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Fethiye To Rhodes Ferry – Take A Day Trip Or Longer

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Early morning sunlight glints on the water as we queue for passport control to board the Fethiye to Rhodes ferry.

Since the 2022 summer season, thankfully, ferry services between the Turkish coast and the beautiful Greek islands once more resumed.

Fethiye Harbour
Early morning sunlight as we walk to board the Fethiye Rhodes ferry

And that meant we could once more enjoy the high-speed ferry trip to Rhodes island!

Of course, that also means you can also now enjoy a Fethiye to Rhodes day trip – and make it a longer stay, too, if you like.

The Fethiye Rhodes Ferry

Being able to buy ferry tickets and travel again between the two countries is so much appreciated.

Ideal for those who want to have a day trip in one country whilst holidaying in another. And, ideal for those who want to do onward travel, too.

The Greek island of Rhodes is a great place to visit on a day trip. We’ve done it lots of times. And we’ve stayed for a long weekend.

If you’re fancying a trip to explore a bit of Rhodes Town and the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the old city, there are different ferry companies making the trip across the water.

FeThiye Rhodes High Speed Ferry
Boarding the Fethiye Rhodes ferry

We use the Tilos Travel ferry company who operate large catamarans. They have a fast ferry service which gets you from Fethiye to Rhodes in around 1 hour 40 minutes.

Well, let’s be honest here. The ferry ride travel time is 1 hour 40 minutes. Add on an extra few minutes each side for anchoring and maneuvering!

Book Ahead

You need to think ahead slightly with your travel plans for the ferry from Fethiye to Rhodes because it needs to be booked at least a day before you go.

But that’s nothing too taxing. And it’s up to you how you do it.

  • If you’re in town, you might as well call into the office to book your tickets in person. The Tilos Travel office is close to Cafe Park Teras, just next to McDonald’s on the corner of the harbour of Cahit Gündüz Caddesi.
  • And for those of you staying in places like Ölüdeniz, Hisarönü or Çalış, you’ll see the local travel agency desks and offices advertising for the Fethiye to Rhodes ferry.
  • Of course, you can book online, too, if you prefer.

Choose Your Duration

With the Fethiye to Rhodes ferry, it’s possible to book a one way ticket if you’re doing onward travel.

If you want to stay overnight or longer and come back at a later date you need to book open return tickets.

And for the day trip from Fethiye to Rhodes, you will be given a ticket that is designated for day visits.

Sail From Fethiye Harbour

The Fethiye Rhodes ferry sails daily from Fethiye harbour in high season, so it’s really convenient.

If you booked the trip from your resort, there is sometimes a transfer included in the fee you paid, so you will be dropped off right outside the ferry port.

You’ll go through ticket and passport control and show your travel documents – don’t forget to bring your passport – as you would with any other trip between countries.

Then you amble to the catamaran, show your boarding card. And you’re on your way.

Lots Of Seating

Fethiye Rhodes Ferry Interior
The Fethiye Rhodes catamaran has lots of seating

The ferry is air conditioned and there’s lots of seating.

There’s a luggage hold area, loos and also a snack bar where you can get hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and basic confectionery.

And the good news is, because the Fethiye to Rhodes ferry is a catamaran, even if the sea is a bit choppy, it doesn’t rock nearly as much as a traditional boat.

Eventually, Rhodes castle and the medieval fortifications come into view as the ferry closes in on this very popular tourist destination.

And then, 1 hour 40 minutes – and that bit extra – after leaving Fethiye, you will be in the queue for passport control at the port of Rhodes.

This is a port used to dealing with countless cruise ship passengers. It’s quick and efficient!

Free Time To Explore For Day Trippers

Obviously, if you’ve used the Fethiye to Rhodes ferry as an onward journey or you’re staying on the island for longer before returning, you can go off on your way.

If you’ve used the ferry for the Fethiye Rhodes day trip, then you have a good few hours free time to explore before making the return journey.

Depending on the time of year, you’ll get around four and a half hours to explore the old town and beyond.

And the great thing about the tourist port where the Fethiye to Rhodes ferry docks is that it is right across the road from the medieval city walls.

Rhodes Town
The ferry port is right where you need it to be

Just follow the boardwalk along the beach, passing the dolphin statue and cross the road at the crossing.

This will take you through the entrance gate to the maze of narrow streets beyond and all that they have to offer – sights, shops, bars and restaurants.

Exolore Further Afield

And if you’ve already done this trip before, why not jump on the bus or hire a car in advance. You can then take yourself off to explore the rest of this largest of the Dodecanese islands.

In the past, we’ve used the Fethiye Rhodes day trip to explore Koskinou and Lindos. There are quite frequent bus connections to Lindos.

Just make sure you’re back on time at the ferry port for the return trip, armed with your passport and boarding pass.

Rhodes To Fethiye – The Return Journey

When you make the return journey, the catamaran leaves the port in Rhodes between 4:30pm and 5pm, depending on the time of year.

You will need to be at the port one hour before departure to give yourself time to once more go through passport control – and duty free, too, if you wish.

By the time the ferry docks back at the harbour in Fethiye and the doors are opened, it will be early evening.

Once more through passport control.

And then perfect timing to round off your day by making the short stroll to Paspatur or some of the restaurants along the harbour.

Fethiye To Rhodes Ferry – FAQs

How long does the Fethiye Rhodes ferry take?

Fethiye to Rhodes is almost 45 nautical miles.

The travel time is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes. However, you can add a few minutes either side of this for the time it takes the ferry to dock and maneuver in and out of the ports.

Depending on time of year and the ferry company you are using, the ferry leaves Fethiye between 8:30-9:00 am.

You need to be at the port 1 hour before.

Which days does the Fethiye to Rhodes ferry go?

The Fethiye to Rhodes service currently operates during the summer season, April to October, dependent on weather conditions (it is very rare that the boat doesn’t sail).

In high season, the service operates on a daily basis but the service is reduced during low season. In low season, you can check locally or online which days it is operating.

In winter 2022-23, there was also a limited winter service between the two.

How much is the ferry from Fethiye to Rhodes?

The cost of your travel will depend on the time of year and who you book your trip through.

We book direct with Tilos Travel; one of the ferry operators.

If you book in your resort through an agent, there might be a small commission but you may also get a transfer to and from the ferry port in Fethiye, too.

There are different prices for one way trips, day trips and open return trips. Children up to age 12 travel at a reduced cost, too.

The Fethiye Rhodes day trip is a simple set price (65 Euros for adults in high season 2023) with a small port tax (around 2 Euros) to pay at the Fethiye ferry port.

If you book an open return for stays of one night or longer, you will need to pay the small port tax when leaving Turkey and also when leaving Greece on your return.

Can you take a vehicle onto the Fethiye to Rhodes ferry?

No. This is a high speed catamaran for foot passengers.

You can book a bicycle onto the ferry for a fee.

Do I need a visa to do the Fethiye Rhodes trip?

Check with your relevant consulate for visa requirements for travel to Greece from your country.

Greece is in the Schengen zone so you may require a valid Schengen visa.

British passport holders don’t need a visa but as you will be entering Europe, make sure you haven’t exceeded the 90 in 180 day limit for time spent in Europe.

If you are a foreign resident living in Turkey, you will need to show your residency card, as well as your passport, at Turkish passport control on exit and entry.

Can you get a ferry from Rhodes to Fethiye?

If you are doing this trip in reverse, there is a ferry from Rhodes to Fethiye in the summer season. With this trip, you can explore all that Fethiye has to offer.

Check at the Makri Travel office on the seafront, east of the Rhodes tourist port or with agents around the town.

Can I travel to other Greek islands from Fethiye?

There is only the Fethiye Rhodes ferry. Marmaris also has a ferry service to Rhodes.

However, it is possible to visit other Greek islands from other towns along the Turkish coast.

From Kaş, you can visit tiny Meis (Kastellorizo).

There is a ferry service from Bodrum to Kos and from Turgutreis to Leros. Kalymnos and Mykonos are also available some years.

From the west coast, you can travel from Kuşadası or Seferihisar to Samos. Çeşme to Chios and Ayvalık to Lesbos is also available.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.