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Day Trip From Fethiye – Ovacık and Hisarönü

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Hisarönü – known to our Fethiye Turkish friends as ‘The Village.’ If it’s a summer weekend and the night out in Fethiye has gone so well that nobody wants it to end, there are usually two possible suggestions: ‘Let’s go for soup,’ or, ‘Let’s go to the village.’

The villages of Ovacık and Hisarönü are at the top of the hill separating Fethiye from the beach resort of Ölüdeniz. At the moment, we have two separate sets of friends staying in Ovacık and Hisarönü and so yesterday, we had a lovely holiday day out to Hisarönü (the village) and Ovacık.

Water Park Ovacık

Fun at the water park

The afternoon was spent with friends at the water park in Ovacık. I’m not a ‘slide person’ – the thought of them makes me feel queasy.

I’ve tackled this fear head on by showing willing and getting on the slides…I career down the slide, splash into the water faster than the speed of light, plunge into the water and clamber out, shaking and feeling queasy. Sometimes you’ve just got to cut your losses and accept that some things are just not for you. Slides at water parks are not for me!

Everyone else had a fabulous time on the various slides. I contented myself with sitting with my friend in the very powerful jacuzzi and allowing my painful jogging shins to take a hydrotherapy pummeling. Something for everyone at the Ovacık water park then. We even had a few beers and a sunbathe, just to top the afternoon off.

Hisarönü is a 15 minute walk down the hill from Ovacık. We met more friends there, went for some food and then went on to our friend’s place, Q Bar.

Fire Dancer in Hisarönü

Fire dancer at Q Bar in Hisarönü

If you know Hisarönü (maybe its reputation precedes it!) and you are not into tourist entertainment, then you may well be cringing now. And we’ll admit, we are those sort of people too.

Hisarönü is just not our thing but we always go up there one evening each season to see what’s going on – and we always enjoy it for that one night out. We had our fix last night and had a great time. Neither of us has a desire to go back there at night until next season but all of this has given pause for thought, as well.

Lady Fire Dancer in Hisarönü

I like the fire swirls the camera produced

Q Bar was very busy last night; staff running about everywhere serving customers, dancing on the bar, clapping to the music, preparing cocktails, speaking perfect English, free (for customers) fire dancing entertainment going on, break dancers doing their thing afterwards, bar staff continuing the entertainment later on, bar staff checking we were okay for drinks…this bar, and probably other bars like it in Hisarönü, never stops! The people involved in any sort of tourist entertainment in Hisarönü and Ovacık never stop.

So, this is just a little ode to all those people, really. Hats off to all who work sooo hard in those resorts. It’s easy to be cynical about ‘touristy areas’ and Hisarönü is most definitely an unashamed, out and out touristy area. The entertainment it provides is never really appreciated by us because it’s not really our thing. But does that make Hisarönü a bad place? Certainly not!

Update 2014: Q Bar is no longer open but there are many more bars in the area to keep you entertained…

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Turkey's For Life

Friday 27th of August 2010

Was a lovely day Peggy, thanks.

Dokuzuncubulut, Merhaba! Our first comment in Turkish:)) Türkcemiz iyi değil ama anladım. Bu yıl, Fethiye'ye gelecek misiniz? Nerelisiniz?


Thursday 26th of August 2010

Merhaba, türkçe biliyor musunuz bilmiyorum ama, Fethiye ile ilgili çok güzel bir blog yapmışsınız...Geçen yıl hem mayıs ayında, hem de ekim ayında Fethiye'de tatil güzel bir tatil yaptım...

Thanks for the beautiful post...



Wednesday 25th of August 2010

Sounds like a fun day/night!

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