

Rows of traditional Greek handmade leather sandals hanging from a wall
The shop was crammed with leather sandals and bags

‘My twin brother and I make all these shoes ourselves. Ours are the best on the island,’ said the shop owner.

Of course they’re the best on the island – as are the shoes in the other shops that look exactly the same as your shoes.

But hey, we were in a good mood. Let’s go along with this.

We tried a couple of pairs on each while the shop owner told us all about his shoes.

These shoes will last us at least ten years. We’ve got to rub Vaseline into them on a regular basis to soften the leather.

They take a while to wear in but it’ll be worth it. Shop owner’s current pair of sandals are 8 years old and he doesn’t want to let them go. They’re so comfortable.

His son wears the style Barry is trying on. He’s had his years, too.

While we were being fed all this information about these magic sandals, I glanced down at the shop owner’s feet.

Reebok trainers!

His son then appeared and the shop owner introduced us to him – he was also wearing Reebok trainers.

‘Oh, the weather isn’t warm enough yet to wear our sandals,’ they laughed.

‘Right,’ we laughed back. And we bought some anyway.

15 Euros for a pair of leather sandals isn’t bad and they match the dress I was wearing for the wedding.

We’ll get back to you in ten years and let you know if we’ve still got our sandals!

Handmade Rhodes Leather Handbags
would you buy the bags or the shoes?

We didn’t buy a belt or a leather handbag but they were all there, filling the shop with that lovely leather smell.

In another shop, we bought an oil painting done on canvas; a painting of an area just south of Lindos.

We can’t tell you the price of that because it was a wedding present and they sometimes read this blog so they might see it.

There are loads of shops selling these oil paintings – all the same price and all very affordable.

You know us – life on a budget.

We arrived back in Fethiye at the end of the day armed with two pairs of Greek leather sandals, an oil painting and of course, the usual duty free goodies that make you very popular with your friends.

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Thursday 9th of March 2017

Ah, never mind I just read the other comments that you no longer have the email. I may dig around my receipts from my trip and see if I can find it, thanks anyway and great post!

Turkey's For Life

Monday 13th of March 2017

Thanks a lot for your comment, Natalie. the famouıs Rhodes leather sandals keep cropping back up. Might have to purchase another pair and maybe even a handbag next time we're on the island. Hope you can find your receipts. :)


Thursday 9th of March 2017

Hi! I know this was from 6 years ago so not sure if you remember, but do you know the name of this place? I was in old town Rhodes and bought sandals from a shop that looks exactly like your pictures and am really wondering if it's the same place or not. I went last summer and bought a pair of sandals and am dying for another pair! Do you remember the name or website I could order them from? Thanks so much


Friday 28th of August 2015

Hi there! Someone from the Netherlands heren also sad because of My Rhodes flipflops have been broken after 10years. Need new ones desperate, my summer this year wasn't the same..... Can I also please become the emailadress you talk about? Much gratitude!

Turkey's For Life

Saturday 29th of August 2015

Hi Tammy

Sorry to hear about your Rhodes sandals. Unfortunately, the previous comment was done in 2011 and we don't have the email address anymore. Sorry we can't be of help to you. Hope you find some more soon. :)


Saturday 22nd of August 2015

Not sure if you are still interested in sandals from Rhodes but I found your website whilst desperately trying to find a replacement pair. Today my 27 year old pair of flip flops bought in Lindos finally fell apart, I am bereft! I am hoping my local cobbler can repair them as I can't bear the thought of a summer without them. Last ten years? They should be very proud.

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 23rd of August 2015

Hi Wendy, thanks a lot for your comment.

Aww, hope your cobbler can repair your Greek sandals. Ours didn't last too long but we probably didn't look after them as well as we should have done! ;) We've not been to Rhodes for a while so definitely due a revisit, soon.

Turkey's For Life

Saturday 22nd of October 2011

@ euonymSonya: Hey, they're popular these sandals, aren't they?! :) We have a 'contact us' page (bottom of the left column). Send us a message on there and we'll send you an email address, privately. We just don't want them to get spammed (they haven't got a website) so we don't want to put it on here as we didn't ask them.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.