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Göl Pension – Comfort And Views Across Lake Eğirdir

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A late summer road trip around parts of Turkey’s Lake District. First stop, for a photographic driving break, was other-worldly Salda Gölü. Then it was time to move on to our base for the next few days, Eğirdir. Barry had done the accommodation research and we plumped for Göl Pension on the town’s Yeşilada Peninsula.

Göl Pension, Eğirdir

This was a trip that was to be all about lakes. ‘Göl’ means ‘Lake’ in Turkish so it only seemed apt that we stay at Göl Pension. The reviews and the description promised lake views and friendly owners. We wanted to stay on Yeşilada and Göl Pension is situated there. The price was within budget. Happy days!

Göl Pension, Yeşilada, Eğirdir Lake
Göl Pension is directly across the road from Eğirdir Lake

Göl Pension was easy to find. Yeşilada (Green Island) is a slither of a peninsula that stretches into Lake Eğirdir away from the town centre. As the name suggests, it used to be an island but is now connected to the mainland by road. It was simply a case of driving along the road slowly, the lake rippling against the shoreline either side of us. Eventually, just before the very tip of the peninsula, we spotted our home for the next three nights; Göl Pension.

Choice Of Rooms At Göl Pension

As soon as we pulled up into one of the parking bays in front of the pension, the owner was out to greet us with a smile. It was late September, and, for the Isparta Province (home to Eğirdir and Göl Pension), that means autumn has arrived. The summer tourists were gone, and, although we’d booked a budget room at Göl Pension, the owner picked up a couple of sets of keys and we were told to take our pick of rooms.

Göl Pension Views
Göl Pension has a sizeable terrace

We were shown our allocated room on the first floor. All very pleasant with lake views. “Or you can stay in this this room, upstairs,” our host, suggested. Off we went up the stairs, emerging onto a huge terrace with lake vistas through the autumn trees. Stunning!

Göl Pension Rooms, Eğirdir
We love a sloping roof

Our host expressed a concern that we might bump our heads on the sloping ceiling in the bedroom and bathroom – but we assured her we would be fine. What’s a room without a bit of character? And the door lead straight out onto the terrace. We could look out across the lake without even getting out of bed! Wonderful.

Brew Time

On the top landing, just before heading downstairs to the dining/reception area, we also had a little kitchenette where we could make tea and coffee. A brew before breakfast always goes down a treat.

Terrace Views, Göl Pension
Our early morning view from Göl Pension was breathtaking

In warmer weather, that early morning pre-breakfast view would have been just perfect, sipped on our terrace, looking out across the lake. As we said, though, autumn was well and truly in swing in this area of Turkey. The sky may have been a vibrant blue but there was a nip in the air, and – as is famous along Yeşilada – sometimes a stiff breeze with a definite bite to it.

No complaints from us. We’d planned the trip for this time of year so that we could explore in more comfortable temperatures and with fewer people around. And who’s going to complain about having that morning brew in the warmth of your bed, looking out at the view through the glass door?

Fuel For The Day Ahead

Showered and ready for the day ahead, breakfast times were also to be looked forward to. A few staples and then a different treat each day.

Göl Pension Breakfast
There were slight variations to breakfast each day

While we were at Göl Pension, there was no ‘man-about-the-house.’ This was an all female affair. Elderly mum pottering about the street outside and daughters running the place. It’s a really friendly set up. They don’t know much English (ample opportunity for us to practise our Turkish) but from what we’ve read in reviews, everyone seems to get by swimmingly.

Most of our conversations took place around the breakfast table where the sisters – in true Turkish fashion – were intent on feeding us up and seeming very concerned if we left any morsels behind.

Breakfast Time At Göl Pension, Eğirdir
Extra treats included börek and dips

Yes, our little breakfast serving was more than ample for the day ahead. Each day, we were served five different cheeses, boiled egg, the usual olives, tomatoes and cucumber. Each day, there were different extra treats. One day, it was sigara böreği and tava böreği – that would have been breakfast enough on its own. The following day, we got four mini pizza poğaça and aubergine salad. Fruit and different homemade jams were also served.

Top Notch Bread

And then there was the bread. Turkish bread is right up there, amongst the best in the world (it’s actually never been topped for us) but this was extra good! The texture, the flavour. Since returning, we’ve found out that a nearby village, Islamköy, is famous for its bread. Whether that bread was from Islamköy – or whether all the bakers of Isparta really know their way around a piece of dough – or not, we don’t know. But it was memorable.

Göl Pension Breakfast Views
Breakfast with a view at Göl Pension

Anyway, all of this hearty breakfast eating takes place in the reception/dining area with those same beautiful views across the lake. The downstairs area of Göl Pension is more sheltered so all the windows were slid back to give the feeling of al fresco dining.

Mini Hamper

And all those freshly made börek and poğaça; we couldn’t possibly manage them at the table – but they were carefully wrapped up and they became our midday snacks whilst we explored the Isparta and Burdur Provinces.

Further Eğirdir Hotel Favourites

These days, there’s quite a bit of choice out there for Eğirdir hotels. When we were looking for places to stay, budget, simplicity and lake views were top of the agenda. Göl Pension is one of the established stalwarts in that area so we were pretty confident that all would be good. And we’d definitely go back.

If you’re travelling around Turkey and looking for pensions and hotels in Eğirdir that can organise trips and hikes in the area for you whilst feeding you at the same time, then these guys, below, might be worth considering, too.

Eğirdir Hotels
Other places to stay in Eğirdir

Catering For Traveller Needs

It’s common in Turkey to have all-singing-all-dancing pensions and hostels that can pretty much look after most of your needs; breakfast, dinner, bar, trips, drop offs to hiking points, onward travel, bookings for your next destination. They’re not necessarily cheap but they’re fantastically helpful if you need guidance, time is of the essence and you like to chat with other guests. Most areas that attract travellers will have at least one of these places.

These Eğirdir hotels: Lale Pension, Fulya Pension and Charly’s Pension are all on Yeşilada and kind of help each other out to offer that type of service. We had a drink in Charly’s Pension because some friends had stayed there and suggested we go to look around. It was a young, friendly staff, small groups returning from hikes, people chilling and reading.

These are the types of places that used to attract the young backpacker crowd. These days, who says travel is for the young? You’ll meet all sorts of people from all over the world in these types of pensions, and, chances are, their onward destination will be the same as yours. Well, Eğirdir is a popular stop off for those who are off to stay in Cappadocia for a few days.

Göl Pension – Useful Information

  • Göl Pension is a family run business and is ideally situated on the tip of Yeşilada in Eğirdir.
  • There are lake views from the rooms and also the breakfast area at ground level.
  • Our room included breakfast and unlimited tea and coffee throughout the day.
  • There is free parking for guests in front of Göl Pension.
  • The nearest restaurant is right across the road on the lake shore.
  • Other restaurants – some serving alcohol – are just a few minutes walk away.
  • Charly’s Pension, Lale Pension and Fulya Pension all have lake views and are situated on an elevated side street closer to the town centre. Evening meals are served to order for an extra fee.
  • Book Göl Pension or other hotels in Eğirdir with

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Sunday 12th of February 2023

Hi, can you please give me the website address of Göl pension? On the site of booking there are no rooms available for my dates and I want to contact them directly. thank you

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 12th of February 2023

Hi, we've just had a look online and can't see a website for them, unfortunately. Looks like Göl Pension rely on hotel booking sites. sorry we can't be of more help. :)

Judy Buckley-Sharp

Sunday 25th of November 2018

An interesting read. Several years ago we were travelling from Cappadocia to Gocek via Egirdir (sorry, don't have a Turkish keyboard!) and we asked to stay in Egirdir for 2 nights. The Tour Rep was rather amused saying there was nothing there. We were determined to prove her wrong and, as a result, had a very pleasant stay. We stayed in the Mavi Gol, a small hotel, on Yesilada which was adequate for our needs. It's probably not there any more or has a different name. We enjoyed ourselves and were able to send a favourable report back to the Tor Rep in Urgup.

Turkey's For Life

Thursday 6th of December 2018

We've published our article about things to do in this area becuase our three nights at Göl Pension wasn't enough and we've seen one guide that said you can do the place in an hour. We love it round here. Wouldn't surprise us if your pension is still there. Göl Pension has been around for some years. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.