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Istanbul - A city of abundant UNESCO World Heritage listed sites, museums galore, ancient and medieval wonders. There are so many points of interest and attractions in every corner of the city. Overcrowded streets and waterways, neighbourhoods to be discovered, previously unknown shops, bars & nightlife, eateries specialising in foods from all over Turkey, and markets waiting for your arrival. Street food, street traders, city noise and the tranquility of parks. Istanbul is all of this and more!


Welcome to our Istanbul guide, where, post by post, we take you into aspects of our Istanbul experience. You'll have your own experience. The city is addictive - we're here at least once a year - so you can expect regular articles and reviews about Istanbul hotels, things to do and places to eat in Istanbul. If you want to drill down further to explore a particular area, our articles are divided between the European side of Istanbul and the Asian side of the city.  Scroll down to eat, drink, shop and explore...

Visiting Topkapı Palace, Istanbul

Welcome to our massive post about one of Istanbul's (and the world's) most famous landmarks; the residence of the Ottoman sultans, Topkapı Palace. We're taking you on a tour of the palace's decadent interior, intricately designed tiles and stained glass windows. We're taking a peek at harem … [Read more...]

Eminönü To Kadıköy – Europe to Asia On An Istanbul Ferry

Over the years, most of our posts about our various jaunts have covered our exploits around the European shores of Istanbul. But, Istanbul also has an Asian side - well you know it's that famous place in the world (we refuse to type out any of any of those clichés) where you can be on one continent, … [Read more...]

The Magnificent Süleymaniye Mosque In Istanbul

While we certainly haven't seen all of the prominent mosques in Turkey, Süleymaniye Camii in Istanbul is a definite favourite so far. We visited here on our first trip to Istanbul some years ago - and we've been trying to return since. In February 2010, we trouped up the hill from Sultanahmet, only … [Read more...]

Çiğ Köfte – With Meat Or Without Meat?

We're sure he won't mind us telling you this - well, we're telling you anyway, aren't we - but our lovely friend Anıl, Mr Tech Expert, foXnoMad, has a bit of a penchant for (or addiction to) çiğ köfte. He loves the stuff. In March-April of this year, he came to stay with us in Fethiye for a few … [Read more...]

Fethiye to Istanbul – A Night On A Turkish Intercity Bus

It's 8:30 pm and bus drivers, driver's mates, crew, desk staff, travellers and those who have come to wave off the travellers are milling around the various buses, lined up in Fethiye otogar. Most buses to Istanbul set off at 9 pm so tickets are being checked, bags are being loaded, cigarettes are … [Read more...]

The New Karaköy Fish Market & Seafood Dining At Akın Balık

There's a little corner of Istanbul that's very special to us. Karaköy Fish Market (Karaköy Balık Pazarı) was not just a market but also a place to go and eat; you could eat anything from üskümrü / hamsi ekmek (mackerel or anchovy sandwich) to fish soup and even a full seafood platter whilst … [Read more...]

Coupe Lunch Pub, Kadıköy – It’s A Meze Of Beers

Istanbul's Asian side is not the place that is packed with all the major sights that first or second time visitors flock to the city to see. There are loads of places of interest, of course, in Anatolian Istanbul, but perhaps not places that top your itinerary. However, once you've completely fallen … [Read more...]

Haydarpaşa Cemetery – A Piece Of Commonwealth History In Istanbul

It's the joy of cities isn't it? We'd never pretend to be experts on Istanbul but we like to think we have a rough idea of the lay of the land following our numerous visits over the years. But with cities the size of Istanbul, there's always going to be great little surprises in store. We were both … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Exploring Çukurcuma

There's always an area of any city that becomes the place to see, to be seen and to know about. While we were living in the UK in Manchester, this area was the Northern Quarter. In Istanbul, tucked away in the back streets of Beyoğlu is the old area known as Çukurcuma and, during the last couple of … [Read more...]

Ortaköy Kumpir – A Party In A Baked Potato

In this post, we want to talk about a Turkish street food favourite: Ortaköy Kumpir. Kumpir is available in many of Turkey's towns and cities but there is one little neighbourhood that is oh-so-famous for this slightly peculiar member of the Turkish street food family. First of all, let us set the … [Read more...]