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Fethiye Events – World Music In Kayaköy

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Where arts and culture are concerned it’s been a busy fortnight in the Fethiye area, and events are set to continue through this week too.

A couple of weeks ago, it was the Kayaköy Cultural Connections Festival.

And, on Saturday afternoon and into the evening, it was the turn of Kaya Village photography exhibitions, art and live music performances, organised by Kaya Art Camp and friends.

After our Kayaköy photo post last week, we decided to head up there again to see what was going on.

World Music In Kayaköy

We’re glad we did. Fethiye’s Beşkaza Meydanı (the new town square) has been the scene for fantastic, nightly world music performances.

One or two of those musicians took time out to head to the upper church and Poseidon Restaurant to perform some world music in Kayaköy.

A few low key performances, fitting of the atmosphere that’s special to Kayaköy.

Harmonies In The High Church, Kayaköy
Singing inside the upper church

Apologies to these ladies because we don’t know where they were from.

But they sang acapella inside the upper church while people milled around outside, looking at the photo and art exhibitions.

Bulgarian Folk Musicians, Kayaköy, Fethiye, Turkey
Bulgarian folk singers

There was an easy, relaxed feel to the afternoon.

No one was in any rush to perform. No one looked as though they were working to a timetable – we don’t know if there was any fixed timetable.

These children from Bulgaria performed two songs before a group performed some English folk songs.

World Music In Kayaköy
Upper Church Performance

This lady had the most beautiful folk singing voice, and the acoustics in the church courtyard were just perfect for her sound.

The fiddler on the left has been very much a feature of the Fethiye Culture and Art Festival. And he was a feature of the day in Kayaköy, too.

He treated us to a solo performance while the other musicians accompanied him.

Festival At Poseidon Restaurant, Kayaköy
Food, drink and dancing at Poseidon

And then we started to make our way back down the hill and to Poseidon.

There, the guys from Cafe Park Teras were preparing complimentary glasses of punch (of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties) and complimentary canapés were brought round for everyone.

These had a distinctly Turkish twist to them of course: sigara böreği and mercimek köftesi served with cocktail sticks.

Saz Musician, Kayaköy, Fethiye, Turkey
The smallest Saz we have ever seen

The youngsters from Bulgaria entertained us all while we ate – and then this guy had everyone up dancing – you wouldn’t believe the sound this little saz can make!

And then it was back to our friend the fiddler again. This time he was singer, too, and accompanied by guitar.

The day at Kayaköy continued into the evening, but we took the opportunity of an early lift home from a friend.


Because the Fethiye Culture and Arts Festival is running through to May 11th. Lots more opportunity to take part in this great event.

Below is a short video of the performance by the folk musicians singing in English.

We hope you enjoy the lady’s singing as much as we did.

YouTube video

Events for the Fethiye Culture & Arts Festival (Fethiye Kültür ve Sanat Günleri) run through to May 11th 2013.

Most events are taking place at Beşkaza Meydanı and the Fethiye Culture Centre (the big blue building on the edge of the square).

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Turkey's For Life

Sunday 12th of May 2013

@ Ozlem's Turkish Table: Fethiye is just great at the moment. The whole of Turkey seems to be trying to push the arts and culture festivals more. :)

Ozlem's Turkish Table

Wednesday 8th of May 2013

This is amazing, so much going on - I loved seeing all these cultural events, spectacular. Fethiye seems the place to be :) Ozlem

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 8th of May 2013

@ Alan: You might just be onto something there! We went to an amazing world music concert in Fethiye town square last night. :)

@ BacktoBodrum: We missed the Cultural Connections events but this event in Kayaköy and last night's in Fethiye was just fab. :)

Backto Bodrum

Tuesday 7th of May 2013

I wish I'd been able to stay for 2 weeks rather than 2 days.


Tuesday 7th of May 2013

Fethiye - candidate for Cultural Capital of Mugla

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