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Fethiye Rock Tombs

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The Lycian rock tombs in Fethiye with the tomb of Amyntas holding prime position, overlooking to town and the bay below.

Arguably Fethiye’s most famous archaeological site.

Exploring Fethiye’s Lycian Rock Tombs

Being that the Lycian rock tombs are carved into the cliff face, high above the town, the tombs are easy to spot and getting to them is easy enough.

If you don’t mind a bit of an uphill pull that is.

Climb To Amyntas Rock Tomb, Fethiye
Climbing the steps to the tomb of Amyntas

Just keep in mind the reward of the views over Fethiye once you reach the top and that should be enough to keep you going.

Fethiye Lycian Rock Tombs
Views of Fethiye open up as you ascend

Chances are, you’re going to be out of breath by the time you reach these steps that take you to the highest and most important rock tomb, the Tomb of Amyntas.

But never fear.

The Kings Garden Restaurant is right by the entrance to the tombs. And you can get a drink and a breather there before continuing.


That’s exactly what we did. But now, we have some steps to climb…

Amyntas Rock Tomb, Fethiye
The tomb of Amyntas eventually looms large

The ancient Lycians liked to live with their dead nearby.

And that means people like us benefit from relatively easy access to the tombs while enjoying panoramic views over Fethiye.

Take your time climbing the steps to make the most of the opportunities for photos.


Eventually, you will reach the Amyntas rock tomb.

Dating from the 4th Century BC, it’s typical of a Lycian tomb as it is carved into the shape of a temple portico with the entrance at the bottom right.

Not much is known about the Lycians. But we know Amyntas was important as his rock tomb is higher and larger than the others carved into the cliff.

It’s also the only tomb you can get right up to.

View Of Fethiye From Tomb Of Amyntas
And the views of Fethiye from the Amyntas rock tomb are special

The tomb itself is an impressive sight but not in fantastic condition.

This article that we read in Hürriyet heralded the use of ground breaking nanotechnology to restore Fethiye’s Telmessos Theatre and the famous Dalyan Lycian rock tombs.

The same treatment has also been assigned to the Lycian tombs of Fethiye. We’ll wait and see.

But let’s leave the politics of archaeology and restoration behind and turn our backs on the tomb of Amyntas to take in the views of Fethiye.

The Lycians obviously wanted to make sure their leader had a decent view from which to enjoy his afterlife!

Fethiye Lycian Rock Tombs
Take some time to admire the lesser known Lycian rock tombs, too

Once you’ve exhausted just about every angle and had your fill of taking photos of the views, head back down the steps and take a right, downhill towards old Fethiye.

This is where you will see the tombs of less important Lycian figures grouped together in the rock face.

Fascinating History
Get up close and personal with Lycian Turkey

Despite being smaller than the tomb of Amyntas, as an archaeological feature there’s more in this group of tombs to keep you interested.

No panoramic views for these guys though.

Their sea views were obscured long ago by the growth of Fethiye.

Fethiye Lycian Rock Tombs, Turkey
And don’t forget to look back as you leave the tombs behind

Just before you hit the buildings of the old Fethiye neighbourhood, don’t forget to turn round to get a photo of all the Lycian rock tombs in the same shot.

This angle shows how set apart the tomb of Amyntas is from the rest.

Fethiye Rock Tombs – Useful Info

  • Although all the Lycian rock tombs can be viewed from the roadside (you can see the fence lining the road in the bottom shot) there is an entrance fee for those wishing to go right up to the tomb of Amyntas. Worth it for the views.
  • The Fethiye rock tombs are easily reachable on foot. Just keep heading uphill towards them.
  • This fee is currently 3 Euros (spring 2024), payable should the warden happen to be sitting at the entrance gate. Current fees and opening times can be found on the official website.
  • As of 2024, official museum fees and those of archaeological sites are given in Euros. However, bear in mind, you will probably need to pay in Turkish Lira.
  • The Fethiye rock tombs are just one of the many things to do in Fethiye.

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Monday 26th of May 2014

Your pictures and account of the climb to the Lycian tombs are so impressive. I am going to be there end of July of this year and want to go up to the tombs. Other than being a steep climb - is it a difficult one to do in the morning hours when it's not yet too hot? Deb

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 28th of May 2014

Thank you very much Deb. An early morning stroll would be good or even sunset if you want to combine it with a meal or drink at King's Garden Restaurant just at the foot of the tombs. Either of those two times is perfect. :)

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 3rd of April 2012

@Erica (Irene): Sometimes, we overlook things that are so close to us and it's a long time since we've been right up to the rock tombs. Great to do it again.

And thank you for the lovely compliment. Brightened up the morning! :)

Erica (Irene)

Tuesday 3rd of April 2012

Great photos...they look amazing. I would love to go there, but the climb would probably knock me out. It is so impresive those rock carvings and most gorgeous views. Thanks for sharing, I just love your Blog.

Turkey's For Life

Friday 30th of March 2012

@ Sophie: A long, long time since we went to Myra but I remember it being pretty impressive. Great to have a stretch of coastline with so many interesting monuments to explore. Especially ones right on our doorstep in Fethiye! :)

@ Laurel: It's a while since we actually stopped to look at the rock tombs but they are pretty special aren't they - especially when there's a drink at the top, like you said. :)


Thursday 29th of March 2012

This looks amazing - history, views and food, my kind of climb.

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